Chapter 16

Chapter 16

A Chapter by Amy Baker

I was sitting in an interrogation room and everyone was freaking out. In their defense I’ve kind of did murder three people within the last three days. I couldn’t help it though. They were so good. It must be all the wine that the French drink. It gets into their blood stream and is just so good. I was sitting across from an agent who didn’t speak even a little bit of English. I was just smiling at everyone in the room who was trying to get me to talk. They didn’t speak English and I didn’t speak French. It was like they were talking to a brick wall. It was kind of funny. We were waiting on a translator.


Jenna’s going to kill me though. Even though I knew that if I wanted to stop all the games, I could just use my power to kill half of the police force. She’s going to kill me because we were supposed to be well on our way to Germany for some reason. She said that she had to meet someone there. I didn’t ask questions about what Jenna’s plan is or why we have only been in Paris for a month. I thought she would want to stay here longer but I didn’t ask any question because I really don’t care.


Finally, the translator came in. He had on a black suit and tie. He nodded for the French agent to leave. The agent did so. “Hello, Katelyn Smith.”


“Please, call me Katie. It’s much less formal.” I smiled and continued to look at him. Most of the police officers here thought that I was just a little crazy. I didn’t care though I was going to be out of here by the end of the day. It’s just very amusing to watch police officers try to understand why a ‘girl like me’ would commit such foul murders.


He nodded. “Okay Katie, it actually says in your file that you died about 6 months ago.” I looked at him with the widest eyes. This is the first time since I’ve been here that I’ve been bested. This is the first time that someone has come to me with my past. I thought that I would have to kill him right then and there. Then he stared to give me the sneakiest smile that I would only recognize on one face.


I just rolled my eyes and punched him. “Jake you’re an a*s!”


He laughed. “Well not as much of an a*s as Jenna will be when she sees that you got caught. Please tell me that you tried to compel the police officers.”


“Duh!” Honestly,  I didn’t. It was just too fun to watch them try to talk to me about my killing. I wish I have gotten some more time to watch them struggle. He got me uncuffed and we both stood up.


“The whole area is covered with guards. So if you could use that lovely, little power of yours to get us out of here that would be awesome.”


I nodded and closed my eyes. I have been working on trying to focus on my power so I could kill more than one person at a time. I could feel multiple lives being absorbed through my body. I opened my eyes and nodded toward the door. “It’s clear.”


Jake opened the door and all of a sudden was knocked out by something. I turned around to try to kill whoever it was that tried to stop me so I could kill them right then and there. And there he was. A person that I haven’t thought about in a month. “Zach?”


He smiled that goofy smile that used to make me smile back. “Hey beautiful.”


“Zach, what the hell are you doing? Jake and I need to get back to Jenna before she kills not just me but both of us.”


“Wait! You killed all these guards?”


“Who else do you know that is capable of doing it and not caring?” Was he high?


“Katie, this isn’t you. You turned off your humanity and I get it. You didn’t want the hurt of leaving me to follow you. But I’m here. I told you I wouldn’t stop looking for you.”


“Zach, you’re not here to look for me. You’re not here to save me. You’re here to kill me because if you have been listening to what I was saying, Jenna won’t only kill me she will also kill you too.” What was I saying? Why did I care what happened to Zach?”


“For a minute there, I would have thought that you cared about me.” He smiled and continued to walk closer to me.


“Zach.” He didn’t say anything. He just got closer and closer to me. Soon he was close enough to touch me and he pulled me into him. Every atom on my body was aching. What was happening? “What’s going on?”


“You’re fighting with your humanity. Your mind is telling you to keep it off but your heart is telling you to turn it on.”


“I can’t turn it on. If I do…”


“I know. If you do, everything you’ve done since you’ve been with Jenna will come crashing back. All the emotions that you’ve been blocking out will swim back into your brain.”


“Don’t make me turn it back on please.” He didn’t say anything. He didn’t move. “Zach.” He leaned in and kissed me. Something in me snapped. I knew that it was. My humanity was turning back on. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself as close as humanly possible to him. His arms wrapped around me. I then suddenly pulled away.


“Katie?” All the guilt. The hurt that I’ve done came rushing back. “Katie, I know that look.”


“I’m a monster. I’ve killed all these people. Those people that I killed for fun the last 3 days! Why did I do that?” I was sobbing. I didn’t know what else to do. There was so many people that were calling out to me to beg me to stop trying to kill them. I grabbed my head and went onto the floor.


“Katie, you have to focus on one emotion. It’s like when you first turned. Everything that you have been trying to keep down is now rushing back. It’s all heightened. Hold on to one emotion that will make you strong.”


I closed my eyes. I focused on him. I focused on how much I loved him. “Don’t leave me.” I looked at him. The tears were still rolling down the side of my cheeks.


He shook his head and put his hand on my cheek. I could tell that he could feel the coldness of my cheek. “I never will.” He then pulled me into him.


“Isn’t this a lovely sight.” I jumped. Jake was conscious again. Matilta was with him.


“Wow, Zach I thought it would take more than just a kiss to turn on her humanity.” Matilta said. “Katie, remember the deal you made with Jenna. You can’t be with him if you want to keep him alive.” I froze. The dream that I had about Zach before I left with Jenna came rushing back. The picture of Zach’s name on a gravestone was the most awful sight that I’ve seen in forever.


“Katie, don’t listen to them.”


I shook my head. “But, they’re right Zach. I still had that nightmare two months ago. Jenna can still make it happen. I have to go back. I ‘m sorry.” I kissed him turned to Matilta and Jake. I had to turn off my humanity again to be able to walk away. “Let’s go. But no one tells Jenna about this.” They nodded.


We were on the plane to Germany and Jenna hasn’t stopped yelling me about the last three days and getting arrested. “Why can’t you keep a low profile? I swear if you get arrested in Germany, I’m leaving you there.”


“Yes Jenna.” Was all I could say.

© 2017 Amy Baker

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Added on April 23, 2017
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Amy Baker
Amy Baker

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