Chapter 17

Chapter 17

A Chapter by Amy Baker

We landed in Germany and Jenna said that there was someone that she needed to see. She has been keeping any plan she has very quiet and doesn’t tell me anything. I’m not sure that she even told Luke, Matilta, and Jake what she was planning. We got to a house that Jenna seemed to recognize and it wasn’t just a house. It was a freaking mansion. The place was huge. We walked in and everything seemed so expensive. I wonder how much of this Jenna bought and how much of it she had to kill for.


“Daddy!” Jenna said. She ran up to someone wearing a nice black suit. Although I don’t think about Zach much anymore I do remember when Jenna first attacked Zach and his father talked about Jenna’s father being part of something called the Patron. According to Zach’s dad, the Patron were a clan of vampires who were in charge of all vampires. Making sure that the rules were followed. Zach apparently massacred a bunch of people and the Patron had him almost starve to death.


“Daddy, this is Katie. This is the girl that I was telling you about.” She brought her father over to me and he was looking at me like I was some sort of experiment that had gone wrong but for the better. Maybe he was just upset that his daughter didn’t kill me before I turned so she could have my power.


The way he was looking at me made me feel really uncomfortable. “Okay, so I’m going out to get something to eat! Does anyone want to come with me?”


“Katie, are you sure you should be going hunting? After what happened in Paris.” Jenna said.


“Jenna, Paris was a onetime thing. I just really need some blood. If it’s not safe to hunt, I’ll just go to the local blood bank.” She just nodded but didn’t say anything. And I just left.


As I walked down the street, it was packed with a lot of people. I was trying to find someone who looked like they really weren’t happy or looked like they needed to be killed. I found a man that had a trench coat on and a hat on. I couldn’t really see him but he was walking really slowly like he had nowhere to be. I followed him. He was the perfect person for me to kill.


I continued to follow him until he led me to a dark ally and then just stopped. I was confused. Why would he just stop in the middle of a dirty ally. I didn’t care though. It made my job of killing him that much easier.


I grabbed the collar of his coat and turned him around. I went in for the kill but he grabbed me by the waist and flipped me. He pinned me down on the ground and when I could see who it was… “Trent! What the hell?!”


“Hello Katie! Lovely to see you trying to kill me.” He was sitting on top of me trying to keep me pinned. “Katie, I’m over a hundred years older than you, I’m going to keep you pinned down until I want you to get up.”


“You dumbass! You baited me in!”


“Of course I did. I know your victims. I know even without humanity, you wouldn’t hurt someone that had everything going for them. I purposely made myself look like someone who was depressed and had nowhere to be so you would follow me.”




“Because I asked him to.” Another voice said from behind me. I knew that voice. I didn’t even have to turn around to see who it was.


“Zach. Can you tell your idiotic brother to let me go.” Trent looked up at him and nodded. He then let go of me and let me get up. I got up but didn’t turn around to look at Zach. I knew that he let my humanity show in Paris and I wasn’t about to let him do that to me again. It hurt to much to continue to turn my humanity on and off.


“Katie, look at me.”


“If I look at you my humanity will turn back on and I can’t have that. I can’t handle the pain.” He walked around me and made me look at him and everything stopped. All the hostility that I have toward Jenna for making me join her was gone. “Zach! Why did you do that?”


“Because it wasn’t you and you know that.”


“But when I go back, I have to turn it off again.”


“Katie, you don’t have to go back. We can fight her.”


“NO ZACH WE CAN’T!” I yelled. “She got what she wanted. She wanted us apart and we are. I can never leave her because she would find you and kill you. You know she’s at her dad’s house. The Patron is going to be involved in whatever she is planning and we both know you can’t get involved with the Patron.” I started to tear up. Zach came up to me and pulled me into him.


“Katie, I do have a plan then. But you can’t get mad at me.” I nodded and continued to look at him. “Pretend your humanity is off. Like I did before you turned. Try to find out what they are planning.”


“But what if she doesn’t tell me. I don’t think she will tell anyone.”


“Let me figure it out if she does. I will stop at nothing to protect you.” I nodded and he pulled me in to kiss him.


“I have to go. She’s going to wonder what is taking so long.” He nodded. I kissed him one more time and turned to leave. But I had to do one more thing before I did. I walked up to Trent and flipped him over onto his back.


“What the hell?”


I smiled. “That was for earlier.”


He laughed and started to get up. “Welcome back Katie.”



I got to Jenna’s and her and her father were sitting in the family room talking. They must have been talking about the plan that they had because they immediately got silent when I walked in. “Katie! What about hunting takes so long?”


I shrugged. “Hiding the body. Or did you want what happened in Paris to happen again?”


She shook her head. “Then why do you have your humanity back on and you smell like a dumpster?” I was shocked. I tried to hide my humanity so well. I haven’t acted any differently than I have been since I’ve been with her. “Dad, can I have a moment alone with our traitor?” He nodded and left the room.


“Look, Jenna whatever you’re about to do. It’s my fault that my humanity is back on. No one else’s.”


“I doubt that but since you want all the blame fine. I’ll tell you what you want to know. I want to bring the world of vampires and the world of humans back together. There was a time where we could live freely with humans and they wouldn’t fear us. Until a vampire decided to go on a killing rampage and kill almost all of Russia. I want to bring that time before the great Russian Massacre back.”


“Why are you telling me this?” I was confused. She knew I betrayed her. Why was she telling me her plan?


“Because. Unfortunately for you, you won’t be around to witness that world.” She came at me and then the next thing I knew, everything went black.  


When I woke up I was what looked like in a basement. It had really no furniture and it was extremely cold and bare. It had to have been Jenna’s basement. I don’t know why she just didn’t kill me. I tried to move but then I screamed in pain. My hands were tied up above my head with rope. But the rope seemed to be dipped in something and whatever it was, was burning my skin.


“Vervain soaked ropes really do suck don’t they?” Jenna was at the door to the basement. Vervain. That makes sense as to why they are burning my skin. I don’t understand why she was trying to torture me. I knew that I betrayed her but I thought that she would just go ahead and kill me. Not tell me her plan and lock me up. I looked at Jenna.


“I thought you were going to kill me.”


“Oh don’t worry. I will. But I thought it would be fun to make a little phone call when you woke up before I killed you.” I looked at her hand and she had a phone. Not only did she have a phone but she had my phone. I tried to move to get her to stop but the pain of the ropes seared into my skin.


She just started laughing as she was typing something into the phone. And looked at me. The phone was on speaker so I could hear it ring. I knew exactly who she was calling. “Katie? Are you okay?”


“Zach don’t listen to �" AHHH!” Jenna pulled me down so that the ropes on my wrist would cause so much pain that I would shut up.


“Jenna. Don’t hurt her!” Zach said.


“Oh relax Zach! She’s just tied up with vervain ropes. No biggie!”


“Jenna!” Zach yelled through the phone. She was teasing him that she was going to kill me. I just need to get to him. I didn’t know how. But I needed to. All of a sudden the pain in my wrists was gone. I could bring my wrist down. Did I break free with my own mind? I didn’t have time to think about it.


“How did you…” Jenna saw me break free.


“Wouldn’t you love to know. I’ve been waiting for a long time to do this.” I punched her in the face. Then all of a sudden someone opened the door. I was getting really dizzy.


“Katie.” Then everything went black.

© 2017 Amy Baker

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Amy Baker

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