The Shadows

The Shadows

A Story by Analae

Joining a new camp, receiving a new soul. Based on how Mandalorians are from the star wars universe.

I remember sitting in the camp watching people moving around to clean up. Fires
sat smoldering in their rings, the flames no longer jumping to devour the food offered. Orders have already been dished out so there is no chatter out in the open. Any chatter shared is now only through private coms and even those are kept to a minimum. Time is rushing forward and the camp is disappearing as the nomadic people prepare to move again.

The silence is not something that is unwelcome. It is the silence of comrades, of knowing that what you have left behind will be gathered as the next comes up behind you. It is the silence of brothers in arms, of knowing that your back is guarded. This is the silence most aruetii, outsiders, would call the death tones. No one understands that the silence is more of a blanket, a cover to hide what is there in plain sight soon to disappear. A memory of a time and people refusing to fade even as the sun begins to set. The death tones...a sad sound, because the destruction of a home is also considered non-ceremonial, because it is just a preparation of a future home.

Most of the nomadic characters laugh at the name of their silence. They shake their heads without a second thought. Before the sun has even touched the mountains overlooking the once prosperous camp, the entire fleet has disappeared like ghosts into the night sky.
 I could see the new planet rushing up underneath the bottom of the vessel with which we arrived. The feet sat down on the mushy terra underneath, sinking slightly. The docking bay door opened and the shadows I traveled with started marching off.

I fol
lowed the shadows, being one with them as the new camp started to spring to life a good half day's march away from the ships. I remember the sun was rising behind our landing zone, so I at least had a position to go from.

I had recently become a shadow myself....but I still caught myself looking in at times. Its amazing how, when given the chance you can slowly become what you follow. But...these nomads, it wasn't the same. They had to invite you in, adopt you. Or you were always an outsider.

In this world, being an outsider was to have no soul. I wanted to belong, to be one with the shadows, the warriors, the souls of the people. When I say this world, I don't mean a planet...I mean the people that I follow. They are my world now. They are my home, being nomadic I have learned it is not the place you are, but the supper you eat with your brothers. The call to arms to protect your home side by side. I was now finding my soul. It felt good.

 The camp slowly started actually looking like more than a multitude of armored people moving about without any rhyme or reason. I too, moved in the throng of bodies setting up the mess tent and conference tent. It was as if ants were working to build a new hive after a harsh rain.

I was one that moved with then outside of the hive. A small group of workers were in charge of setting up something to protect the perimeter. Long poles were hammered into the ground. A set of coils decorated the top quarter. Strong, durable, rust proof, tamper resistant. How much better could it be? Well not only did it perform quickly and easily, it shot electronic bursts from one coil to the next. It creates a fence around the perimeter of the new camp. The shadows that inhabit the camp have a pulse generator that causes the electricity to damper as we cross through. If you were an animal or traveler trying to enter you would be left on the ground pulsing ...and it you were truly

When I was younger, still an outsider looking in, I touched a coil once. I still can swear I feel the tingle through my left hand at times. That was my before time...before my rebirth into my life as a shadow. My rebirth was finding my soul. I truly was alive as one of them. I remember my adoption and the smile on my father's face. My adopted father....was all I remember.

© 2012 Analae

Author's Note

I have never written from this perspective before so this is a new idea. The website messed up when I changed fonts so I apologize for the inconsistency.

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This is quite interesting idea.
You may proceed on this idea.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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