Jester in a King's Court

Jester in a King's Court

A Story by Analae

What happens when one never leaves the boundaries of their existence to explore "What else is out there?"

Don't ask me what i think...don't ask me what I feel. No matter what emotions, I hide behind a veil. Not of silk, or cotton, or of any cloth. 
I hid behind a mask, so I feel nothing at all.
I am a clown. See me dance and sing. Come on, you made me this very thing.
I'm funny, yes? You know that to be true, so come dance with me...come one come all.
I am a woman, not a man, lets get this straight at the beginning. I am a linguist. You know naught of what I say.
You see my eyes. They look like glass. You stare at them, they stare blankly right back.
In this shell I am not. I fled ages ago. Before my pride, my sanity fled.
It was 'an age to die for', or at least that's what they said. Can you believe it? Can you? Of course you can...for you made the rules.
I dance in front of the court, you see, for pleasure to bring to a sort of humanity. It is quite not be loved.
 I gave my soul to my routines, to be see you smile.. My own guilty pleasures..My pride. I hide it away like a sin. I covet my place at your feet my lord. To be loved, held. You call my name. I rush to please. Its a wonderful existience.

© 2010 Analae

Author's Note

This is an old "story" This is all there is. It fits to me somewhere between poetry and a story of madness.

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Added on January 12, 2010
Last Updated on January 12, 2010



Sumter, SC

I love to write. I have a lot of new ideas and have found a few of my ideas to have taken a darker turn. I have moved from doing poetry to doing more along the story lines. I have been updating a l.. more..

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