My Monster

My Monster

A Story by Analae

This is a musing that I had. I think it fits with most of us.

I sit and wait. I watch as the world passes before my eyes. I wonder, ponder curiously. Why do I see them, but they don't truly see me. I judge and weigh as I sit. I wonder, chaos, how much fun it would be to play.

A growl, a yip, a pounce. Funny, oh, how what I feel must be hidden away. My place isn't your play, nor it is "acceptable." So a slight smile, a shake of my head, and another smile.

I often wonder if I am a monster, if you could see inside my head. A monster with a friendly smile. I claim to be a monster but only because I understand my darkness.

A person, a half soul,, alone. My second side is my smile, the light in my eyes, my joy.

My monster hides behind myself. Fluffy furry...loving. On the other hand possessive, aggressive... a murderer. Sharing the same body,

One is love, the other compassion.
One is anger, the other understanding.
One is aggression, the other protection.
One...yes, one is my monster, the other my soul.
One is my heart, the other my mind.
One is a beast...but...
Humanity...that's my monster.

© 2010 Analae

Author's Note

Please ignore the grammar.

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Added on March 2, 2010
Last Updated on March 2, 2010



Sumter, SC

I love to write. I have a lot of new ideas and have found a few of my ideas to have taken a darker turn. I have moved from doing poetry to doing more along the story lines. I have been updating a l.. more..

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