cause of pain

cause of pain

A Story by Anamika:-Search for a name

All around as far I can see.. As deep I can feel and as much I understand with all my exp. I only find that we all are broken pieces of our times. If you meet someone who do not laugh at all may be taught him or herself that laugh is not for them they can’t express because they only learn how to hide their real self. One by one we all change our natural habits to become a perfect acceptable clone that everyone may feel okay to fit in the society. When you find time for this when u feel need of flash back which takes you in the time where u were what u can’t even recognize today slowly slowly come forward and try to figure out your transition steps most commonly we change by pain when somebody hurts us badly and we feel only this change can make u to survive this in future and you mold your innocence. as you change may be your this change mold someone else’s innocence and this cycles goes on. we all are broken and alone in our zone.try to pretend often . “Who cares” type of attitude brought all of us there that actually we don’t care about ourselves or may be not aware of ourselves. We only need compassion for each other. stop judging each other coz everybody around u is doing this and you feel its normal.. no  its not nobody is perfect and why someone is certain type can be known or understand by compassion towards them. Respect the existence of each bit of this universe and wide your vision then only you can see more and feel more. its okay not to be everybody’s favorite  but its certainly imp to be humble part of this universe which taught us believe and accept the vibes you feel right .

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Added on January 3, 2017
Last Updated on January 3, 2017


Anamika:-Search for a name
Anamika:-Search for a name

delhi, India

Hmmm wht can i say abt myself ,its not matter of just few words. i am so emotional human being and i love to help others. i love everthing that created by nature and i believe in god from bottom.. more..