Cutting Art Classes in America

Cutting Art Classes in America

A Story by Anaya

I had to write a speech in Com. App. and I chose the topic "Cutting art classes" This was writen in the summer of 2009 in summer school


Cutting Art Classes in America



What would the world be like without art? Better yet, what would our schools be like without art classes? Do you want to sit in school all day doing math and science without something different like theater or photography? “Budget cuts are giving school boards an excuse to cut art programs across the country,” says the Sports Writer Inc. And I agree with that. Just by being in theater for two years I have noticed the budget cuts. They may not have been major cuts last year, but who says that the board won’t try to get rid of art classes all together in a couple of years. The main questions asked about art are, why do we need art classes if they are not tested for? How does it help the kids in school? And, what are we (the students) going to do about it to help improve the funding for art classes?


            Art is a major part in everybody’s life; we see it everywhere we go, even when we’re not looking for it. So, why is it not tested in school? Because how can you test a student or child on something like art. It’s like trying to test a student on daily routines. Our last president, President Bush, passed a law: The “No Child Left Behind” which says that we want high standards in test scores. Obama says that, “a whole bunch of schools said we gotta teach to the test, and art and music isn’t tested. It’s a shame.” It is a shame, because what if that one child who isn’t given a chance to draw or act or learn music is the one child that could be the next William Shakespeare or the next singer for a band that we would one day love. Now art may not be tested in the TAKS district, but there are test over what we have learned in that class each semester. So, why get rid of a class that students love?

            Art can affect a child’s brain development in a positive way as young as elementary school. “Every child learns the three R’s in school. But only a small number of students have the benefit of learning about Do Re Mi” says Daily Northwestern. In my opinion, art can help a child become more outgoing and develop some courage to go after their dream of being whatever they want to be an to not be nervous. If there was no art in the world, everything would be black and white. But, if you throw in something different with color and imagination, the world becomes a more beautiful place. And that is what art is, a more beautiful place to escape to and just do what you want to with no one stopping you. And that’s what kids need in their school day to help them have fun while they are still kids. When you’re in school you are doing every subject in the book all day long, English, Science, Math, and History. Along with other requirements you have to have. But, if you go to that one class that you love it makes the day go by smoother without being crammed with everything else. Either it be photography, band, theater, or just plain art class. Art class may seem like a break from English and Math, but it is a nonverbal thinking and verbal thinking class while in the class room or outside the class room. You may not know, but art is more than just art. It also has geometry and sometimes math in along with other things. In order to see how a drawing is made you sometimes have to look at it using different shapes that would fit the picture.  

            So, what are we (the students) going to do about this problem? There are so many things we can do that some people don’t know about or don’t think about. The most popular way to raise money is the Fundraiser.  If the students love art as much as they say they do then they will be willing to do a fundraiser to keep their classes from being cut. Another way that the art students could help save money in the art budget is to bring their own art supplies or if you’re in theater help out by bringing in material. Getting parents involved is always good, because you get to spend time with them doing something you have a passion for and they can help out with buying some things, if possible, and if need be.


Art is just like any other class in the school day. You sit there listening to the teacher, sometimes take notes, also have homework, and you have to take a test each semester. So, how is it any different from every other class in the school day? It’s not. The board just thinks that once you graduate that you will not need the information that you learned in art classes to get any were in life. And that’s not true. Any and everything you learn you will eventually use in life, including things from art classes or theater. Eventually the board will come to its senses and stop trying to get rid of art from the school activities and if it doesn’t, then there will be people all across the United States that feel the same as I do and we will do everything in our power to keep the classes we love. 




At the beginning of the school year in 2009 I learned that my school’s late busses home had been discontinued and no longer available to the students at 4:30pm. This is one example of the budget cuts that are going on right now and will most likely continue. The late busses were my way home after rehearsals in Theater and Anime Club because my dad couldn’t always pick me up, but now I have to wait an extra hour after rehearsals and club for my dad to come and get me. It was a small sacrifice I made so that my dad didn’t have to cut back his hours and it was worth it so that I could keep on doing the things I love to do.

All I can say is that I rather wait an hour for my dad to get me after rehearsals then going home at 2:30pm knowing that there will be no more Theater rehearsals or Art club because of budget cuts.


© 2010 Anaya

Author's Note

Let me know what you think of this speech, I didn't get a detailed critque from the teacher, Thank you.

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Article's author strives to meet the needs of a good paper. Similar writings are popular amongst students ho can find them at They are well written.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Hello Anaya.
I completly dissagree with Mr. Perfectionist. I think art classes are very important. Maybe it doesnt have to be a requirement, but we can't just cut it completley. Life without art, would be like peanut butter with no jelly, it just doesnt work. maybe for some people but not all.

If you're not good at the arts, then don't take them. I really like your speech, it gives a lot of insight, and is very persuasive. Really gets the reader thinking. I give you an A. Arrogant wouldnt not describe it at all. (:
Have a lovely day.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Never reviewed a speech before, but I do like a challenge, so here we go, I guess. I gathered from the tags that it was supposed to be persuasive, which is good, because the bias is thick enough to cut. By the end of it, I had a mental image of you in a tie-dye shirt waving a peace sign and shouting "Leave Art Alone!" I'm not sure if that's good or not, but it made me laugh.

I'm actually an excellent person to look at this, because I am not on your side, so I'm exactly the type of person you want to try and persuade. Mission failed, however. I'm not any more inclined to support the keeping and teaching of arts in school than I was before the speech. Your tone, which I'm assuming is supposed to be confident, comes off arrogant. You make assumptions, some of which are frankly ridiculous. The one that stands out the most is that students like art.

No we don't.

ART students like art. Math students (like me) like math. English students like English. I would have hated taking an art class. I can't draw, I can't paint, I can't sculpt. I've seen some damned good art students in my time, and this is all well and good for them, but you can't assume that we're all like that, cause we aren't.

I could go on, but this is supposed to be a critique, not a debate, so let's move on. Your arguments are strong, for the most, but the undercurrent of arrogance is just damned irritating. It's one thing to be passionate about the subject, but it's another thing to assume everyone else is too.

It's an interesting speech, but in the end the impression I got was less of one that made me want to support art, and more one that made me want to argue the other side of an argument. You've done your research (your quotes were frequent enough to be noticed, but not so frequent that they got annoying) but unless you were trying to spark a debate, I don't think you achieved your goal. I give it a B+

Posted 11 Years Ago

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