"My Very World..."

"My Very World..."

A Poem by Chris

A Tuesday no less


My very world 

on a Tuesday no less… sigh.


"My Very World…"


Scuffing feet,

wet, sloughing grass.

Wrought iron table.

Wrought iron chair…

patchwork deck

criss-cross shading by bare limbs.

The settling creaks…


Silent morning -

sun and cold, cold blue

coffee-thought-wisps spreading in the aerie.

All the words…


falling and falling and falling -

word-drops glistening on paper petals 'til

leather - bound and pressed 'tween for forever nights

and wished-so-full-days…


Words of me’s

words of… hers’

words of silly inconsequential nothing-mores than

our thoughts of my nows

of others nows

of tomorrows’ nows

…of never-weres-nor-will-be(s)

…of what it’s like to wish

On falling stars

On porch steps

sidewalk curbs

sea walls

stone walls

fire escapes

tenement windows

"Mirror, mirror on the wall(s)…"

empty, chill rooms

beds …floors



Words …so many words,

all the echoes



pressing - tightening.





Do you EVER dream of …me?

I dream of you …I do ya know -

soft ones, warm ones

scalding ones

and they all share a theme -


And me.


Sometimes it's just words shared.

Sometimes just a hand being held

as the world moves by - as it always does,

moving …by.


Other times it IS more -

And more than a kiss

And more than a touch


a whisper

a desire

a need

a WANT for …US


than just a presence

than just holding or being held

…so much more

so much more.


I feel the sun.

It’s caressing my mind

as it meanders across my skin

warm and spreading more heat,

the very breath of life.




Falling and falling and falling

within my mind…





© 2015 Chris

Author's Note

feel free

Note: "Mirror, mirror on the wall(s)…" is from my understanding of "Sleeping Beauty" a poor witch's soliloquy. Actually "Snow White" as pointed out by JayceeC below.

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your aching for the oneness of the two of you
your together words , your deep love is so evident in your crystal words

Posted 3 Years Ago

Wonderful piece!! It's all my favorite! You painted a picture with your words! I was drawn into this piece like a cartoon floating to follow a scent!
It was a very sad piece to me. Like a love lost but reminisced. A scar left behind whether from death or break up...the images of things left go around except thoughts they continually flow. The feelings and emotions grow much like the unkept surroundings...
Deep piece for me anyway! LOVE!

Posted 4 Years Ago

..... I paused... probably longer than I should have.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Wow. That was a beautiful poem. The imagery was very powerful and the repetition, convincing. At the beginning, the words seemed more like a very long list, so maybe shortening it or adding more words out of the list could smoothen it out. Besides that, the poem was absolutely wonderful and I definitely enjoyed reading it.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

The first stanza describes getting to and defines the overgrown deck and the lawn furniture(?) where.. read more
Elizabeth Ridge

5 Years Ago

Thank you.

5 Years Ago

your voice and pauses matter... to me
Sounds Lyrical, maybe it is. Began with a normal pace, then suddenly the tempo picked up. And then the soft whisper slowly permeating through me and then we were back to a normal tempo finishing it up in shambles. The world falling around him or maybe he really doesn't care for a world without her in his life. I don't have to describe anything else, i am sure the countless others here have already done that. I just thought I would say Tuesday means a lot to you, again, just my inference.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Tuesdays and I seem to have a lifelong history of B A D... but its life as we live it.
You have such rhythm and sense of pace while writing, speeding up and slowing down with your words and intentions. Its magical and great. I really enjoy it.

Posted 5 Years Ago

i love this write !!!! have a fabulous touch !!! thanks for sharing

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Hi, hope you return to pause with me again... Welcome to WC.
zunie frost

5 Years Ago

yup sure i would love to read more !!!
The words are falling within your mind, but damn they won't slip out until you write them. I love the style and the structure of it. Kinda nostalgic, but damn beautiful and emotional. Amazing piece, keep it up! :D

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Good seeing you again... how's life holding up?
R.A. Youngblood

5 Years Ago

Yeah, I came back here. Well, my life is okay at this point. What about you?
Words are tethers or words are wings.
You choose.
I love this

Posted 5 Years Ago

I absolutely love how this was written. I felt like I was taken back to when poetry was looked to more often than movies and celebrities. This poem had so much feeling and emotion in it. I loved the part that got really tiny that spoke of dreaming. That was probably my favorite part because I think like that a lot. I loved your structure, your verbetum, and just the whole thing. This was a beautiful poem and I am so glad that I took the time to read it. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Good Morning Jess... how you holding up?

5 Years Ago

I am doing alright today. How about you?

5 Years Ago

I came by to visit friends, find some thoughts and listen a bit, wander the world. Many people say .. read more

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"Life is a terminal disease." All the doctors have basically told me so. "Life is an adventure... Pain, well you deal. Thanks for being here. 06/21/2020 I'm back and working on. I've been.. more..


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