"What Next Generation..."

"What Next Generation..."

A Poem by Chris

A live reading from the last show on World Poetry Open Mic - 12/18/2020, is at time marker 1:05:00 of the archive for that day.

A live presentation from the last show on World Poetry Open Mic - 12/18/2020.  Mine is at time marker 1:05:00 of the archive for that day.

It’s been a mean year, a very mean-spirited year.  That’s life as it flows for us guys.  “What next generation? …” …and you guys KNOW I don’t rhyme very much …so… please bear with me… and yes there IS a rhythm.


“What Next Generation…”



We live our todays -

wondering in the haze


of… brinkmanship,


our own Game Of Thrones

with hydrogen dragons…

(chuckling here)


Too lost in "Legendary? …" you say…

Think back - "Enola Gay" …
Think forward to "Anime`",
we already drop'd two ~ I say

What’s three ‘tween friends?

Let alone …ends…

Wake up world

…wake up…





What is "Reality? …"

Who’s to say … choose colored pills - everyday.


Ah man -


Bush took the "Desert" by "Storm".

"Shock and Awe…" is now a norm.


Obama had his Hillary

"We came, we saw, …he died." -

She cried…


Reagan had the world

for his stage…

‘til he clip’d the puppets from their "string" …


Kennedy stood firm

and the tears still burn.

Johnson gave US - U…S… Viet solidarity…

then Nixon gave the U…S… true reality.


“But the world!”

“The World…” we say? -

Well, …it taught time…


Royalty taught the world - class hatred.

Religions took the souls

and left heartless minds behind…


Slavery IS ever alive …and well,


most Women have no "Rights" - just hells

through today…

and people are meant just to serve …silently.


Governments betray each trust,

…and we…

we just live as we must.


“God bless the USA,

cause few others do.” 



© 2020 Chris

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I enjoyed all your references Chris, and the language and use of rhymes. Yes what a year, and even colored pills we need to take to get through. Love the last two lines.

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Nice of you to pause, hope you will again.
and here we are, Chris.
No better than we were all those years ago, not learning at all from our mistakes.
We just keep making them over and over and over.
I hummed along with this...the poem rhymes but my heart got off rhythm as I read what made me so, so sad.

this is impactful.

Posted 8 Months Ago

your rhyming isn't so shabby as to diminish the content.. and yes.. it's been a mean year.. in every sense of the word.. there isn't a big enough WOW to match the impact of your words.. can we put it up on one of those giant screens at one of Trump's maga rally's.. and I wonder if the title hits more than just me.. I loved the west wing.. but it doesn't show the acidic under belly of the monsters we have created by our apathy.. we haven't always been so willing to hear the call of our higher angels..

Posted 8 Months Ago

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