"It Became A Thursday..."

"It Became A Thursday..."

A Poem by Chris

"It Became A Thursday..." didn't it?


"It Became A Thursday..." didn't it?


Feels sometime like I am just "marking time"

…perhaps we all are.  

"Marking time"…

I am NOT depressed, mind you -

just …waiting.

"Are YOU - waiting?"


Okay, March has begun.

Spring is officially around the corner.

I've seen the snow vanishing -

one blade of grass at-a-time…

and I wonder - still…

over the "meaning of it all"

- just as I always have.


“Do you miss people?”

I miss people - 

some could have been friends -

but weren't

…or were.

Some were neighbors 

…at least to others -

sometime, somewhen,

…even family,

even life-long strangers,

even beginners.

Age is not a limiting factor

when we FEEL the missing.


"Are we there yet?"

- or is the dreaming to continue?

And where is the "there" to be?

My "there" prolly isn't your "there".

Mine seems a tad more …gentler…

least to me


this now.

It became yet another …tomorrow

…already.  I can tell

though - I don't want to.


Life is a piece of ribbon -

spiraled by the "blade" of "happens"

- we ALL been "there",

a time or three.

The "blade" is mean

and meant

though not always for a

particular… target or "ribbon".


It became Thursday this morning.

I saw it …become.

I'm still waiting…

still aware








© 2021 Chris

Author's Note

Feel free.

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The words are great
The moment of realizing, you're not promised a Thursday . The poem shows great talent. I love the poem.

Posted 5 Months Ago

Seems were all waiting
for something new and
exciting in our tomorrow s
and it just isn't happening

just more of the same
redundant. rules
mask up and
social distancing

I miss the interaction
with people also

a well penned poem

Posted 5 Months Ago

Hello Chris. My life changed little. I work as a overnight Pharmacy manager. Kept working.
"Feels sometime like I am just "marking time"
…perhaps we all are.
"Marking time"…"
I understand the above lines. I need a cold, cold beer and some live music. Hello from Clinton Twp. and thank you for sharing your amazing words and thoughts,

Posted 5 Months Ago

one day blends into another...no difference...just isolation. And yes, "where is the "there"?
who the heck knows...this poem is what I feel...not really depressed, but something that doesn't really have a label, a nomenclature ....
who can find the exact word to describe what this has made us all feel..."new normal"?
what the heck will that be...???
as Ferlinghetti wrote..."I am constantly waiting on a rebirth of wonder"---we are all waiting on a rebirth of something similar...something that isn't what this is.
excellent piece of writing....and only 2 reviews? How does that happen...All the excellent poetry on this site that goes untouched! Sad really...I guess folks are too busy doing nothing, just waiting out
the pandemic.

Posted 5 Months Ago


Tomorrows come, don't they... oftentimes overshadowed with yesterday's pains.

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Glad to see you are hanging on... Life isn't fair, but it IS what we have. Hi Shar.

6 Months Ago

Yes it is what we have, for what it is.
I miss my life.. even though I am still working.. I miss the freedom to fully live what ever life I have left.. I don't want to make my choices based on mandated fear.. I have enough of my own fear without having to respond to manufactured fear.. yes.. I am waiting.. at least I have my rage to keep me company..

Posted 6 Months Ago

jacob erin-cilberto

5 Months Ago

I feel it too, olla...missing the freedom to live what life I have left fully...and it is not happen.. read more

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Lansing, MI

"Life is a terminal disease." All the doctors have basically told me so. "Life is an adventure... Pain, well you deal. Thanks for being here. 06/21/2020 I'm back and working on. I've been.. more..