A Poem by Chris

Thoughts - not arguments, thoughts.


These are thoughts

NOT arguments!


Just reality - not supposition or my opinion.

Not even Conspiracy Theories

or Delusions of Grandeur - definitely not mine.




What is PC?

What is politically correct?

Today is not yesterday,

and who knows what is tomorrow?


"Only "The Shadow" knows…"


I understand that the news cycle

- changes -

it always has and always will.

Peoples' minds are malleable.

And whimsical.

And sense varies by the perceptions of each individual

and often by exactly their own bias!


"Fairness" has even become a political choice -

dependent upon I have yet to consistently figure out what!


Todays' News Organizations reported upon stories -

pointed out the values of people and children eating bugs,

one burger a month - yeah ONE,

Oregon to pass a law ending Beef and meat production - period.

No more shipping on the high seas,

the end of flying - ever - by any commoners world-wide,

electric vehicles - alone,

the "floating" of an 80% capital gains tax  

(and ya know homes are what most of us gain from),

no fireplaces nor firewood,

no coal, natural gas, (grills, camping, fire pits on beaches?).

What about generators (even for hospitals)?  Refrigerators?

Electricity ONLY in our homes (heatpumps) for heat security

(Texas should love that one!)

besides no one EVER!! loses "power" anymore

not even in storms nor disasters …right,

Oakland Cali, passed a law - no more gas-powered appliances

just electric

…leaf blowers, grass cutters, trimmers etc.

- to go with their rolling pre-staged blackouts I guess.

And then there was…

How having a personal stated opinion is not just wrong

but legally federally chargeable 

and being INSTANTLY GUILTY without ANY process

and receiving an unresolvable federal fine…

regardless of when (year) the opinion was given as well.


Why even members of Congress fly across the United States to incite riots

and charge criminals to "Be more confrontational…"

…just a normal news cycle …continues…


PC - what does tomorrow bring?

I've reached the age where I can question

…at least (if only maybe) to myself…

but realistically I can’t do much of anything

…Just accept…

That maybe the children might act - 

but it must be as THEY see fit -

IF we parents raised them with a real conscience

and understanding of what only THEY can determine 

or allow to pass.


Yes, times change

- whims change -

people …change

and yet …they really don't after all -

do they?

Yeah, we (as elders) are the PC

when you come down to it.




© 2021 Chris

Author's Note

Thoughts remember.

Feel free everyone else has.

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You know, things are getting a little out of hand, in my opinion. I heard that the John W. Campbell award is no longer the John W. Campbell award, because he "expressed racist sentiments" (i.e., he turned down a story written by a black man, because he didn't think his readers could relate to a black main character). Well, times were different back then, and nobody is perfect. But I'm pretty sure Malcolm X expressed a few racist sentiments in his day, and I don't see Malcolm X T-shirts getting banned or anything (and imagine the outrage!!)
Just my little 2 cents worth vent on the PC subject 😅
(I did read the poem, and it's really good, btw)

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


3 Weeks Ago

Chuckling here... I see you understand "revisionist" theory pretty well. Hi, and You're right the n.. read more
You've always written words to consider, thoughts to dwell upon, Chris. And this, sir, is a heart.stopping flow of what.. so many kinds of observations wrapped in .. frustration, astonishment, et al. I wonder if we all see snatches of anarchy from the young and those who make fashionable statemtns rather than be seen as trapping society in straightjackets. These days, perhaps, Chris. there's not enough discipline or logical guidance on one hand and.. on the other distanced in page closed but worth reading - the Right and righteous are not wanting to stop exposure to wider thinking, adventure, economic juggling and all<

Meantime dear sir, all i have done is spout off my thoughts because your thoughts have set me thinking; how important are yours to inspire that, above everything.. Your last couple of lines.. 'Yeah, (as elders) are tje Pc when you come down to. ' Sadly, realistically, think history will show that that has been said time and time again.. Perhaps. : )

Posted 2 Months Ago

Don't forget the irony of wanting us to replace gas with electric, yet they find it necessary to dim the sun to slow down "global warming" lol. They want men to be woman and they want to reduce us to a vegan diet so that when they come to take our guns...we will be too weak to fight back. Men will run away in their high heals...yeah you get the picture. Well penned.

Posted 2 Months Ago

The children are our future. That's what worries me. Rap music, drugs, no morals...I see it everywhere. Hopefully parents are more aware of how they're raising their kids, otherwise, it's only going to get worse.

There will always be disagreements and frustrations. (us and them) But to see injustice or favoritism no matter how it's played out is something that has to be dealt with to. It's no fun feeling helpless.

Posted 2 Months Ago

I'm afraid you are not allowed to open your mouth any more and say anything.
''Jesus mate you're as slow as a week in the jail.'' This little ditty now offends four different people and could end with you up in court and probably getting a week in jail.
I'm going for the dictator approach now, seemingly they can offend anyone.

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

Hi Paul, come by often and speak as you will here... can't be plainer than that.
From all sides, in every era - and as human nature stays the same, the rules change and we fall down, not realizing we’ve even taken a step.

Posted 3 Months Ago

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