"A Summer's Mourning..."

"A Summer's Mourning..."

A Poem by Chris

Fall has arrived...


“A Summer’s Mourning…”


"Fall" has arrived… 

A play on words?  Always. 

That’s what we as poet's do.


Coffee mornings - still,

breathing in the …silence -

exhaling the …minutes.

Waiting the dark-to-light

in dark

in light

In “moments” passed without …awareness -

and awareness “passed” with moments

of no whys nor wise

reason rhymed or timed

…just a shadow -

shadows we are -

and of the shadows we became.

A yesterday

of a yesterday

of a feeling of unthought,

feelings unthought.






another breath

a chill sip

- of a now …late… “afters”-noon

(a play on lyrics forgotten though lived),

“…that bit of beouf…” rambled on.


As life’s storms roil through…

life gets busy, and

I do understand …really.

But - always a but, notice?


So many have went the way of “shells”.

They have managed to insulate and isolate

as we have been isolated by others, events, the times, intents.

Our frustrations so override our existence -


and the silence HAS consequence

- as all silence does.


Our world(s) -

measured by feet and screens and screams

scenes and seems

ring tones and panes and walls

heartbleats and wish-for-was’es

that n’er-will-be’s again.

And the wise weigh heavy

on the lies of truth’s echoes

and the truths of lies promises.


I focus on


soooo many “me’s”.

I listen as I long ago learned how

and where and …when… to stand - to be.

And yes I do watch as the silence still grows

and grows

- all the more people are lost in the “nows”

- doing what “excepts” them

while trying what peers “accept and allow” -

so many “fine” lines


to BE a me.


Mourning doves all…

We swoop and weave

cry and fly

crash and die.


We ALLOW too much

because so many didn’t learn

or have forgotten how

their choices matter

…if only to themselves…










© 2021 Chris

Author's Note

Feel free. And there are NO missed spellings. Words have meanings - many have more than one and yet many can have more than one apply at any time... just sayin'

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The shear weight of any day can all but crush a person on a good day. A good day? Just what is that and by whose definition. Good, when life rolls along with a few curves that bring smiles or good, when we just barely manage to make it through a day without getting run over by our own thoughts, let alone the worlds. Yesterday is really only a memory away, why do we long for them?
Nice reflections Chris

Posted 3 Days Ago


3 Days Ago

Often we ARE another's mirror...

2 Days Ago

Succinctly true
Have tried to find the words to express my reaction to your poem. but.. find it hard to separate the words fro the man who wrote them. For many years you've laid open your reflections on life and how you see it and those within it - strangers or friends. In this poem you seem to have harvested the best and otherwise well considered features and - are quite content to share, gently but subtly take if or leave it' . Keep losing this and that.. think glitches.. will return to see if can add to this wonder, Chris.

Posted 3 Days Ago


3 Days Ago

Good morning from here Em... Coffee is good. Glad you came by.
…just a shadow -
shadows we are -
and of the shadows we became.

Really love this part, This is so amazing. Wonderful write full of feelings.. nicely expressed

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

Good morning... this one goes well with coffee.
Kaykey (Misfit writer)

1 Week Ago

i just had my 3 cups for the day... it was good

1 Week Ago

I find that as well... though if the viewing is "interesting" - the coffee can get quite ...chill.
Your choices hurt, sometimes. The words sear and burn as did the feelings before. I wish…

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

I like the way you wrap words in different meanings and play with them here. It's so clever!

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

We poets ARE people too. Our words reflect our own perceptions and feelings.

2 Weeks Ago

Oh, and "Good morning."
oh my gosh.. there is so much there.. so much.. mourning.. we don't even realize yet what all of "this" has cost us.. life does not run backwards.. and we haven't even begun to rummage through the rubble to see if there are any survivors.. we're still ducking and running.. stop drop and roll ended long ago.. I had to look up a couple of words.. the late "afters" that bit of "beouf" like the cricket that fiddled away the summers days.. boy have we fiddled away a lot of late "afters" in a lot of ways.. our choices do matter.. and we really don't know how much until the time comes to "pay the piper.." my mom's words at the end of her life.. today I am so much better than I was yesterday.. I didn't realize how hard I was holding my breath until I fully realized that I had finally secured enough supplies to circumvent the death trap they have waiting for me.. I can save up to 12 lives if they want to be saved.. and now I am ready to take my battle to what ever the next foray might be.. fear really is the mind killer.. and yes.. we really don't want to get our hands dirty.. so we hide behind our "screens" and watch life pass by like crabs on their sea beds.. some more "crabby" than others but "still" none the less.. no.. life does not run backwards.. I do not want to live the rest of my life running scared.. I want to stand and face what ever future there is coming my way.. I do still have life to be lived and I can actively engage or mourn it's passing like that crabby crab on it's cold and wet sea bed..

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

More "truth-full" words are so seldom spoken - let alone posted. Thank you for "listening".

1 Month Ago

thank you for speaking..
This poem really reflects the world we live in today. Its commentary is truthful and stark. Very well written and its wisdom profound. Thank you for sharing your art with us.

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

We invoke others' memories as best we can... and sometimes they so reflect our own that we pause in .. read more

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Lansing, MI

"Life is a terminal disease." All the doctors have basically told me so. "Life is an adventure... Pain, well you deal. Thanks for being here. 06/21/2020 I'm back and working on. I've been.. more..

"Pleas..." "Pleas..."

A Poem by Chris

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