"In My Dreams..."

"In My Dreams..."

A Poem by Chris

Dreams ARE timeless... ya know.


I was reminded about “thens” …sometimes life and even people do that for others ya know.  Yeah, I dreamed AND DID back then - guilty as charged.  But I’ve been known to dream and DO even now - and truthfully - some, would make a “street legend” blush and others make a Roman Catholic Priest sigh (and who knows which would do which?).  We’ve come a long way from our youth to the present - both good and bad.  And yes I DO “get it” - I learned to listen and wasn’t entrenched enough in MY ways to not learn.  Way too many “preach” and disdain and KNOW it’s all theirs - their ways …they OWN the RIGHT all else is wrong.




“In My Dreams…”


You’ve held my calloused soul - softly

and close

because you WANTED to - not had to.


You touched my cheeks

with your heart

and the heat within us

coalesced beyond a moment’s desire.


And yes, we found in our dreams


and a real understanding of

our selves as only true I’s can

and a hope of an other as only dreams



And to me -

you’re beautiful…

Drawing -

wanted, play full,


yes …Special… -

beyond what my mere words

could never hope convey

…least to me.


And ya know what?

Dreams are timeless

…a reality all their own.

And yet …yet… in some of mine -

we age - together

And grow



I still sit with tears after those




© 2021 Chris

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A thought-provoking, plaintive and poetic write. Perhaps dreams really are timeless... certainly the ones we carry with us. We all need those dreams, whether most of them ever come true or not. I enjoyed the read!

Posted 4 Days Ago

Good morning Chris,
Things are good in Spain...beautiful place to spend the rest of my life in.
Your poem
We age together and grow closer oh so true..
Some may feel your poem is sad but I see hidden meaning behind your carefully chosen words.
Lisa, your friend in Spain

Posted 1 Month Ago

What loss prompted such sad words? Do long forgotten ghosts haunt you? These words hint at things that may never be verbalized. Beauty and grief in just a few stanzas. Top form, my friend.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Such a wonderful and beautiful write

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

The thing I miss most about living in a College Town is the lack of living going on now and the leve.. read more
Beautiful poem ,you have a nice way with words.

Posted 4 Months Ago

chris are you still around? I love this.. Its been a long time I know,,, huggs, Shall

Posted 5 Months Ago


5 Months Ago

Hi Shal. Course I'm still around. Chuckling here

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