A Poem by Chris

What will "they" tag this to be?

Chuckling here. Yeah I'm still around.

Watching all the moral(e) imperatives - operatives
the consonance like shattered masonry
and fractured lives
- with no "wayback" machine to reDO.
There ARE places where even the "roaches" fear to tread.

This is NOT a rant,
nor an "adjustable" memory.
General thoughts on the day:

So few ask -
"Where do we bury the survivors?"
but ...where?
Pause and think about  -
what I asked.
And your answer.

Your life,
my life ...
their lives?  How do we mark our ways?
And who is "they".

Social consequence
- moral terpitudes...

The Church of Our Sanctimonious Belief...
gutted, shattered, burned-out rubble -
our home of years ...for some - decades.... 
second pile to the left.
And "potholes" suck! - goes without saying.
Whose bodies will fill them in?

Can you comprehend just how many
15,000 is?  In 23 days?  
Perspective?  And we "lost" four Marines the other day 
in a training exercise - four...
And nothing about the "other" side...
Civilians?  Families?  Children?
And towns and cities like yours... ours...
where the "roaches" are humans - parents and children
scurrying in the open', through the rubble - 
searching for the offal that - may -
give them ONE more day - just one?
And "roaches" are ALWAYS stepped on...

The scale - 2,500,000 - arrived to a border
but how many ...didn't, couldn't, won't?


You had a nice looking car huh?
Good payments too, not quite back breaking ...got gas?
...oh, you still have the payments anyway
...nothing changes... except - everything.
You got money and empty shelves...
wait - you HAD money...
to bad about your IRA.
Well, they did shut down the bank
- before you got there.

They don't update the ATMs...
if the printers work - they'll show what you had.
Memories hold the rest
'til there IS no one to remember...

Ever wonder as you lay in the dark
who killed your parent(s)?
But it seemed like such a "nice" and caring

Why do Hospitals lie to your face?
The doctors don't KNOW -
but they do ...know...
and some care ...in the sleepless dark,
and no one ...listens...
everyone hears...
and does their damnedest to not go there
...for themselves and theirs.

"Keep on moving, nothing here to see."

People collapse - but the line continues... "Next..."
Masks WORK!  But the Rotisserie Chicken smells wonderful?
"Safe and Effective!"  Millions DEAD.
There are no vaxx injuries - the doctors say so
all is an untimely coincidence - millions of them.
A fourth Booster will continue what the first three didn't.
And a fifth, sixth...

Media doesn't lie - they just omit ...some "minor" things.
Language is a fluid concept -
words have whatever meaning someone else assigns.
it doesn't matter anyway - who has "Standing"?

For some reality has a stench -
especially in the days and weeks after,
so do dreams... and all the years after -
and daymares a draw unlike any other...
getting a splinter HURTS... but bleeding out - surcease.
Hungry isn't a choice of what you HAVE...
it's what you haven't...
and the "pain" is real
and the little "you's" don't understand...
but neither do you.

"Energy is neither created nor destroyed."
yet, the mysterious "they" turn off electricity
and that they can quantitatively assign a "value"
to what passes through your "home" and 
returns to whence it came.  Cold is not a state of mind
-just a state of being.
Ever notice - most everyone can shiver?


© 2022 Chris

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great thought process on the down fall of man and society as we know it, the anger and absurdity are palatable, I really enjoyed the rhythm and the vibe, great poem

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

Reality has a way of touching regardless of our desires. Thanks for pausing - the silence gets "hea.. read more
Hope is the only hope we have in continuing our lives adventure.
Lisa, 11am in Spain

Posted 1 Month Ago

Interesting thoughts on a changing world! We always hope it will be better for our children and grandkids, but... it seems a forlorn hope sometimes!

Posted 2 Months Ago

Powerful conversation in your prose. There just aren't enough words, are there.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Honest, forthright thoughts with explanation. This above writing was so refreshing. What ever happened to freedom like this. It read as many of your pieces do. Which are what I needed to take in right now. Media is not the be all and end all of reality. Human beings are capable of making intelligent choices and decisions. This piece showed the ongoing chain of cause and effect and taking what media feeds us and then we-you thinking are own logical thoughts. Nasty time we've been in. Thank you for addressing what I am sure many wondering, questioning too.
Bless you as always,

Posted 2 Months Ago

So I am the first to comment on this post which has been on the board for ten days now. Pleased to read your thoughts, Chris, many of them the type of stuff which filters through my own mind. We live in a fragile world, we can't be sure what the truth is anymore. All I know is the longer I live the more I realise that my childhood and younger days were far more pleasant. We have more material stuff, but it counts for little when kindness can be in retreat. Good to see you are still around.


Posted 3 Months Ago

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Lansing, MI

"Life is a terminal disease." All the doctors have basically told me so. "Life is an adventure... Pain, well you deal. Thanks for being here. 06/21/2020 I'm back and working on. I've been.. more..

"History..." "History..."

A Poem by Chris

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