Train Obstruction

Train Obstruction

A Poem by Andy Ruffett

A train journeys down the tracks to soon find its path blocked.


It rumbles down the mighty tracks

The sleeping passengers await the stop

The conductor is awake with a mug of coffee in his hand

And darkness falls all over the train

Blanketing the world as it enters the tunnel

Chugging along through the black abyss


And so, they go through the dark abyss

And the train, it rumbles along the mighty tracks

Soon, the train leaves its famous tunnel

The passengers await the destination, the stop

The conductor, he sits in the body of the train

And as it moves, he turns the wheel with his hand


For one who drives the train is the one with hand

He patrols the train through the dark abyss

The night, it engulfs the train

And the moon, it gleams across the tracks

The conductor, he puts the train to a complete stop

There is a sign in front of the tunnel



No one knows what to think as the train stops at the tunnel

Maybe, but it couldn’t be, the conductor’s lost hand

Who knows how long the train will stop

Before it can again advance through the abyss

The train is not itself without the tracks

It’s what helps it move along, what makes a train a train


Finally, a construction worker walks up towards the train

Telling the conductor the situation about the tunnel

Unfortunately, they have to go back along the tracks

The conductor is angry as he raises his right hand

Flashing the finger because he’s been taken from the abyss

He does not want to go backwards from the stop


The workman frowns as he disagrees to move from the stop

He soon calls the station to tell them about the train

The passengers are confused as they stare at the blocked abyss

But the station says the conductor has to back track from the tunnel

The conductor’s furious, he can’t believe he’s lost hand

But the train begins to back up on the tracks


The train, it heads back into the first tunnel

The passengers watch as they move across the tracks into the first abyss

The driver has lost hand; it will be many hours before they stop

© 2011 Andy Ruffett

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Added on June 22, 2011
Last Updated on June 22, 2011
Tags: train, tunnel, hand, abyss, stop, tracks


Andy Ruffett
Andy Ruffett

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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