Night Shade

Night Shade

A Poem by Andrew - Moon Fixer

What you would see at night at an old Castle


Night Shade


Andrew Lucero




As the sun slowly goes down an

Eerie feeling befalls the land.

People close their doors.

They close their windows.

They close their hearts.

They huddle inside their homes to light fires,

Torches, candles, anything they can find to light the night.

Children bundle in their beds.

Parents leave a small candle burning.

Incense fills the air; children relax, and finely sleep.

But the night has just begun.

The ruins seem to come a live, like a

Creature of the night, awaking from a long sleep.

The night grows cold like a morgue.

Bats leave their homes to search for food.

Up from hidden holes under the ruins.

They circle like a tornado.

Filling the night sky like a dark cloud.

 The cold bricks seem to rise up

from the ground like a deformed hand reaching.

 To live again.

No one travels at night.

Only shadows and creatures of the night.

Vines run up the bricks as if veins were from an open wound.

In the wind, they pulsate as if it was a live.

 The stars are luminescent this night.

The wind blows through the cracks, and holes. The old building seems to come alive, howling at the night.

In the distance there are lights, coming towards the castle. They look like fire flies. 

Slowly they come as if a white snake was looking for prey.

The ruins continue to howl as the wind whips through it.

Still they come.

They circle the old building like a halo.

They ware black robs with hoods to hide their faces.

They stop. A slow murmur comes,

 Then like the wind a howl.

   Just as it started it begins to fade.

They walk back to where they came from.

No words, No sounds, just the wind.

They fade in to the night, and all that is left is the ruins. That hunger for company.

The moon comes up as if to keep the old building company.

And stillness befalls the old remnants of a time long gone.

Rest tonight.

For tomorrow comes a new day.




© 2009 Andrew - Moon Fixer

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Like reading a piece that a member of The Village would write, if you catch my drift. Not bad at all.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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this was realy long. but it was really good. Thoughtful and imaginitive.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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this piece has an oldworld feel to it...haunting, surreal - yet not shock and awe terror - but subtle. Thoughtful. I like the personification of the old building - it has its own personality. Well done.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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3 Reviews
Added on September 16, 2009


Andrew - Moon Fixer
Andrew - Moon Fixer

Fontana, CA

I am back to writing again. it's been many years since I was here. I know a lot of my old friends are gone. Good journey to them. I hope they find what they are looking for. I have seen many things an.. more..