The Merry Squire and The Mole

The Merry Squire and The Mole

A Story by Stan Lee

Dedicated to Louie B, who always seems to enjoy ye olde English tales of humor!

There once was a squire who, mounted on his thoroughbred, perchanced upon a mole on the wayside by whence he wast travelling.

"Hiy!" exclaimed this squire as he didst bring his steed to a standstill. "Who art thou? And whenst comest thou?"

The mole answering didst reply, "Noble squire, I ask that thou mightest remove thy mighty feet from before my face for these doth smell as the muck of dirty animals such as even I despise."

"What didst thou speak?" roared the squire, teetering against the reign of his faithful equestrian companion. "Hearest thou my demand, insignificant creature of the ground! Speak up! for I canst not hear thee!"

"Oh hush thy voice," saith the mole to the squire. "Thy voice doth sound to my ears as the babbling brooks, and thy whole body, yay, it reeks of the product whence comes from moulded potatoes."

Thus there wast a muddled silence for lo, this brave mole continued to stand its ground whilst his adversary didst pause, steadying his feet.

Thence asked that squire again, "Why doth thou remain silent mole?" At whence he didst bring his hand sharply to his forehead.

"What a foolish fellow I am!" cried he. "Everyone knows that moles can't speak!" And chuckling to himself, he went on his merry way.

© 2017 Stan Lee

Author's Note

Stan Lee
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Lo and behold! here cometh fair lady Andrea. hail to thee M'lady. this is a wholesome little story, says I.
haha nice one Andrea. your little gems always come as pleasant surprises.
fair thee well, now :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Stan Lee

7 Years Ago

I thank thee for thy gracious review Woody. It doth fill mine heart with joy that thou hast read and.. read more

7 Years Ago


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Stan Lee
Stan Lee

I've turned RRs off for now because I'm really behind. I have 50 to do! Hope to get to them... eventually :) “If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; ho.. more..

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