Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus

A Poem by Angel Bird

Just an idea I got ...



   What did the artist have in mind
   when he painted all those humans
   in so many various colors?


   Did the painting look too colorless
   with all of them in the same tone?


   Giving them different shapes of eyes, 
   and dyeing each one's hair in very 
   other shades wasn't enough.


   Apparently the picture he desired
   to achieve was still bearing boredom 
   all along.


   Painting plants, colorful flowers,
   beautiful trees, and a broad variety 
   of animals around these, on two legs 
   walking creatures of his still wasn't 
   good to satisfy the eye of the 
   Master of Arts.


   He took a step back from the big 
   canvas, folded his arms and patiently
   analysed the outcome so far of his work.


   There was something lacking ...! He just 
   couldn't figure it out.


   This painting was to become his 
   Masterpiece which no one should ever
   be able to equalise.


   It had to be 'Perfection in its purest'.


   Yet - there was something quite not as 
   he felt it had to be.


   A lot of green there was as well as 
   brown, and much of blue for the sky and
   the seas ...

   After long reflection ...  


  "That's it!!! Now I know!!!" he suddenly


   "It's the color of the humans' skins
   which makes this incredibly sublime 
   creation seem bland!"


   All of these innumerable people yet
   appeared to be all alike.


   With renewed ardour he took up his brush 
   mixed colors together again and again,
   and finally many groups of humans emerged
   in different tones.


   Some only slightly dissimilar to others, 
   some groups very much unalike.


   Taking a step back again to judge his
   efforts from a distance when slowly a smile 
   creeped onto his face, and his eyes began
   to sparkle.


   "Yes - this is it!!! E-u-r-e-k-a!!!"


   This was 'The Tableau Vivant' he from the
   beginning intended to create - this was 
   his vision come true!


   It was 'Perfection in Creation'!


   With men not boring themselves to death
   in looking all the same.


   Now they could enjoy their differences,
   and value all they could learn from each other.


   Surely they appreciate not being like clones.


   He felt unbelievably happy!


   In his magnum opus everything developed as
   it was meant to be.


   Every contemplator will find it amazing,
   full of grace and greatness to watch
   so many different kinds of humans and 
   cultures interact blithely with one another.


   Yes it definitely was the different skin
   colors of men that made a chef d'oeuvre 
   of his supreme creation!


   Magna cum laude!



   How was the artist to know ...!?!

(copyrighted material)



© 2015 Angel Bird

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Well if the artist is a god he is supposed to be all-knowing! And if 'he' created us in his likeness then he should have been aware that his creation was flawed from the start... must have been blinded by ego like a lot of artists :)
I like your idea here. People really should be able to embrace each other's differences. It seems as if it is in human nature to be threatened by cultures and anything we don't fully understand. I for one am glad we are not clones. That certainly would be a bland palette and I'm sure even if we were clones we would still find something to fight over. NH

Posted 13 Years Ago

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I really like how you made the person an artist creating the world that we have come to know. The "In so it came to be" really isn't my bag of tea, this brings interest and I truly enjoyed it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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excellent~ beautiful recreation tale in majesty~ and that last line goes right to the heart like an arrow~

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I really enjoyed this poem about an artists struggle to complete a masterpiece. I really enjoy seeing artwork found in a museum and I see the conflict in this poem with the artist and his work. It also really gives us a key into our lives and helps us not to see each person as the same but each one is completely different in size and shape and should be appreciated that way.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Write on / Right On! Romon in Review. Peace.
************************************************ All Stars *******************************************

And, in the end. Malato. The colors no longer accentuated, the blending
of color turn to what end, as Angels wept. And the guns, chatter.

No, not a bleak disposition. I understand the integrity of this expression of the beauty, in our diversity. The Unity in the potental exsistant, the few that stand beside the pallet and not knowing how, we mix color. The ignorance of the world, turns it to mud. Tis not pleasing to the eye, they mutter. The artist, rolls his eyes.
It's a great story that arrived from your: Creative Genious. Again...


I will be posting a creation story shortly in: A Rare Spring Fantasy. I painted once the Angel Ariel's recieving his wish. Asking his Mother (Mother Earth) for colour and The Father Creator. Grant him that boon, to give him as a gift and companion... The Bird of Paradise, as his brush.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Differences make this world the joy it is. Without it we would be horribly bored. But we are flawed, so the one thing that enriches us is also the one thing that can be our downfall. Great metaphor and love the write v

Posted 10 Years Ago

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This is so brilliantly lifting, to see the value in each shade and shadow of color... Beautifully painted, your words reach deep into the wonders of the world and the rich value of each person... I loved your view of the great Artist painting such glory across the canvass!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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I felt like being one of the contemplator of God's most wonderful piece, human.

How you delivered such notion, in its simplicity was grandeur. Perhaps, humans as we are knows what Art in its highest purest form. We keep thinking where we have to land our feet, and sublime deeper into existence and up unto human realms we see ourselves as one.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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..This one will make you think, this is really simply amazing..

Posted 11 Years Ago

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i really enjoyed reading this piece. such an excellent story with a message
i read it twice. nice work

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

wow, that was great. It really gets u thinking, well at least it gets me thinking when I get home from dinner. XD I seriously think ur going 2 win my contest. :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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