My Angel of My life

My Angel of My life

A Poem by Jasmine Michel'le Brown

It will be a year of my man's and my self relationship nov 8 2014. This is pretty much how we are with each other and forever will be.

Your The One I Truly Want: 

when we first met 
I was so afraid at first
I lied to protect my self
saying I am talking to Someone

When I wasn't I was afraid 
of being hurt at that time
Because I was hurting and
didn't show it deep down

At first I was
upset you would
ask me to hang out
come over for a swim. 

I just wanted to be alone 
I thought I deserved to be alone
Because of all the heartache and issues
with men I been through.

But I realized I have been 
single for 3 years
and you was a good man
I was truly deep down
feeling lonely

I longed for someone
someone to stay 
with forever
even through tough 
times nothing 
would break us apart.

At the time
I thought everything 
any relationship I was in
would always fall apart
and I would never be able to
settle down. 

But I decided to give up
and listen to my heart
and give you a chance
even though I was broken 

We went on a first date
we kissed each other on the first
date and held hands
I felt a connection

I couldn't let you go 
even though I was

But then we started to go on
 a lot of dates after the first
date and then you 
decided to make
it official and so 
here we are

I believe in your promise
I trust you at that
you changed my fear
to love and I return it right
back to you. 

Oh the joy
of feeling loved
the joy of actually
feeling wanted 
and finally to settle 
down for the first
time forever

even though 
we argued
and got mad at
each other
we couldn't
be mad for long

we always tell each other
where we go
what we do
to protect each
other if something did
ever happen

you are the worlds
perfect boyfriend
we never hide 
anything never
keep secrets from each other
because we actually
truly love each other

I do feel like
we are gonna be together forever
because you are the one I want
and the only I will be
with forever
I am loyal and faithful
to only you 

I love you!. 

© 2014 Jasmine Michel'le Brown

Author's Note

Jasmine Michel'le Brown
dedicated to my boyfriend it will be a year nov 8 2014 yay!

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Added on September 12, 2014
Last Updated on September 12, 2014
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Jasmine Michel'le Brown
Jasmine Michel'le Brown

Columbus, OH

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