A Poem by Jasmine Michel'le Brown

Sadness and heart breaking

Feels Like Something Is
Frozen Deep Inside: 

Sitting Alone In a Dark room
Thinking of ways to escape
the loneliness 
that one can't bare. 
Seeing Someone she loves
Leave then come back, 
then leave thinking
She'll never see him again. 
Makes everything feel
like something is Frozen 
Deep inside her. 
She just wants to scream
how she feels about the situation
but her heart is frozen
frozen of fear mostly
What will he think of her? 
if she tells him 
that she doesn't want him to 
She believes he will say
she is rational she is being 
selfish maybe but she has never
done this before.
The abuse of past relationships 
made everything feel like she
was frozen deep down inside
so now she doesn't know
if she shall 
say what she wants
It being twisted around
and stated that
she is being selfish
and greedy. 
She wants best for him
but at the same time
she never truly gets what she
wants when she is with someone
they always get what they want.
So she allows her heart to be shut
down to be frozen 
and not say why she doesn't want him to go
always says no to him and not explaining 
Soon she would lay down in the
bed her heart feels like it is frozen
and soon as she rests
by morning she will not awaken. 

© 2014 Jasmine Michel'le Brown

Author's Note

Jasmine Michel'le Brown
depression, sadness and more

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Added on September 12, 2014
Last Updated on September 12, 2014


Jasmine Michel'le Brown
Jasmine Michel'le Brown

Columbus, OH

I am Kind and sweet, I do not Judge anyone I write what I feel. I do not write on what others think It all comes from the heart. If you know the Saying; Shout threw the heart? it means that you wr.. more..