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A Moments Glimpse

A Moments Glimpse

A Story by Angelauthor1204

A girl and a boy so in love...they have doubts if the love is real or not. They pass each other day by day and they only have a moments glimpse to see.


The story is about Cassidy Williams and her one true desire, Cole Andrews. They go to the same school, have the same classes and sit right next to each other. Truth is Cole has feelings for Cassidy as she does he.


His P.O.V

I hears her name and her voice, I know her face and yet I do not truly know her feelings. She walks by me everyday and i notice her, I see her laughing with her friends and I  like the melody of her voice. It has been 3 years since I started high school and how is it she does not know I'm here??


The morning I walk by her and sat in my seat, she looks like she's in deep thought like she always is. She was reading a book...her glasses made her eyes look bigger than it originally was, her long dark-colored bangs covered her face. I wished she'd come and say something to me.


I saw Nick approaching her, that guy!!? He seems very close to her...he always teases her and she smiles so beautifully with him like she really likes his attention...LUCKY B*****D! The teacher came in and we greeted her. I tried to look away from her.


Her P.O.V

He sat there finishing his assignments and talking with his friends, joking away. I saw him from the corner of my eye, he was so dreamy. The epitome of the perfect boyfriend, he's good-looking, smart (though it may not show much), kind, funny and everything. His eyes were hypnotising!! While the teacher was lecturing about the laws of Physics, I made a quuick glance at him and caught his eye by accident!


I'm naturally a shy person so I act as if it was an accident and turned away quickly. I knew he was still looking and my heart beat faster, we were about to turn in our assignment and I heard his deep velvety voice. I ignored the temptation to look at him so I retreated after leaving the paper on Mr. Charles desk.


"You dropped your pencil." he said to me.


I nodded. "Thanks..." I took the pencil and placed it gently in my pencil box. We had afternoon classes that day and my dad was late and my sister had student coucnil meeting. He was at the entrance waiting for his brother to pick him up. I kept my gaze away from his and stared at every object there expect the one standing right next to me...HIM!!


He and I stayed silent after his friends and juniors went home. He paced around and I read my book. He stopped in front of me and I looked up.


"Is that a Darren Shan novel? Like Cirque Du Freak?? I love that book!


"Uh-huh, me too. I'm a fan." I smiled wryly and continued reading, I could feel the stare of his eyes looking at me while I was reading and I tried not to look back. I heard my dad coming in his car and I stood up and went to get my sister.


"Um...bye." I said shyly. He smiled back and waved back at him. I went home and when we left in the car, I looked back and had a glimpse.


His P.O.V

She left and I had a quick glimpse of her before she went inside the car. I said nothing about my feelings and she did not either...quite possibly she did not feel the same way. Several days later, I hear her talking about her boyfriend, Adam, my heart ached but somepain were gone as I too, had a girlfriend, Mimi.


Her P.O.V

He was with Mimi and I was with Adam, my heart was torn in half, right down the middle because I loved both but I knew Adam much more better than I did HIM. But how can I say  love him when I never even had dialogues with him. A few we did have but nothing that made me REALLY sure he is the epitome of the man I like.


HIs and Her P.O.V

We passed by each other and as he/she walked with her/his special friend, I had only one chance left to see his/her face was he/she happy or sad, and I saw her/his eyes...she/he was looking right at me, could it be? He/She really had feelings for me as he/she had surprise and sadness in her/his eyes???



But what would they know? They only had a moments glimpse to see what ifs or how it could've been if they had said aloud their true intent!

© 2010 Angelauthor1204

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Awwwwwwwwwww! It's so cute! (sorry I kind of have a thing for little stories like this. It's all puppy love to me!) Love it!

Posted 12 Years Ago

I really liked this story, it's an interesting perspective. I noticed in some places the tense isn't quite consistant, so you may want to go through and make sure that everything is in the same tense. EG.
-The morning I walk by her and sat in my seat-
This sentence conflicts because one verb is in present and the other is in past.
Other than that there's only a few minor spelling errors and it's all stuff that a spell-checker wouldn't catch.
All in all I quite enjoyed this story, it was different and you offered an interesting way of telling it. I quite enjoyed the ending, I thought it was a very unqiue way of depicting a shared moment between two people. Great job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Cool: Liked IT!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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3 Reviews
Added on August 4, 2010
Last Updated on August 5, 2010
Tags: Romance, Tragedy..I think. Reality



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