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“Go away! Go away!!!” I yelled. It was cold and dark. I couldn’t see anything but darkness enveloping me. I knew something was wrong; I have never been so scared in my life. I was running away from someone or something. Something cold grabbed me by the arm and I screamed. I was struggling, trying to get out from its grasp but it was too strong.

“No-no-no!!! Let me go!” But it didn’t let me go; it pulled me into the dark abyss. I kept flinging my arms and legs, trying to escape from it. I fell into the darkness and I freaked out. All of a sudden, I fell on the ground. I could finally see something; it was guy wearing a cloak. His face was hidden from the light because of the hood. “Hello? Can you help me?” I asked.

I was frightened when he removed his hood. I was trembling, his eyes were bloody red. I took a step back but he disappeared and appeared behind me. I screamed but he covered my mouth with his cold hands. Suddenly I could feel pain around my neck area. He was biting me?! What kind of crazy person bites you?!

He dropped me and I was laying on the floor. My eyes grew heavy and when I covered my neck with my hands, I felt something warm dripping from my neck.  I looked at my hands only to find it covered in blood. I gasped. I writhed in pain. “Wh-Who a-are you?”

He grinned, showing two sharp canines. Blood was dripping from his mouth and from the looks of it, he enjoyed the taste. He crouched down next to me and caressed my cheek with his cold hands. “Such a bright creature�"it’s almost a shame to be doing this to you.” he said.

Another silhouette appeared from the darkness, revealing a young girl. She was pale white with the same red eyes and she had fangs as well. She took off her hood and her long platinum blonde hair rested on her shoulders. “Brother, we must hurry. They’ll be here soon.” she said.

He stood up and hissed at his sister. “NEVER interrupt me, Evangeline!” he yelled at her. He was choking her but not only that, he raised her up without any effort and she was struggling to get out off his grasp even though she was exactly like him.

He dropped her like she was nothing and he came up to me. My breathing became shallow and I was starting to fall unconscious. Everything became a blur to me and I couldn’t hear anything. The last thing I saw was a shadowy figure that came to my rescue. All I saw was his dark eyes. “…who�"?”

“Don’t worry, Angel. I’m right here.” He rushed towards them and shifted into his magnificent form to attack the monster. The monster that attacked me took a dagger from its sheath under his cloak. He swung the dagger at my savior only to stab him in the arm. What do I do?!

 “NO~!!!” I yelled. Looking around, I realized�"it was all just a dream, a nightmare. I was in my room, I was safe; no one’s there. I’m safe. My bedroom door was still closed and the window�"it was open. I sat up and walked up to the window. A gush of cold wind blew into my room and it made me shiver. I closed the window shut but I could see a silhouette moving through the shadows outside like from my nightmare.

I backed away from the window only to trip on something. “Ow…” Something sparkled next to my ankle and when I grabbed it, it was a silver pendant. It wasn’t anything fancy; it was just a simple rectangular and silver pendant made into a necklace with a silver chain. Where’d this come from? I asked myself. I stood up with the pendant in my hand and looked outside the window, the sun rose from the horizon�"it was dawn.

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I love it. This is interesting and cool. The story is about vamps, right? I love vamps stories and i love to write something like this.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Pretty good. It grabbed my attention. It was a bit hard to follow at the begining, but most nightmares are so it fits. Good job. I'll read on (Once i'm home cuz im in class on my laptop right now) =)

Posted 12 Years Ago

I like it a lot! It's really good! I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I like it! Its an awesome start and leaves readers wanting more. Excellent job Read request me the next chapter

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is really good. You sure know how to write in a way that catches your readers attention. Good job, keep up the good work.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Honest to god, I love it. I really really do. Who were the people attacking her? Who saved her? Why? Tell me, tell me, tell me! Lol, but seriously. I hope you post more soon. I can't wait!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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