Chapter 3-Illusions

Chapter 3-Illusions

A Chapter by Angelauthor1204

After the party, I headed home to rest but I couldn’t recall anything that had happened. All I remembered doing last was a wolf and he was with me. Tommy and Hailey had dropped me off in front of the villa and I sensed something was off. The surroundings were the same as I’d left it and I wasn’t scared, so I ignored it.

Going inside the villa, I felt a sudden hit to the head. I grew dizzy and that convinced me something was wrong. I ran to the living room trying to find Aunt Emily. “Aunt Emily, I’m home…” I declared. There was no answer. “Aunt Emily?!!”

I panicked, she usually answered when I called her. “In here, honey.” I was relieved. She’s okay, Angel. I walked to the kitchen where she was sitting with a guest. He was tall and dressed in black�"as he turned around to face me, I felt as if I knew him. His eyes were baby blue and he was a blonde. He had a nice smile but he felt… off.

“Hi, I’m Aden. You must be Angela, Emily’s niece. I feel as if I know you.” He said.

“You too…” The feeling he gave off had dissipated after a while, and I was comfortable with Aden. We sat in the kitchen talking about his travels�"apparently, Aden was a local of Tarrant but he travelled around with his father a lot. He felt familiar but I couldn’t recall meeting him anywhere.


“Yes?” I asked.

“Yes, what dear?” Aunt Emily asked. Aden was smiling next to her, looking at me in confusion.

“You tell me, didn’t you call me just now?” I asked.

“No…” they both said in unison. I could’ve sworn I heard something but that voice was different. It wasn’t like Aunt Emily’s nor was it like Aden’s. It was husky and it sounded familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

Angel! You have to snap out of it! I looked around and there was no one in the kitchen besides me, Aunt Emily and Aden. I calmed down and convinced myself it was all in my head. The voices stopped and I went upstairs�"I was probably exhausted.

As I put on my tank top and shorts, I remembered that I hadn’t took off my necklace yet but there was no necklace. I searched for it on my dresser and in the toilet but it wasn’t there. I must’ve dropped it back at the National Forest. I thought to myself.

It’s not real, Angel. You’re unconscious.

That voice again. I opened my window and looked outside only there was no one outside, I even checked the radio and TV in my room�"they were all turned off. I closed the window shut and sat back down on my bed. I closed my eyes and dozed off thinking that whatever happened today would stop by tomorrow.

Morning arrived sooner than expected and I woke up. I didn’t have experience any nightmares last night and I didn’t have headaches. There were no voices or anything. It seemed as if my bad days were behind me.

I skipped down the stairs cheerfully even though the weather outside was gloomy and depressing. It was raining heavily and I was stuck inside the house. Aunt Emily was still at the kitchen and Aden was in the living room. “Good morning, Angel.” He said, smiling at me.

“Morning to you too. Has my aunt been inside the kitchen since last night? She’s wearing the same thing she wore from yesterday.”. Aden just shook his head and smiled in reply. I walked over to the coffee table and picked up the newspaper to read, but it was yesterday’s newspaper.

Usually, Aunt Emily would be making breakfast and cleaning the house or even watching the news but all she did was stay in the kitchen, reading a novel.

 An...gel…! Y...ou…w..ake..up! You’re...i...n…..da…nger…

It grew silent again. I was in danger? My head hurts again and before I knew it, I had visions of my aunt laying in cold blood and me, unconscious on the floor. Everything returned to normal�"Aden was watching reruns of variety shows and Aunt Emily was in the kitchen. I began to question everything, was this all real or is it�"

The doorbell suddenly rang. As I was opening the door, I was shocked to see him outside the doorsteps. Lucas… “Hi? What are you doing here?” I asked.

 “I wanted to ask you something.” He was drenched in rain so I let him in. Inside, he dried off and we talked in the hallway.

I was happy he was here but embarrassed that he saw me in my tank-top and shorts. “What did you want to ask me about?” Lucas was smiling at me and he was in the house. I like him being near to me. It always felt as if he was so far away from me…

“What do you think about a picnic?” His question came as a surprise at me. Did he just ask me to go on a picnic with him? I was thrilled! Words couldn’t describe how I felt when he asked me out.

“I’d love to!” Immediately, I became suspicious. “But why the sudden urge to ask me out on a picnic?”

There was something different about him. The intense atmosphere he had was gone and I no longer felt scared of my immediate attraction towards him because that feeling wasn’t there at all. Mixed feelings surged inside my body. I felt safe and happy the last few days and then I didn’t have nightmares but most of all Lucas suddenly wanted to ask me out… it was an illusion.

That’s it, Angel! Fight it. It’s not real, wake up. ANGEL!

It was an illusion! What was going on? The visions I saw…could they be real? Then my Aunt was really dead. No! It’s not real! It’s NOT real!!!

“Angel? What’s wrong?” Lucas asked, drawing back my attention to him. I knew it was an illusion, what else could it be? There was no way Lucas would go to my house and ask me on a picnic. That wasn’t him and I preferred the real ‘him’.

“Nothing. Excuse me…” I said. I walked back into the living room to find Aden standing in front of the coffee table. He looked familiar and there was something very off about him. “Aden…?”


As he turned around, his hair changed color. It was no longer that charming sandy blonde but it was a cold color, platinum blonde. It’s him!! He smirked and flashed his fangs and when he opened his eyes…there it was. The color that brought me nightmares and made me shudder, it was bloody red.

I opened my eyes and my surroundings changed. I was in the villa but it wasn’t bright nor was it pouring outside. The lights weren’t on and it was night time. I heard a lot of noise�"crashes, thumps even roars and growls. I was on the floor and next to me was my aunt. No!

I pushed myself off the ground and looked beside me. Aunt Emily was lying in a pool of cold blood, her eyes were completely white and I was covered in scratches. What was going on?

“ANGEL!” someone shouted. I looked up and it was Fiona and Tommy. They were also covered in bruises. I was extremely scared. They seemed to be attacked by something and it moved in the speed of light!

A loud growl came from behind me and I turned around to see wolves and there were four of them in my house! They were bruised and were also attacking something. I recognized one of the wolves, it was a grey wolf from the forest. It was being thrown back by a man in...a...cloak like the one from my dreams. As the hood fell off his head, it was him. Platinum blonde hair, bloody red eyes and fangs. HIM!


He saw me and flashed his fangs. “I see you’ve managed to escape from my illusion, Angel. You shouldn’t have woken up…” he growled.

© 2010 Angelauthor1204

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Author's Note

Okay, I hope this is chapter is fine. If you have any questions about the characters like who they REALLY are, it'll all be revealed in chapter 4. YES, even the truth about Lucas! Oh and btw in Chapter 1 many of you might wonder who Lucas is and who the others are... they are friends that angel met when she last visited her Aunt Emily in Tarrant. Lucas is the guy that Angel fell for when she met him on her last visit to Tarrant. Ok? But WHAT Lucas is exactly... HEHEHEHE, you'll have to find out in the next chapter! Thanks for reading and reviewing and rating.

kisses >3<

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I cant believe I have never seen this until now, I am completely hooked!

Posted 9 Years Ago

good chapter but very confusing until the end.

Posted 12 Years Ago

OH My Gosh. Awesome chapter!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Oh my god. What's going on here!? (lol) Why is Angel being attacked? Why her, of all people? (I kind of want Lucas and Angel to get together. did I mention that before?) It's great! I love it!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Well done with ending the chapter with a hook. I see the plot is beginning to thicken, good job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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