Chapter 4- True forms.

Chapter 4- True forms.

A Chapter by Angelauthor1204

“You shouldn’t have woken up.” he growled. He was scarier in real life than in nightmares. He looked furious�"had I foiled his plans? I wanted to run, scream…anything, but my body wouldn’t listen to me. I felt, as if he was choking me, I couldn’t breathe in properly. “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?”

My eyes darted around, looking for something but all I saw were my friends and they were bruised, a grey wolf with his pack on the ground�"they were all in the house but why? Another figure stepped into the room and it was that girl, his sister, Evangeline. Her face was smeared with blood and it was easy to figure out whose blood it was, my aunt’s. I was shaking with fear. She held a dagger in her hand and it too was covered in blood. “She’s awake?” Evangeline asked.

“Yes, but no worries… her little friends are…taken cared of. Her aunt won’t be able to tell her anything.” His voice sounded satisfied. What did he mean? What did my aunt want to tell me? He propped me up against the wall with his one hand covering my neck. “Your aunt has a big mouth; she should’ve stayed quiet and none of this would have happened. Your friends are smart but they were foolish thinking they could foil my plans and stop me.”

He grinned, looking at the body. Help..!

“Maybe I should kill you too?”


Tears flooded my vision and Evangeline stood between the both of us. “Brother. We have to get going; if father knows we killed Renee we’ll be in trouble.” Renee? THEY killed Aunt Emily… who the hell was Renee?

A scowl formed on his face. “Father? You’re worried about father?! FATHER would be dead by now if I hadn’t spared his life! What makes you think I would obey HIM!? HE obeys ME!” he retorted. His grip around my neck tightened and I was starting to choke. Evangeline flinched when he yelled at her.

“Rrr…” A faint sound came from wolves and Aden or whoever he was, dropped me like a sack of hot potatoes and I gasped for air. I scrambled back against the wall and hugged myself. It wasn’t a nightmare anymore�"it was real!

The two left and I was alone in the house, feeling scared and nauseated from the scent and sight of blood. I knew I saw Fiona, Hailey and Cameron and glancing around, I saw them on the ground. They were covered in bruises and scratches. The wolves were still on the hurt�"Why were there even wolves to begin with? What were they even doing in there?

 I couldn’t stand the sight of the living room so I went upstairs to my room. Inside, the window was shattered as if something had entered by force and I sat on the bed. Elbows on my knee and my face buried in my hands�"I cried softly. I was scared and this wasn’t a nightmare that disappears after I woke up anymore, it was real. I couldn’t escape from it, nightmare or not.

“Why is this happening to me?” I sobbed. I heard a low purring sound and I looked up. It was the grey wolf from the forest�"why was it here? I didn’t care about anything anymore after what happened. I saw my own aunt lying in her own pool of blood. “Come here…”

It jumped on the bed and licked my cheek. I didn’t understand it but something happened when our eyes met. Memories flooded my brain. I remembered, Lucas�" when we came back to the villa, the lights were flickering and Aden (?) and Evangeline appeared. The guys took off their clothes and the girls turned away�"they shifted. The guys shifted into wolves, including Lucas. I stood up and backed away after I realized who the wolves really are.

You remember.

That voice. When I was stuck in the illusion, I knew the voice�"it was Lucas’s. “It was you?” I felt angry and sad but mostly, I felt deceived. The other wolves out there… they were Connor and Tommy.


“What are you?” I asked. My voice sounded serious and accusing. He didn’t say anything and I knew he didn’t want to explain things just yet. “Who were those people and why did they kill my aunt? WHO’S RENEE?!” I could no longer bottle up all the questions in my mind; I demanded answers.

Renee is your aunt’s real name. Calm down, Angel.

“Calm down?! CALM DOWN!!? My aunt has been murdered, I was attacked by whatever those people are! I might actually be losing my mind!! HOW CAN I CALM DOWN!!?” I retorted.

You’re not crazy.

“Then explain it to me… who were those people that attacked me? Why did they kill my aunt?! I want answers, Lucas.”

I’ll give you your answers soon. I promise. But for now, get into Tommy’s car. All of us are going someplace.

“And my aunt? Do we just leave her here?!” I asked. It was silly of me to think I could trust them after they deceived me. They made me think I was crazy when they probably knew I was experiencing the worst! Lucas was one of those people who can make you feel safe with him.

Tommy will handle it.

As soon as I got into Tommy’s car, everyone was inside and I felt so out of place. It felt as if I was the only human in a car full of�"werewolves!! My eyes darted around, trying hard not to ask questions. Lucas walked out of the house and sat in the driver’s seat, he drove us in the direction of the National Forest. All the way to the National Forest, the inside of the car was silent�"no one dared say a word until me.

“What are you all really?” I prodded. My voice sounded serious and demanding. I demanded to know who or what they were and I needed to know right there and then.

“What do you think we are? You saw everything.” Connor said.

“But I need to hear it from your mouths… what you all are.”

Hailey sighed and shared looks with the others and finally answered, “We’re…werewolves�"shifters and so are you.” I’m one of them? The news came as a shock to me.


“You’re a shifter like us but you’re a little different. When you were born, you were involved in a terrible incident with your real parents. The government took you away and we couldn’t get to you when they got involved. We couldn’t tell who you were until Renee found you and posed as your mother’s distant cousin�"Aunt Emily who died 20 years ago.”

I was shocked but it could all be true after what I had went through today. I mustered up all my courage to say something and not faint. “What incident?”

“Our elders won’t tell us, that’s as far as we know.” Fiona added.

I swallowed hard. I was adopted and my Aunt Emily was actually a sort of spy. And if that wasn’t enough to make me feel utterly surprised, I was one of them… a were wolf. I couldn’t be one!!

 Could I?!

© 2010 Angelauthor1204

Author's Note

What do you think of the chapter? So you guys know what they are now... shifters! Lycanthropes (Lycans)... werewolves but this isn't the end of the story yet! More answers will be revealed in Chapter 5!!


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yes. More answers are good. lol. How is she a werewolf too? That doesn't explain why they are attacking her (which you should do, lol).

Posted 12 Years Ago

Nice ending! Can't wait to read more.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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