Chapter 7- Traitor?

Chapter 7- Traitor?

A Chapter by Angelauthor1204

The Guardians are under lock down but could this be a mistake, Elder Grayson? When they found out who the traitor is, things get a little personal for Lucas.


Angel’s P.O.V

The elders placed me in the infirmary because I felt woozy a few times since I had that frightening vision. The shifter in charge injected something so I could rest and relax for a few hours. When I woke up, I was on a bed in the infirmary.

You’re still safe, Angel. The Elders will catch that traitor.

I heard a long big groan beside me. It was coming from behind the curtain. “Um… are you okay?” I asked. Instead of an answer, I heard another groan. I felt a little worried so I checked on him. It was a guy who was badly injured. “You okay?”

“Ugh… no. Can you hand me the water?” he asked. He was in excruciating pain.

“Yeah.” I grabbed the bottle beside him and handed it to him. I felt as if I knew him and when he opened his eyes; there was no mistaking it. He had the same gold pair of eyes as Lucas. Was he his brother? “You’re…”

“Oh, I’m Devlin.” he asked.

“So you’re Devlin. Are you Lucas’s brother?”

“Half-brothers, we had the same father, different mother. Do I know you?”

I sat on the chair next to his bed and smiled. If he was Lucas’s brother, I could be safe and trust him. “No, I’m new here.”

“Oh. Why are you in the infirmary? Were you attacked by vampires like me?” I was blown away when he said that. I thought the only person who would be attacked by vampires was me. I was glad that someone shared the same sentiments and I was curious why they attacked Devlin.

“No, I fainted. Why did the vampires attack you?”

“For my gift, of course.”

He had a gift?! Was he a seer like me? What gift did he have? I wanted to know more about him. Was he struggling with his gift like mine? Did he feel like a burden like I did? “What’s your gift?”

“I’m blind actually so my gift comes in handy. I can see people’s aura. If I see your aura once, I can track you and I can tell it’s you just by looking at your aura.” His gift was even better than mine. His wasn’t a burden and it didn’t feel like a curse at all. “By the way, I didn’t ask for your name, what is it?”

“Oh right, I’m Angel. Nice to meet you.”

He sat up and I was surprised he did it so suddenly. “YOU’RE ANGEL?!” he asked.

“Yeah. I have a gift too. I’m a shifter and a"”


“Wow, that’s amazing. How did you know?” He stood up and  put on his jacket. He grabbed my hand and we rushed out of the infirmary. “Where are we going?!”

“Out of here, Angel! You’re going to be taken to Aden!”

He turned around and his eyes were all black and I was scared. What’s going on? Devlin was the traitor?!! No! I struggled to get out of his grasp but he knocked me out. What’s going to happen now?

Lucas’s P.O.V

Both girls were at each other’s throats and Silv stopped the fight of words before it got physical. “Stop it! None of us are traitors. We all swore an oath to protect this pack! We’ve been friends since we were small and we all know each other; I don’t believe that any of you are traitors.” Silv said.

I paced around, trying to think of one reason why a Guardian would do this and there was none. Before yesterday, none of the Guardians knew who Angel was except for me, Hailey, Fi, Cameron, Connor and Tommy, so the other Guardians couldn’t possibly"a thought crept into my mind.

“Frame... maybe someone’s framing us?” I murmured.

“What?” Fiona asked.

“It’s just a thought. I mean, what if a traitor is framing the Guardians? Think about it? That way, the elders would lock us up like they did and use the opportunity to get Angel since none of us can protect her!?”

“But that doesn’t make sense. To do that, he or she has to depend on one key element. Angel’s seeing gift. To frame us, he has to be seen.” Fiona said.

Silv stepped in our train of thought. “And other than us and the Elders, who knows about Angel’s gift?” Silv said. He knew the answer and I did too.

“The vampires!” I exclaimed. “One of them must have the ability to shift and he’s posing as his victim to get close to Angel. He also framed us, knowing that Angel would see the future and him.”

“Wait-wait-wait! This still doesn’t make sense. If he’s shifted into a Guardian, he’d be in here and he won’t have the opportunity to get Angel. We’re back to square one!” Hailey said, interrupting our train thought.

“Doesn’t have to be.” Silv said.

“What do you mean?” Hailey asked, even more confused.

“He could just pose as a normal shifter (not a Guardian) and then he’s going to use something that screams ‘Guardian’ when he gets Angel.” Silv explained.

“And what exactly screams Guardian to you?” Fiona asked.

“Our rings. The Guardians’ rings. The snarling wolf ring that’s presented to us when we become Guardian. He’ll steal one from us and use it when he catches Angel!” I said. “We have to get out of here!”

“But all of us are wearing the ring now. Who else could have it?” Fiona asked.

Then I remembered. The only other person who could have the ring and not be a Guardian. I should know who that is just by the description…Devlin. I slammed my fists on the door and everyone was surprised.

“What’s wrong now?” Silv asked.

“I think I may know who the traitor is.”

“Who?” Fiona asked.

“My brother, Devlin. I think he’s the traitor.”

“Why?” Silv asked. “Devlin doesn’t even know about Angel and he’s been injured by the vampires! He couldn’t be the traitor. And what’s more, he doesn’t have the ring.”

“He does. I should know because I gave him the ring.”  The door burst open and it was Austin. He was in brink of collapsing and he was injured really badly. The hairs on the nape of my neck stood and I knew something had happened. Something bad.

Silv ran to help Austin who was struggling to keep awake. “What happened?!” he asked.

Connor helped him sit down on the ground and lean against the wall. “Devlin…h-he…took Angel…! They-they’re gone.”

I ran out the door without even thinking with the others hot behind my heels. I was flustered; I bumped into people, I almost tripped a few times and I almost forgot to breathe. When we got to the infirmary, Elder Grayson was talking to the sentries that were guarding the room. I walked in hoping they were still there but there weren’t.

Silv caught up with us and he looked around too. “Crap! This is bad.”

Elder Grayson stepped in and sighed. “I never expected this to happen.”

“You should’ve trusted us! We’re the Guardians! You’ve seen us all grown up since we were kids, you handpicked us and you know us! One little vision and all that trust?! YOU THREW IT ALL FOR ONE DAY!” Hailey yelled. I knew she didn’t mean it, she was just upset. Angel was like her best friend.

“HAILEY! Calm down. This is no one’s fault. We all thought one of us was the traitor. My dad did it because he thought it’d be best. None of us expected it to be Devlin.” Silv said. “Okay, Connor; I want you to search the forest with the sentries and Cameron too. Go North and South. Me and Fiona will go West and East.”

“What do I do?” Hailey asked.

“I want you to stay here and see if there’s any indications where Devlin might be going or if he’s really the traitor.”

“And me?” I asked.

“…I trust you the most, Lucas. You go with Clara to search for Devlin in Tarrant. Check on Tommy while you’re at it. He might sense Devlin somewhere. Any news, call.”

My brother. The traitor. I really couldn’t believe it. I knew he was trouble but was he really the kind of person to turn to his own kind. Devlin… are you really the traitor?

© 2010 Angelauthor1204

Author's Note

How'd you like it? But the story's not over yet, kiddies. Something may just shock you in Chapter 8! ENJOY! Cause the traitorous shifter may not be Devlin after all. (But that's just maybe... or is it?

Honest opinion plz! READ RATE AND REVIEW! 1.3% away from becoming a top writer!! And thank you to all the people who's been reading my book till this chapter. I appreciate it.

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nice joy. You have a very broad imagination. Keep it up!

Posted 12 Years Ago

I like it. That would suck if his brother was a traitor, but it would be a good twist. And fun to read about if there was an epic fight scene. lol. Keep posting, please!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Oh and the random " that you see are actually -- but for some reason it automatically turns to " when I post the chapters.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Great chapter! Love it (:

Posted 12 Years Ago

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As cool as it is that I was right, this still sucks. I mean, Lucas must feel betrayed personally because of it! What if it's not Devlin? Maybe Devlin was killed and a vampire took his place? (I've heard of vampires taking someone else's form before, so I have no idea) I still love this chapter especially! The best so far, without a doubt! (I still hope Lucas and Angel get together, lol!) I hope Angel's okay..........

Posted 12 Years Ago

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