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Chapter 8- Revelation

Chapter 8- Revelation

A Chapter by Angelauthor1204

Lucas is on the hunt for his brother and in this hunt... will Lucas have to break a promise to protect AngeL?


Aden’s P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of Evangeline knocking on my door. She better had a reason to wake me before nightfall or I’ll kill her. Evangeline came in and handed me the pigeon. There was a note attached to the pigeon’s leg.

“What is this creature doing in here?”

“The message from him is here. It seems as if he has a plan, brother.” She handed me the note.

The girl is with that Devlin boy and they’ve gone. Don’t worry, the girl
will be in your hands soon as said in our deal- I will bring her to you.

“Evangeline, I’m depending on this person to bring her to me. If he or you fails, I won’t hesitate to replace you with Isis.”

“Yes brother. I will not disappoint you.”

Evangeline walked out of the room. She was confident in her plans and I wasn’t. Evangeline was strong but I foresee a big error in her plans. I sensed Isis’s presence nearby and summoned her out. “Isis.”

She emerged from the shadows and kneeled before me. “Yes, brother?”

“If Evangeline fails in her plan to bring the shifting seer to me, I want you to do something for me.”

“Speak and it shall be done, brother.”

“I want you to kill her. I don’t tolerate failure. If Evangeline fails, it’d do you very well to remember that little tidbit.”

“Yes, brother.”

“Now, go. Follow Evangeline. If she fails, she dies.”

Lucas’s P.O.V

Clara and I hopped into my car and I drove to Tarrant. I hoped Angel was alright. I was devastated when Devlin did this. Was he really the traitor? Had he turned his back towards the pack? He couldn’t have. Would the choice in which I had to kill him to save Angel appear once I find him? I hoped not.

“Devlin’s innocent, Lucas. We should believe in him. He’s Devlin. He’s your brother… he must have a reason.” Clara said. Clara was his mate; Devlin loved her more than anything in his life. She trusts him so much. If he truly was a traitor, I don’t know what she would do.

“I hope so too.”

“Where should we start?” she asked, trying to change the mood. “We need to find him first, I doubt the others would listen to him before they bring him to Lyadona.”

“I know. We should go the one place that Devlin would go to when he feels he’s in trouble or in danger. It’s the one place he and I swore to protect each other when our parents died. Home.”

I drove to my home. I hoped I would arrive there before anything happens to Angel. I ignored all the rules of the road and I drove straight to my house without any stops. When we arrived at my house, I felt reluctant to go in. All the things that I had went through in this house… after my parent’s funeral… the promise me and Devlin made… was I going to break this promise in order to save Angel? …Maybe.

Clara tried opening the door but it was locked. I had left my old house key in Lyadona so I tried finding my father’s key. The spare he always hid somewhere around the porch and then I remembered, under the mat. As soon as we went inside the house, Clara went upstairs to check and I scoped the downstairs. I checked the kitchen, the study, the garage and then the living room… so many happy memories were made in this very room.

I remembered the day we left this house for Lyadona. It was right after the funeral. Everyone had already left and gone home, Devlin was crying on the couch. He was just 9 and I was 13. I tried to convince him to come with me to Lyadona and he refused. I remembered everything I told him.

‘Dev, we have to leave the house. We have to move on. Mom and dad would’ve wanted that for us.’ I told him.

‘NO!! I don’t want to, Lucas! I want to stay here and live here!! I’ll be all alone there!’

‘Listen to me, Dev! You’re not all alone. Mom and dad are gonna be with you always, in your heart! And you won’t be lonely in Lyadona, you have me. I promise you won’t be alone in anything you do. We’re the only family we have left. I promise I’d protect you from anything.’

‘You promise?’

‘Of course! You’re my brother. I’d always believe in you, Dev.’

You’re my brother. He’s my brother. I sighed and took a deep breath.


That was Clara’s voice. It was Devlin. I rushed upstairs and saw Clara hugging Devlin and she looked so glad. Angel was there and she looked relieved to see me. “Devlin, thank goodness.” Clara said.

I wanted to faint from all the adrenaline I had pumping when I was f****n’ worried about the both of them. “Dev? Why did you bring Angel here? The Guardians think you’re the goddamn traitor. I need an explanation now.”

“I’m not the traitor, Lucas.” He said defensively.

“I know that, Dev. But I need an explanation so I can convince everyone else that you’re not.”

“When the vampires got me, they kept me locked up and asked me where Angel was. They beat the crap out of me. I knew nothing so this girl vampire threw me back to the forest so I’d be left to die and act out as a warning. During the time I spent locked up in their dungeon, I learned that Angel was a shifting seer and that they planned on kidnapping her. I knew they had a mole in Lyadona and when I heard all Guardians were locked up, I had to find Angel and get her away from Lyadona because the mole wasn’t a Guardian…”

“So you just split with her when you found Angel?! You couldn’t have told me first?!!!” I asked.

“It was too risky! I had to leave first before they got to Angel!”

I sighed. I think a vein just popped out of my temple when I got aggravated by Devlin’s recklessness. I noticed that the ring I gave Devlin wasn’t on his finger. “Dev, where’s your ring?” I asked.

“The girl vampire took it. I think her name was Evangeline.”

I turned to Clara who had her arms around Devlin and saw she had a ring on her finger. And that ring was the one I gave Devlin. She was the traitor. “Angel, get over here. You too, Dev.”

“Why?” Angel asked.

“Where did you get that ring, Clara?” I asked, ignoring Angel.

Clara suddenly realized she had blown her cover and grabbed Angel’s hand and knocked her out. I was about to pounce on Clara when she pulled out a dagger and placed it under Angel’s neck. “Don’t get any closer, you two!”

Devlin was shocked and my instincts to shift was at an all time high but I couldn’t shift. It would rick Angel being harmed by Clara. “Why?” Devlin asked.

“I have no choice.” She answered.

“Clara, release Angel! NOW!” I warned. “Sorry, Dev. But I’m gonna have to hurt her…”

“No!” Devlin said.


“No, Lucas. She must have her reasons!” he said as he turned to face me. “Why, Clara?”

“I can’t tell you.”

A crash coming from the window and it was that same girl vampire I fought back at the villa. “Evangeline?!” Clara yelled out.

“Clara, my dear, great job with the seer. Get behind me, we’re leaving.” She said. Evangeline threw dozens of small metal needles at us and I was busy trying to dodge them. Me and Devlin jumped and turned the table upside to turn it into a barrier.

“CLARA! You can’t do this!!” Devlin yelled.

“Clara. Do as I say or our deal is over.” Evangeline said.

Clara didn’t say a thing and I knew she was fighting over her decisions internally. I tried to help Angel but I couldn’t. That b***h attacks kept on coming and finally Clara said something, “I’m sorry. I have no choice.”

The vampire and Clara disappeared and Devlin and I were injured and we failed to protect Angel but Devlin was more upset about Clara. His own mate turned against him. I was worried about Angel. I failed to protect her…

I failed…

© 2010 Angelauthor1204

Author's Note

Okay so I deleted the prev chapter 8 and redone the chapter. BTW who did you guys expect the traitorto be? and WHy?
Chapter 9 coming soon... (WIP-work in progress)

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nice word and name choice. Thought I'd tell you.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I expected Evangeline or another vampire. Not someone who cared about the shifters or any shifter. Why Devlin's mate? He must feel the same betrayal that Lucas was feeling a moment ago. And I think you're getting a little excited again, Angel! To tell the absolute truth, you're rushing a bit. (Or it might just be me. I'm paranoid about those things, you know?) And OMG! I am totally feeling for Lucas. I can understand the failure. The self blame and hatred, knowing the thing or person you've cared for the most slipped right through your fingers before your very eyes. Oh, heartache.......... How will you fix this, Angel? lol (what I mean is, turn it into a happy ending)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Very unexpecting cahpter! nice job!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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