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Chapter 10- Friend or Foe?

Chapter 10- Friend or Foe?

A Chapter by Angelauthor1204

Angel’s P.O.V

The door burst open just as I was about to break free of the shackles and it was Clara. She had a key in her hand and she rushed down to help free me. I was surprised that she changed her mind to save me. “Clara…? You’re helping me?” I asked in disbelief.



“The less you know, the better. Come on. Evangeline will help us travel across the rift and then you’re all by yourself. Go to Lyadona quickly and don’t look back.”

“WHOA-WHOA-WHOA!! Did you just say Evangeline? Aden’s sister?! I thought her brother wanted to kill me? Why’s she letting me go?” I asked, suspiciously.

“Angel, Evangeline’s not like her brother. All she wants is revenge and if I help her, she won’t harm any of us including you and Lyadona! She’s not evil.”

Finally, my hands were free and I could flee. Clara lead me to the stairs and sneaked me away to a room just down the hall from the dungeon, and to the right. Inside, I saw Evangeline and she held a staff in her hand. It was a normal staff but on top of it was a dark blue crystal; round, and it looked like an onyx.

She looked pleased to see me. “Good, you’re all ready. Clara, you know what to do once you’ve done the deed.”

“Yes, Evangeline.”

“Angel. Sorry for the inconvenience but I only wanted to take what belonged to me. My necklace, please?” she asked. I was oblivious to what she was talking about and then I realized the necklace was what she was after. My silver necklace. She stretched out her hand and I gave it to her. “Thank you.”

“Why are you doing this? Who do you want to take revenge against?” I asked.

“My brother.” Her brother? I always thought she worshipped her brother or at least was not the kind to rebel against her brother. That was quite unexpected. “Alright, hold on to Clara. Travelling through the rift is dangerous enough with one inexperienced passenger.”

She raised her staff and twirled it upside down. She was chanting but I couldn’t hear what she said, because a sudden, strong gust of wind blew inside the room and I could hardly keep my eyes open. When the staff was upside down, Evangeline knocked it against the floor and the ground split beneath us. Both Clara and I fell into the ground.

When I woke up, I was on the ground next to Clara. “Where are we?” I asked.

“Inside the rift.”

“I’m sorry, what’s the rift?”

“The rift is bridge between the underworld and the human world. Long ago, someone created the rift as an open bridge so creatures of the dark can walk on earth but when that happened, disaster struck. So one day, a creature born of light and dark could no longer ignore the issue and became the guardian of the rift. He jumped into the rift and stayed there. He acted as a tollbooth between the two realms, he allows passage to and from each worlds.”

“So inside the rift is where he is? We’re here to get passage back to earth?!”


I never knew there were so many secrets in the world. I could never imagine that there were realms to connect the dead and the living. The underworld and earth. So many secrets were not open to me and knowing that there’s an infinite world of possibilities amazed me.

Clara tugged on my shirt and we walked towards this big mansion. Inside were thousands of creatures from vampires to what I perceived to be shadows with a life of their own. “So many creatures…”

“We’re up next.”

“That was fast. There seems to be a long line over there…”

“Evangeline had made arrangements for us beforehand and we go the other way, Angel. Not there. We just have to go right past that door and we’ll be back in Tarrant.” She pointed out the white door at the end of the hallway to our left.

I turned the doorknob but it was locked. “It’s locked.”

“I have the key, right here.” Clara took out a small gem; it was green and it was glowing. I’ve never seen anything like that before. She opened the door and a big flash of light blinded me. When I opened my eyes, I was back at Devlin’s house with Clara.

“We’re back. I’m going to call, Hailey. She’ll pick us up.” I said, excited.

“Do that later.” she said, her voice low.

Looking at her, she was holding a ring�"the Guardians ring. She seemed nervous and more fidgety than usual, was she in a hurry to get somewhere. Every one of her actions indicated the answer, she wasn’t going to return with me to Lyadona. “You’re not coming, aren’t you?” I asked.

She nodded and a smile formed on her lips. It wasn’t a warm smile, more like a wry smile. “No, I can’t go back. Not yet.”

“Do you honestly trust Evangeline that much?”

“I don’t see why not? She wants revenge on her brother and you won’t be any use to her plans, Devlin won’t die and the pack will be safe.”

“And you think she’ll do as she said she would?”

“She made a deal with me before, and she followed through.”

“I trust you. What would she tell Aden, her brother?”

“Your seeing powers haven’t matured entirely and you can’t shift yet, if you started the first shift without your mate, you’d die. Evangeline can handle her brother. You just hurry and go to Lyadona.”

“What do I tell Devlin or Elder Grayson or Silv? They’re going to ask why I was let go.” I asked. She looked stricken. It seemed as if I had struck a nerve. She paused for a moment, searching for an answer in her head. “You and Dev--you two are together, right?”

“Tell them about Evangeline- what she wants to do, what she plans on doing and why she took you… tell them I’m going to help her to help the pack. But don’t tell Dev why I followed Evangeline, knowing Dev, he’d go ballistic if he knew I did this for him.”

“Anything else?”

“Give this back to him.” She handed me the ring she kept holding and placed it on the table in front of us. “Tell him, after the fight… I’m not going back to Lyadona.”

“What?! You said you’d go back after the fight is over.”

“Yes, I’d go back to being my old self but I won’t be returning to Lyadona. I’m labeled as a traitor already.”

“But you’ll be a hero for saving the pack if everything goes as planned.”

“Just go back to Lyadona. Do what I told you, stay away from Tarrant. Trust the Guardians and no one else because I heard Isis, Aden’s other sister, tell Aden that she has a spy in the pack too.”

“I don’t understand this… Is Evangeline a friend or a foe?”

“A friend. I have to go, please give Devlin his ring back and tell him what I said.”

Another flash of bright light and Clara was gone. I went to the phone and dialed Hailey’s cell phone. It took three tries before I got an answer from her. She was so glad that I was safe and she told me Lucas and Devlin would come and get me. I waited in the downstairs living room and took a seat. I was tired and I think I fell asleep because I was in the dark again.

The scenery began to change, trees appeared and I noticed that I was half-transparent. Someone actually went through me and it was Evangeline. She was wearing a black cape and she was battling with Clara against the pack. I heard a very infuriating buzzing sound and the dream started to black out but the last thing I saw was Evangeline going nuts and killing Clara. Just from that dream I knew, Evangeline was the real problem… it was never Aden or is it?

I woke up, gasping for dear life and saw Lucas and Devlin staring at me. I was so glad to see them that I couldn’t control myself anymore. Tears started streaming off my cheeks and I hugged Lucas. I cried but I didn’t care. He was there and I was safe. I thought I would never see him again.

“It’s fine…everything’s fine.” He whispered in my ear. I didn’t care what he said, all I wanted was his hands around me. I wanted him to comfort me, which was all I needed. When I finally calmed down (In his arms btw), he asked me, “What happened?”

“Clara helped me get out of there because Evangeline ordered her to.”

Devlin started to pay attention. “Evangeline? The vampire? Why?” Lucas asked.

I remembered what Clara asked me and answered Lucas. “She wanted something from Em, which was my necklace… that’s the whole reason she kidnapped me. She let me go because she finally got what she want.”

“I don’t understand. I thought Evangeline wanted what her brother wanted…?”

“No. She wants revenge on her brother. Clara told me that she wanted nothing to do with the shifters unlike her brother. She decided to help Evangeline so that the pack will be safe.” I stood up and handed Devlin the ring from Clara.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“It’s your ring. You gave it to Clara and she asked me to return it. I have something to tell you from her too.”

He clutched onto the ring and nodded. “She’s not coming back, is she?” he guessed.

“Yeah. She has her reasons but as a mere bystander, she truly cares for you but from what I hear… she has no choice.”

“Thanks, Angel.” Devlin went outside and I felt sorry for him. I turned to Lucas and our eyes met. I saw a play of emotions in his eyes; relief, worry and he was glad I was safe to. I had news for him but I couldn’t tell Devin.

“We have a big problem. Evangeline is no friend… she’s our real foe.”

© 2010 Angelauthor1204

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ah its good, i like how you kept me intrestred all the way. There are a couple of grammatical errors. but other than that its all good...=]
Good job, keep going....;)

Posted 12 Years Ago

good. Keep the mystery in there. It takes a good author to add a little here and there until it finally ties in.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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What's going on!!!!!!(?) I don't get it. Does Evangeline want to kill everyone or no?

Posted 12 Years Ago

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