Chapter 11- Mistakes and Regrets

Chapter 11- Mistakes and Regrets

A Chapter by Angelauthor1204

This is going too be about Clara and Devlin for this chappie! SO sorry tht i havent been updating on this chapter ut hopefully you can make do with this.


Clara’s P.O.V

When I saw Devlin and Lucas coming towards the house, I fled as fast as I could and as far as I could possibly go so they wouldn’t catch me. I was on top of a hill staring down at his house where the three had just left. I didn’t feel like going back to Evangeline’s lair after seeing the look on Devlin’s face. He looked as if he was betrayed and he was, by me. I felt as if I was making a huge mistake.

As I was sighing, I noticed that a portal just burst open and Evangeline’s other subordinate appeared. He was wearing the same white cloak that I saw him wearing when I saw him took Devlin and his name is Lynn. “Figures that you’d be watching your friends from here.” He said.

“Leave me alone. I’d prefer it if you’d disappear from here!” I said angrily.

“So the princess actually has a temper! Quite unexpected.”

“Shut up and stop calling me princess. I thought your princess is Evangeline from the way you gave her your undying attention.” I stood up and brushed past him. I didn’t like the attention he was giving me and I wasn’t trying to be rude but I had a really crappy day and I didn’t need any more crap from him.

“My princess is anyone I want it to be and I want you. I just gave all my attention to Evangeline because I wanted you to be jealous, is it working?”

“I already like someone else.”

“Ah yes. Devlin. Your shifter boyfriend but after all this, he’s probably not into you anymore.”

“Mind your own business! Why are you here, anyways?!” I asked, changing the subject as fast as I could. I didn’t like him talking about Devlin and I didn’t want to hear anything more about him from any of them.

“Temper-temper! It’s about time you met the rest of the dream team, meaning Evangeline’s other subordinates but they’re more of Aden’s subordinate’s who turned to Evangeline cause they were sick of him being unsuccessful in anything.”

“If they don’t like him, why even bother?”

“Aden’s strong, like really strong. He’s stronger than Mahana, the vampire lord or our king… but we all know him as Aden’s father. No one dares defy Aden except for your friends and Evangeline.”

“…Why are you telling me all this? I could betray both Aden and Evangeline with the knowledge you’re giving me right now…” He laughed loudly. “What’s so funny? I’m being serious, doofus.”

“First of all, I don’t really give a damn about this whole rivalry that’s going on between the royal family and second, you’re not going to betray Evangeline. I believe that mostly cause, she’d sense it and kill you and cause… I trust you, princess.”$

“Enough with the ‘princess’ bit. You and I�"we’re not friends. Not now. Not ever.” I said harshly. He didn’t look swayed by my words one bit and we just jumped into the portal. I was back at the castle with Lynn and all around me, I could smell the scent of blood�"like rust and salt… Ugh! I loathed the scent of blood even my own.

Lynn grinned at the girl in front of us. She was standing right next to a handsome guy, he had white hair but looked much younger than me. “Eris, my dear and Nate, allow me to introduce, Clara. She’s Evangeline’s new puppet.”

Eris glared at me and pulled me in front of her. She sniffed my hair and I was a bit creeped out. Once done, she looked amused. “Don’t you mean ‘new snack’, Lynn? She’s a shifter.”

Nate, the young one, stood and closed his eyes and I knew he was inhaling my scent. “No, Eris. Evangeline prefers human blood�"the rich, good-looking male ones, she doesn’t make the cut. Though…she’s quite the treat for me.”

I began to feel like an animal in the zoo, it was like I was the rare main attraction for them. Lynn placed his arms around me and pulled me close to him. “Ah-ah-ah! She’s MINE, Nate. Don’t you have other new toys (meaning girls) who look better than her?” he said, obviously annoyed.

Nate shrugged and grabbed my arm. “I’m bored with them. She’s far more interesting. A shifter betraying her own kind, I like her. She’s an exotic one.”

I got out from their arms and glared at the both of them. Clearly, they thought of me as mere property and I was annoyed enough from today. I marched out of the room and went to report to Evangeline who stood right in front of me as I got out of there. She was covered in bruises and cuts. Did her brother do that to her because she set Angel free? I ran to help her as she was in the brink of collapsing onto the floor. “What happened?” I asked her.

She wiped the blood from her cheek and stood with my help. “My brother’s punishment.”

“For letting Angel go?”

“No, for killing my sister. She deserved it though, so I don’t see why he’d be so upset over it. Go and get Lynn or Eris. I’m low on blood.”


She staggered and balanced herself with the help of the wall. “SHUT UP! Get me a male vampire now BEFORE I die, Clara!” she ordered me.

I ran back in and grabbed Lynn. He was puzzled by my sudden reaction but when he saw Evangeline on the floor looking more paler than before, he jumped into action and let her have a taste of his blood. I looked away. I hear a ‘thud’ and saw Lynn on the ground. I checked for his pulse and he was alive though his pulse was very faint.

Evangeline looked better. “Ahh~! Thanks my darling…” she whispered to Lynn as she gave a peck on his forehead. “Tell Nate to bring him some humans before he gets into a frenzy.”

“What’s going on?! What just happened?” I asked.

She sighed and flipped her hair. “I was low on blood so I needed my darling’s blood. His blood will only do when I lose my own blood. I can’t replace my own blood with a human’s so… I took his. Get him to Nate so he’ll be fine.”


For a moment my thoughts froze. Did I actually find a weakness for her? Did I find every vampire’s weakness?! I thought about telling the others but I wondered if that would be a mistake since I’m with Evangeline now…?

Lucas’s P.O.V

 Back at Lyadona, Angel was resting in her room and I told everyone about what Angel told me about Clara. They were shocked and bewildered, even the elder couldn’t understand if Clara was a foe or a friend. Devlin showed up in the meeting because I thought he would know what happened.

Silv grabbed Devlin by the shoulder and took him outside and seconds later, he came back for me. I wondered what had happened? “What’s going on?” I asked him.

“We need to talk about things.” He said, his tone was commanding. I nodded and went along with him and outside, Devlin was watching the sun set. He didn’t seem to notice me and Silv approaching him from the back until I cleared my throat.

“I told Silv already that I’m not going to lure Clara out so he can capture her.” He said blatantly. From the way he sounded, he was really going to do it. “So forget it. Not even he can make me.”

“What are you two talking about?” I asked.

Silv sat down and looked up at the sky. “I want to talk to Clara and to do that, I need Devlin’s help. She’s your mate. There’s no way she’d ignore you no matter what happens to you.”

A scowl formed on Devlin’s face. “SHUT UP!! I know what you’re really planning! If she is a traitor, you’re going to have to kill her cause she knows everything about us! It’s the rules and you never break the rules!”

“…I’m sorry.” Silv said. His face was expressionless�"for those who knows him well enough to know, it meant it’s hard for him to do it.

“Why don’t you talk to Angel first? She was with Clara for a few hours so she might know something…” I suggested.

Devlin ran out and brushed past us while Silv let out a heavy breath. “Why does this have to happen?” he asked. “Can you talk to Angel for me? I need to take a breather…”

“Yeah, sure. Anything I can do to help...”

Things are starting to become more and more serious and I don’t know what I could do anymore. It seems as if everyone had lost their path. This was a war we couldn’t afford to lose but if this confusion starts to spread, we might just lose it. I went over to the Guardians’ chambers and found Angel there, talking to Hailey. They spotted me and she came over.

“Hey.” she said. She looked thinner, more frightened and weaker. “How’s Devlin?”

I smiled sadly and shook my head. “He’s not taking it well... none of us are.”

“So what do you suggest we do?”

“Help them. They’re all stressed and I think they might just forget their path. We just need to relax for one night. Aden hasn’t struck us in any way destructive yet so I’m guessing he wants to wait. Clara told you he wanted you to shift, right?”

“Yeah, I’m a late-bloomer but I will soon.”

“Then time must not be an issue for him. One night is all we need... and I need to talk to you.”

“So talk.”

“In private.”

“...Let’s go for a walk.”

© 2011 Angelauthor1204

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