Chapter 3- Do you like me?

Chapter 3- Do you like me?

A Chapter by Angelauthor1204

Boyfriend my a*s! Maybe he will be a great boyfriend...YEAH RIGHT! When hell freezes over and pigs fly!!! she thought angrily. Holly walked over to Connor who was talking to his football friends and crossed her arms over her chest. She hated doing this when she just resolved to be the a potential girlfriend and stop her player girl ways but he made that resolve hard to keep.

“Hey, Holly.” Connor said, leaning against his white night Volkswagen Eos, with a smile his face. “What’s up? Did you want a ride?” he asked.

Holly nodded. “I don’t want a ride, I need it, Con. Can you take me home?” Holly asked, exhausted. She didn’t want to be near Jason. Watching him talk about other girls and what he did with them was hard and it was hard enough trying to force out a smile and control her anger and the other pent up emotions she had all day. “Please Con?” she asked, her voice pleading him.

Connor stared behind her and saw Jason talking to other girls and he didn’t even care about Holly. She was clearly upset by his actions. Was it that oblivious to him?! Obviously, she’s tired from doing something. She was controlling her anger. Why would she go through all the trouble to control her anger? She would usually burst and stay mad until someone gave her, her favorite snack�"chocolate kisses. “Yeah, sure. Hop in the car, I’ll be right back.” he said, taking her bag.

Connor dumped her bag behind their seat and hopped into the car. Jason stared at them and wondered why the hell she was with that Connor guy. Holly went into Connor’s car and watched as Jason approached them. He looked a little angry. Jason walked over to them and opened the car door, pulling Holly out of the car. “Jason? What are you doing?!” she asked a little angry.

“What do you think I’m doing? You’re my girlfriend so why are you taking a ride from him?” Jason asked, sounding a little pissed at her. Holly just stared at him like a deer staring at headlights. Was he jealous? she asked herself. “Connor, hand me her bag.” he said to Connor, not asking but demanding.

Connor stared at Holly who seemed to be confused, happy and angry all at the same time. It really irritated him that it was he, himself, who was making her feel so confused, happy and angry at the same time but it was Jason. She must really like this guy... he thought. Connor took her bag and threw it to Jason who managed to catch it. Be grateful that I’m only giving her to you once, Daniels, because this will be the first and last time I do.

“Come on.” Jason said.

Jason helped Holly into the car and placed the car in his red Ferrari. Holly wore her seatbelt and just blinked as Jason got into the car and drove off with her. She was confused. Was Jason just pissed from her taking a ride from Connor? The ride was silent. Jason said nothing. He was too busy kicking himself in the a*s for what he did. CRAP!!! I just told her that this was going to be an open relationship but why the hell did I do this? I’m acting like one of those overprotective idiots!! he said to himself.

“Where’re we going?” Holly finally said.


“Where’re we going? You just missed the road back to my house.” Holly explained.

“We’re going on a date. Did you forget or something, Holly Bear?” he asked her.

Holly oh-ed and blushed. God, she is cute when she blushes. he thought, grinning to himself. Jason drove to the nearest Serendipity ice cream parlor and Holly walked in like she was in a castle or something. Jason laughed as she walked in like a little kid, getting ready for her first taste of ice cream. “I love this place!!” Holly said, excited. “Come on! Come on! I want strawberry!!”

She wrapped her arms around Jason’s arm and pulled him towards the counter. The girl behind the counter immediately drooled over Jason and gave Holly daggers, meaning she glared at Holly. “Welcome to Serendipity Ice Cream Parlor, what can I get you?” she asked, sweetly.

“What do you want?” Jason asked Holly, who was glaring back at the girl. Holly snapped her attention right back at Jason.

“Hmm...Strawberry Jam ice-cream!”

“I’ll have the...Crème caramel.” Jason said.

The girl was practically drooling and Holly was seething with fury. Holly snapped her fingers in front of the girl and glared at her. “You’re drooling, hun.” she said, her voice dripping with venom. Jason chuckled and dragged her towards their seat by the window. “What’s so funny?” Holly asked, irritated.

“Hmm? Oh, nothing but your jealousy. Don’t deny it, Holly Bear. I know you love me~!” he teased.

He half-expected Holly to chuckle at him, telling him to dream on or scoff at him but he never in a million years thought she would blush. She was blushing, her eyes wide open and her lips parted for a moment�"it looked like someone who was caught with a secret. “W-What are you talking about?! In your dreams maybe!” Holly said quickly regaining her casual expression.

Does she li�"i-impossible... it can’t be, she knows it was just a friendly tease, didn’t she? Yeah, but why did she blush? Jason wondered. He shook his head and chuckled nervously as did she. There was another awkward silence but it broke when the waitress handed them their order. “There you go, Crème caramel and Strawberry Jam, but if you’re in the mood for something a little extra sweet, call me.” she said to Jason with a wink as she handed him a napkin.

Holly snatched the napkin and grabbed the waitress, shoving it into her pockets. “Sorry, hun. He already has enough deserts.” Holly hissed. The waitress gulped and walked away. Jason stared at her. He had a feeling she did like him but when she said, “What? She was pissing me off.”... Jason didn’t buy it.

Holly sat back down and took a bite off her ice-cream and she looked elated. Jason chuckled and thought, ‘That’s cute.’ He took a bite of his own desert and stared at Holly. She couldn’t possibly like me, right? She likes that Connor guy. UGH! Why am I getting so angry about?! he thought.

“Hey Jason?” she asked. He looked up and met her beautiful blue eyes. It was so clear that he thought if she stared deep into his own eyes, she would see all the truth that he tries so hard to hide; from himself, from his friends and from the world. Her long, slender, fair skinned fingers were snapping in front of his face. “Jason! What are you staring at?” she asked. There was a little anger hidden in her words.

“I’m listening, Holly.”

“No, you’re not.” she said.

“Fine, I wasn’t. What is it?”

“Aren’t those your friends and cousin?” she asked, pointing to the three guys who were leaning against Jason’s red Ferrari with a big grin on their faces. “What’s with them?” Holly asked, taking another bite of her ice-cream. She also used her spoon and took a little piece of his Crème Caramel.

“HEY! That’s mine.” Jason said.

She stuck out her tongue at him and giggled. “All’s fair in love and deserts.” Holly said, licking her spoon. Jason huffed and signaled the guys in. Matt nudged Kyle with his elbow and they went inside and sat next to the lovely ‘couple’. “What are you guys doing here?” Jason asked.

Kyle and his friends chuckled. “We were following you. We thought you’d just drop her off at her house but looks like you guys are on a date and at Serendipity too. What happened to my cuz, Jason? I thought he was the one to never take your one-night stands on date much less Serendipity?” Kyle asked, chuckling.

Holly stared at him in confusion. “Uhh... Guys, I’m not his one night stand. We haven’t done anything of the sort at all.” Holly explained to the guys. “He and I are dating.”

Jason nodded, smirking at Holly who was rolling her eyes at him. Kyle and the guys stared at Holly and then back at Jason and then to each other. “But, you were making out with Jessica Hampton after gym. If you guys are dating, then why are you kissing other girls?” Kyle asked.

Holly stopped eating and Jason flinched a little when he saw her glare. “What?” she asked, her voice strangely calm yet all of them could feel the anger rolling off her tongue. “You said he was doing what with Jessica?” she asked, placing the spoon on the table.

“H-he was making out with her...” Kyle said slowly.

Is she jealous? he asked himself, watching her reaction. I mean, if she does, this would be her reaction, right? Holly Evans has a crush on me? Jason Daniels? Jason shook his head and snapped back into reality when Holly said nothing and crossed her arms in her seat. “Uh...Holly?”Jason asked, carefully as to not ‘set off the bomb’.

“Go to hell...” he heard her mutter.

“Well~ I’ll just be heading out then... bye... Jason... Holly...” Jason glared at Kyle and felt the urge to kick his a*s. Why did he have to do that?! Why did I even have a blabber mouthed cousin?! Jason cursed himself and Kyle repeatedly before Holly stood up and stormed out of the store.

“Have a nice�"”

Holly cut her off and glared at the girl. “If you say ‘have a nice day’ to me, I will burn you alive.” Holly growled as she exited the store. Jason apologized on her behalf and stepped into his car. “Take me home, Jason. Now.”

Jason sighed and started the car. he turned to face her before he drove away and she gave him a quick sideways glare and let out a low growl from her lips. “Are you seriously going to be like this until you get home?” Jason asked.

“What do you think, a*****e?” she hissed.

“Then can I at least know why you’re angry with me?” Jason asked but his answer was her menacing glare and cold shoulder. I’m going to kill Kyle for this! he thought, groaning a little. “Do you want the radio on or....” he trailed off when her glare seemed to intensify.



Jason dropped Holly off in front of her house. “Open the damn door, Jason.” she said, coldly. Jason smirked, knowing she can’t get out of the car when he purposely locked it. She grabbed her bag from the bag and hit him with her book. “OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!!!!!”

“Stop being so irrational!!” Jason said, grabbing the book from her hands. “Now, mind telling me why you’re so upset?! And I don’t just mean the issue where I kissed Jessica! Why are you angry since we left school?!” he asked her.

Holly just kept on glaring at him and crossed her arms. She grumbled something about him being a moron and leaned against the seat. “Well, let’s see. Does the name CANDY mean anything to you? For goodness sakes, Jason, of all the girls at school you chose the girl with the striper name to shag or whatever it is you do with girls! HAVE YOU NO SENSE OF SHAME?! If you picked a quality girl with a decent name, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE I wouldn’t be so damn pissed!!”

Jason shrugged and rolled his eyes, please, like that’s why you’re mad,  he thought. “Is that all?” he asked.

“NO!! And even the waitress and girl behind the counter at Serendipity?! Can you stop or maybe TRY to tone down your flirtatiousness when I’m around?! Do you know what other people would think? HMM??” she said, huffing and panting from the outburst of anger.

“Hey! You can’t accuse me of that! I wasn’t flirting at them, they were practically throwing themselves at me and I didn’t even flirt back at them or say more than five words to them!” Jason said defensively.

“EXACTLY!! You didn’t say more than five words... of course it wasn’t your fault... YEAH FRIGGIN RIGHT!! You couldn’t have discouraged them? You weren’t encouraging them but the fault is the same!” she yelled. Holly realized how irrational she sounded. He wasn’t cheating on her. It was an open relationship, he’s free to make out with any girls but he still belonged to her. That made her lips curl up into a small smile.

Jason saw her small smile. What is with this girl? One minute she’s angry and the next she’s smiling?! She’s driving me crazy and a little scared that she’s bipolar... he thought. “Hello? Holly?? You okay in there?” Jason asked, waving his hands in front of her face.

Holly seemed to be busy with her thoughts and she snapped out of them. “What?” she asked, a little more gentler than before. Girls and their mood swings.

“This isn’t the real reason you’re mad, am I right?” he asked. Holly nodded. “Answer me this honestly, Holly. Do you... Do you like me?”

© 2011 Angelauthor1204

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