Chapter 4- Talk about obstacles!

Chapter 4- Talk about obstacles!

A Chapter by Angelauthor1204

“What?” she asked, her voice sounding a little confused. Holly felt her heart stop for a moment there and her heart picked up where it left off when something came out of her mouth. They locked gazes as an awkward silence fell in between them, yet again.

Jason didn’t seem like he was joking to her. There was a serious look on his face. Had he found out? she asked herself, panicking a little. “Do you like me?” he repeated.

“I-I heard what you said but why are you asking me this?” she asked, avoiding the question.

Jason sighed, frustrated. “Holly, I’m asking you because you’re acting really jealous! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you’re jealous because you hate it when girls are near me... meaning you like me.” he said, stating the obvious. “Could you stop avoiding the question!!? ...Do you like me?” he asked again.

“...Yeah.” Holly could feel the blood draining from her face. He’s going to say it. He’s going to tell me he doesn’t want me to like him. He�"her thoughts were cut short when Jason took her hand. “Jason?” she asked.

“I actually...well, you.... ARGHHH!!!” He groaned and rested his forehead on the steering wheel, letting his hands and fingers ruffle his perfectly silky brown hair. “D****t, Holly!” he muttered. When he looked up, his face was as red as hers was before.

Holly’s color returned and she stared at his red face. “A-Are you blushing, Jason?” she asked. When she saw that his face had reddened even more, she started to smile. “Wait a minute, Jason... do you LIKE me?” she asked, emphasizing the LIKE part of the sentence.

Jason didn’t say anything but he kissed her on the lips. At first she just did nothing, still surprised at what he was doing and then, she relaxed into the kiss. His hands were around her waist, pulling her close to him and soon on his lap. Holly wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. There was a spark that she just couldn’t deny and to his surprise, he felt it too. Once they came up to breathe, both of them were breathing heavily as if the kiss had sucked all their breath out of them.

“Well, I guess that answers both our questions.” Jason said, grinning.

Holly giggled and nodded. “I guess it does but...” her smile turned into a frown, “what does this mean for us? I mean, we both like each other...right?” she asked, still doubting his feelings for her. He nodded, giving her a quick peck on the lips. “So, then what are we?

Jason’s body tensed up. He never even thought of that. All he knew was that he liked Holly more than a friend, more than a best friend but not more than that. He knew he was attracted to Holly and there was no denying that spark but he didn’t exactly think that he wanted to be a real boyfriend yet.

“Jason.” Holly said. She was starting to fume again. F**k, what am I supposed to say? She’ll think I’m just playing her again and then I’ll never hear the end of it! he thought. Yes, he could have dumped her but he didn’t want that either. “JASON.” Holly said, a little angrier this time.

“Sorry, baby...uhh, well, I think that...we’re fine where we are now.” he answered, cautiously.

Holly’s expression softened a little and a small frown appeared on her face. “And why’s that?”

“You’re making it harder for me to explain. Holly. Yeah, I like you and I know you like me but, I don’t think I could be a real boyfriend...just yet. I mean, I’ve been a player for like... since I could remember.” Jason explained.

To his surprise, she nodded and got off his lap. “Okay, so you don’t want to be a real boyfriend yet?” He nodded. “And you still want to flirt, kiss with other girls?” she asked again and in reply he nodded again but this time a little more slowly. “But you’re still my boyfriend, even though it’s like...fake boyfriend but with feelings, and I’m still your girlfriend?” Holly asked. Jason nodded.

“What do you think?” he asked her.

Holly nodded and smiled. “Fine, I can accept that but one little warning,” she said, smirking. “During the time we’re ‘dating’, I’ll make you love me, Romeo. Be prepared.” Holly gave him a small kiss and he unlocked the door, letting her leave with promise in her voice.

She’s one hell of a girl. he thought, chuckling.


As she walked in her house, Holly’s father was waiting for her in front of the door and she groaned. “Hey, daddy. I’m home!” she said, cheerfully, hoping he would just drop the subject. “I’m gonna go take a shower before dinner, ok?”

“I see you’re still hanging around with that boy.” he asked, angry. “Holly, he’s just trying to use you. I don’t mind you dating but do you have to date the son of Michael Daniels? I can’t have the press to deal with; asking me about you dating the Daniels boy. I have enough work to do already!”

Holly spun around and faced her dad. “What do you mean by press?” she asked.

“The reporters, Holly! You don’t think it’d be a big story for any paper, telling the world how ironic it is the children of big time rivals, Michael Daniels and Jonathan Evans, to be dating?!” he said, pinching the hill of his nose. “I was fine with you dating Connor but Daniels�"I” he was cut short by Holly.

“HIS name is Jason, daddy! For goodness sakes, I’m dating his son not Mr. Daniels, himself. What is so wrong with me dating Jason? And don’t tell me it’s because of what the public and the press might think because I distinctly remember you telling me how you don’t give a damn about what people thinks or says about us!” Holly countered.

Before her dad could say anything else, there was a chuckling sound coming from behind them. “Good comeback. Not as good as the last argument you had with dad.” It was him; Will! “How’s it going, lil’ sis?” he asked. Will was blonde like Holly with soft green eyes but it would be quite intimidating when he was mad. Will was about 4 inches taller than Holly. Will looked exactly alike Holly but that was to be expected since he is her twin, the older twin of course.

“Will!!” Holly yelled, jumping onto him for a big bear hug. She covered her twin in kisses. “You’re back from California!? Why didn’t you call me?” she asked, slapping his well-tones abs. “And whoa! You’ve got a six-pack too. Bet you got the girls in California swooning!”

Will chuckled and tussled his sister’s hair. “Hey Ly (pronounced as: Lee; it’s his nickname for Holly)! What are you and dad fighting about now?” he asked, glancing back and forth from his dad to his twin.

Holly immediately hid behind her brother and crossed her arms over her chest. “Well, dad said that I can’t date this one guy I really like.” she said, sticking out her tongue at her dad. Childish? Indeed. Will was always the one who resolved Holly’s and his dad’s arguments. He was the only one that both his father and Holly would trust to make decisions and who they would consult to. “Plus, he’s making up ridiculous excuses!” she added.

“What guy?” he asked, turning back to see his twin’s face. “I don’t think we’ve met him yet.” Will said. Will had always met the guys that Holly dates to see if his little sister was being cared for properly.

At that moment, Holly’s dad, Jonathan, stepped up and patted his son on the back. “See. Here is another reason why William should agree with me. He hasn’t even properly introduced himself to your family AND before you say anything, sucking faces in front of me does not count.” Jonathan interjected.

Will noticed Holly’s expression began to darken. She was about to burst and say things she would never mean so he stepped in between them. “How about this? I’ll go and meet this guy tomorrow, I am going to your school now, Ly. Besides, that way I’ll keep an eye on the both of them, dad and a tight watch on whoever this guy is. Oh, who is he by the way, Ly?”

Holly gulped, knowing how much her brother would not approve like her father. “Dad won’t tell you. I want you to see for yourself and decide then.” she said, hoping her father would shut his trap and respect her wishes and he did. “Great, so for now, can you make me some Mac and Cheese? I don’t see Pierre in the kitchen.”

He sighed and Jonathan left, leaving the twins time to catch up on things. Will started to make the Mac and Cheese while Holly sat there on the counter, her feet dangling and prodding her twin every now and then. “So~ who is he, really?” Will asked, raising an eyebrow at her.

Holly almost choked on the cookie she had been eating for a while now. She coughed up the cookie bits and brushed herself off. “Why the sudden curiosity, Will?” she asked, pouring water into a glass from the sink.

“Dad doesn’t usually disapprove that much when you’re dating a guy he doesn’t like and he never brought me into your ‘boyfriend’ arguments either.” he explained.

“William .J. Evans, you should not pry.” she said, teasingly but there were hints of anger too.

He seemed amused when she called him by his full name. “Well, Holly Elizabeth Evans, you must really like the guy to be so defensive or he must be a really bad boy for you to not kill him already for taking advantage of my beloved other half.” he said, chuckling.

Before Holly could say a thing more, her cell phone started to vibrate and she could already guess who was calling. Jason! She grabbed her phone and ran towards the living room. “Be right back, bro!” she said.

She stood as far away to the kitchen as possible. “Hello?” she said, coyly.

“Hello yourself, Holly Bear.” he said, chuckling.

She decided to play with him as revenge for flirting with those girls at school and at Serendipity even though that wasn’t technically his fault, it was still fun to mess with him. “Um...and this is?” she asked, trying to suppress her giggles.

“Payback?” he asked.

“ this...Connor?” Holly asked again. She wanted to burst into laughs but she bit her trembling lips.

“Oh, so that’s how you want to play the game, huh?” he asked. She could almost hear him grinning through the phone.

“Oh~ Jason. What’s up?” she asked, now, giggling.

“You suck at this, Holly Bear. When are you ever going to be a master criminal?” he joked.

Holly giggled and went along with his joke. “Oh please, Jason. You’re the criminal, I’m the super spy trained in the martial arts and ways of seduction.” He laughed along with her. “So, enough with the funny stuff, why’d you call?” she asked him.

“Just wondering if you want me to pick you up from school tomorrow, so do you?” he asked.

“No need, a friend from California offered me a ride and I took it. Maybe next time?” she asked, flirtatiously.

“Maybe not, some other girls actually dump their boyfriends for a ride with me.” he said, chuckling.

“Okay then, nevermind the next time. I’ll just ride with HIM forever!” she said.

Holly heard a growl coming through the phone and she guessed it was Jason. “Is that your stomach or are you jealous, Jacey~?” she asked, giggling.

“You better be lying, Holly Bear.”

She laughed and wiped a tear from her eye. “I’m joking! But I do have a ride and I’m stuck with HIM forever, because he’s my brother. Oh and fair warning, my brother is coming to school tomorrow to keep a close eye on us and especially you.” she told him.

There was a short pause. “...You have a brother... is he by any chance Will-?”

Suddenly, the phone was snatched from her cell phone and she turned around to see a very pissed Will. Why was he so mad? Did I say something wrong to him or Jason? “Will, I was talking to my boyfriend, hand it over.” she said, stretching her hand out but Will ignored it.

“Hey Jace, stay away from my sister or I’ll kill you.” he growled at Jason. He snapped the phone shut, hanging up on Jason immediately. Will narrowed his eyes on his twin, Holly, and she flinched a little at the intensity of his glare. “Jason Daniels, you, my own sister, is dating Jason Daniels? What are you now? A traitor?” he snapped at her.

“Wh-Wha-What a-are you t-talking about, Will? Do you know him?” Holly asked, confused.

“YES! HE’S MY ENEMY!!!” he yelled at her.

What? How could he be Will’s enemy? What did he ever do to Will to make him hate him so much? This is just great, when Juliet takes a step forward, Romeo takes two steps further!! TALK ABOUT OBSTACLES!

© 2011 Angelauthor1204

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I love love love this! :) The conversation between all the characters is so natural and entertaining! Please keep updating this?! :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

Ahahaha I like Will:D I can't wait to see how this all ends. Keep writing:)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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