Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon

A Book by J. Angel Cadena



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I read the prologue and first part of your story and I'm going to say this. This is only one person's opinion and honestly it means nothing. You are a writer..I am a writer. Everything we write is subject to praise and criticism. In the end none of that matters.

With that said. I was impressed. For a 19 year old you have very good story telling skills. I visualized myself in your character's shoes and felt for him. That is the highest compliment a writer can get in my opininion. My only criticism is too much kind of slowed the story down. example :(He heard the sound of the ignition powering up and before he knew it he was off. ) Too much unnecesary detail can clog an otherwise good story and slow it down.

Other than that its a good story at least what I read of it. Much too long to be considered a short story. I think you put a lot of work into this and you are in too much of a hurry to get reviews. In other words this should be rewritten, and submitted to publishers as a book. It's good enough. It's relevent and important enough.

That's just my opinion....take my advice and rewrite it and try to get it published as a book. I have kids. I've been through moves so maybe you touched a nerve with me but I think you put way too much into this to give it away on the web.

Best wishes and keep writing.
Steve Z

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on March 17, 2008


J. Angel Cadena
J. Angel Cadena

El Paso, TX

Hi, My name is Joseph Angel Cadena and I am a soon to be freshmen in college come next year. I have bee writing since I was twelve years old and have never been able to stop. I am 19 and currently wor.. more..