Mental distorted

Mental distorted

A Poem by Angeldust-magic

I suffer from having different personalities.
I don't know whats going on inside of me.
They have their own genders, they have there own names,
I'm wondering if people ever do the same?
I see it affect my writing,
I can switch on a drop of a dime
But I'm just now seeing it happen,
I see it all the time.
I'm worried I'm going crazy
I can feel it moving in
I know I'm also detoxing,
But this is from within.
I have three different brains that make up myself
Kamiah, dexter and Vanessa
I can switch in a matter of weeks, or in a matter of seconds,
I never have a say in it
It just sort of just happens.

© 2013 Angeldust-magic

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Okay this poem strikes home for me, basically I feel like this poem explains my life.
God, I want to hear your story. It sounds fascinating and sad and happy and i'm just interested in getting to know this person who writes these poems. On the point of reviewing this piece. It's outstanding, i love the way you ended it, I never have a say in it, it just sort of just happens.. that's so true. Sometimes I have no idea what path to take and I have to live with the consequences.. my love life has been s**t ever since I've gotten out of school. I've got my heart broken, crushed and dismantled, I'd love to say it's made me a stronger person but I often find myself weak, scared and frightened to even speak to new people who enter my life. On the other hand I demotivate myself and tend to fall into depression more often than I'd like.. and you say who likes being depressed.. when you've been depressed for as long as I have you start to get used to the feeling and it's a warm welcome when it hits you. I don't feel sorry for myself though cause I know i'm capable of changing my situation if I try hard enough, and so it's not the end of the road for me.. but with everything i've been through all up in my head it's a constant battle of, Listen to me Kee, No Listen to me.. A tug'o'war of right and wrongs all erupting before me. I don't have names for personalities, They seem to have a lot of names for me though. Don't be scared though, write about it cause when you do others will read about it and relate with you. And that's a connection, and a connection is often worth more than you know. Kudos, you inspire me.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Someone tell me what's going on in my mind I'm really feeling this and it's scaring the s**t out of me

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on April 22, 2013
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I really just needed a place to show my writing, and have people acknowledge it. I want feed back so I can get better, but none on punctuation, and spelling (I know it's bad.) I write poetry, songs, r.. more..