A temporary cure to a fatal disease

A temporary cure to a fatal disease

A Poem by ~Angelic~

No  one seems to understand

How fatal this disease really is?

Only two people in my life

Understands it, and for that this is not towards them


For the others,


Do they not know how much pain it is?

Do they not know, their actions take a toll on my heart?


How can someone just not care

About how they treat their so called friend?

Am I not there for you?

Do I not put things aside to help you when you are upset?


This disease can kill me,

And yet, it doesn't matter

This disease is rotting me from the inside out

And no one seems to care



These are only temporary cures

For a fate disease


A disease that if I continue

To lose the will

And strength to fight...

Will kill me....


That fatal disease

My fatal disease


© 2008 ~Angelic~

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Added on September 17, 2008
Last Updated on September 17, 2008




Well, where to start. I have been given the nickname angel by many people. And because of that, it has stuck with me and I even got a tattoo of it. I do enjoy role playing. It helps bring out the .. more..

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