Compartment 114
Compartment 114
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Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer

A Story by **AngelicDemon**

          I hear a faint scream.I sit up,suddely awake and alert.I slowly and quietly walk to my door.Normaly I wouldn't walk out in shorts and a tank without a robe, but this is a life or death situation.

          As I slowly creep down the stairs,I hear my father.

        " Please,Please I'm Begging you."He beggs,The attacker laughs bitterly,and psyhoticly. I continue walking,I see the lights on in the kitchen.I hear a muffled cry,then the sound of a body hitting the ground.My body starts to shake violently,as I realize the dreams I had for the past week weren't dreams. The dreams where about a man when had a white body,Huge eyes with no eyelids, and a smile.A smile that was carved onto his face.Suddlenly I can't breath,Is Jeff the killer really in there? Before I decide what to do I hear Jeff. 

        "Ally is that you?"Jeff asks,I freeze."Why don't you come here,I have a surpise for you." He says twistedly.

        "H-how do you know my name?"I stutter.

       " I think you already know the answer to that."

 Reluctanly, I walk to the kitchen.I Need to know if this is him,I think to myself.The first thing I look at when I enter the room is the floor,It's covered with blood.Then I look around,and stop when I see my mother and father I sigh with relief,but then my blood turns to ice when I realize their throats,their throats were slit.My eyes flood with tears.I cry harder when I look at their faces.He carved similes into there faces,from cheek bone to cheek bone.I run over to them almost slipping in there blood.I fall to my knees, as sob into my hands.I hear a bitter laugh.I turn around and see Him.He look just like the guy from my nightmares,I start to think they weren't nightmares.I almost choak on my own breath when I realize who's behind him.

        " Ally,what happend?" She asks innocentlly,and my shaking gets worse.I stop crying,I don't think I can cry anymore,I feel numb.

        " Ivy, come here."I say as I motion to my little sister.Jeff looks amused. 

        "I don't think so."Jeff chimes in,And Pulls Ivy back by her shirt,I realize that he has a bloody Knife in his other hand.Ivy tries to get free,but had a iron hold on her."Ivy does have to have the same fate as your Mom and Dad."He motions to Mom and Dad.

        "What do you what then?"

        " Well,I assume you already know how I became like this.

        " I d-don't."I say genuinely confused.Jeff sighs.

        " I'll just have to tell you later,the point is I want a companion."

        " Are you asking me, to be you killing partner?"I ask "What if i say "No"?"

        " If you decline I'll have to kill you and Ivy." Ivy's face was covered in tears. 

        " She only Six."I look from Jeff to Mom and Dad "What will you do if I go with you,what will you do to Ivy?"Jeff looked at Ivy for a moment.

        "I'll leave her here and you'll call the cops." He  says simpily.

         " Fine.My answer is no." Jack laughs bitterly."Either option is fine with me."

He put the knife against Ivy neck and yanks it across.

          "No! " I shrieked,Jeff walks towards me,and I knew what was coming next.         

© 2013 **AngelicDemon**

Author's Note

This is obviously based on the myth of Jeff the Killer.
If you do not know who he please google,bing,or yahoo it.
Thank you,
this is the firt of my horror seiries.During the series i will be making diffrent stories about diffrent creatures.

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Great story telling. This did justice in the realm of getting the message across. Great message. There's lot of times where a story can have a great message to aim for, and have a lot of under lining things but then no one gets it, and if no one gets it, then the point has failed. But in my opinion this did well to get the message across. You made it clear, which is why I think it's good. Keep up the good work. What was also great was that I could imagine the story as I read it, and that is also a strong point of stories. The ability to have the reader imagine it because after all we're reading not watching it, but it was as if I was there as I read this, and that is great. Good job once again.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This was very interesting. I liked it a lot. Nice job. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is a very interesting piece. It has a subtle eerie feel to it that makes you sit at the edge of your seat because you know what would happen next and your preparing yourself to experience the horror that awaits you. Overall, a good write.

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

Thanks XD
Brutal I love it. Really good imagery. This kinda reminded me of a movie I seen yesterday. It was TEXAS CHAINSAW. IT WAS INSANE!!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Rob Santana

11 Years Ago

Oh it was awesome, it just came out so you have plenty of time. Its really brutal, I want to see it .. read more

11 Years Ago

I've hear about Mama and it sound awsome
But I havent hear about Evil Dead
Rob Santana

11 Years Ago

I see the preview for evil dead during Texas chainsaw. Its an 80's movie but they remade it. Let me .. read more

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Fort Worth, TX

Hello I'm 13 years old and ever since 5th grade i've loved reading,but never really was interested in writing,but last year i was feeling extra creative and decided to write,and i loved it. Out o.. more..

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