On Love

On Love

A Poem by AngelousXenmai

So beautiful and yet, so mysterious. Does one understand what it truly means to love something or someone? Do they really understand the overwhelming feeling that consumes their lives? Many people have his or her own interpretation of what love really is, some say that it’s just a feeling from under the waist meanwhile other people say that love is something people feel after watching soap operas or reading sappy romance novels. Once again, do you really understand what love really is? The beautiful and exciting feeling you receive after doing a good deed, making someone happy or just anything to please others? Ever since I was about to think for myself and make good decisions, I’ve always questioned what love really meant, because it’s so easy and yet, so complex. Why do we feel love? Why does it come out shooting from within our hearts and soul? And why is love the most important one of them all? I have come to accept that love is the most important emotion, because it’s what brings us all together. People shouldn’t be afraid to unlock the emotions that flow from deep inside; they’re heavily influenced under the idea by popular media that love is a joke, something out of a child’s cartoon. We keep destroying ourselves with greed, hate and malice, but in all reality, if people would turn off the idiot box to spend some time searching and journeying through mediation, I guarantee they’ll learn things about themselves that they would have never imagined. Love is what connects us all, and love is what makes us human. So remember, next time when you’re with that special someone, smile from the bottom of your heart, you’ll thank yourself later, because love is here to stay, it’s never too far away. 

© 2010 AngelousXenmai

Author's Note

Here is a note that was originally a post taken from my Facebook account that I submitted a few weeks ago but since WritersCafe doesn't have a "Note" section, I had to post this as a poem. This was a response to a quote by the great Jiddu Krishnamurti, a wise and honorable Indian philosopher.

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Added on March 14, 2010
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A Poem by AngelousXenmai