Realistic Dream

Realistic Dream

A Story by AngelousXenmai

I walked through my bedroom door, and slowly laid on the bed. My eyes, full of exhaustion closed almost immediately. In the blink of an eye, my vision was blinded by an overwhelming light at the end of an extensive tunnel. When the light vanished, a beautiful world was unfolded in front of me.  So I began to soar across the fields and plains through a guiding force. 

It was a place beyond the thoughts of imagination, buried underneath the sands of time. This extraordinary place felt like my own; it was definitely a place I could call home.  There was a gentle breeze that blew over my naked shoulders and when it passed through the leaves on the trees, it produced serene and calming music.  I wanted to share this beautiful place with my family and friends, but no writer or artist could ever share this wonderful experience like I could. With a great force, my body took flight and was shot far into the sky, and before me was the universe and Mother-Earth.  I heard mysterious whispers deep within my mind, and just for a few minutes, I was one with universe. 

I saw shooting stars and felt life gather around me, it was truly a perfect world, far beyond the reaches of evil men of power and greedy human beings.  A bright light shone in my path, I covered my eyes, and when the light was gone, there stood a beautiful woman. She was stunning and delightful, reaching out her hand, she pointed to my heart and before realizing it, there was energy following through the center of my chest. The woman smiled and asked, “Do you like what you see?” so I nodded and smiled from the bottom of my heart. Beating slowly, my body went numb, and everything that I’ve ever known as pain, ceased to exist. I smiled cheerfully and took a glance back at the woman, “You are free, human. Now you may rest and sleep in this paradise that you’ve created for the rest of time, live like you were born to.” I thanked the woman, but before she disappeared into the Heavens, I asked her who she was, she replied saying, and “You breathe, live and think, just as I, we’re all equal.” The woman said softly before departing. 

I took a quick glance at Mother-Earth, but before I knew it, there was a heavy force pushing me into a dark abyss.  When I opened my eyes, there I was laying on my bed, birds were chirping and the morning sun was shining in my room through the window.  Was it a dream? Or was it reality? I washed up, grabbed my backpack and walked out the door heading for school. After breakfast, I returned to my seat and looked up at the sky; I couldn’t help but think of my dream, something was telling me not to give up hope, and to continue fighting the good fight. The more I stared, the less I cared about finishing my exam. 

Before I was able to react, the teacher looked at me from his desk and said, “Christopher, quit daydreaming and finish your test.” With a gloomy face. I picked up my pen and took one more glance at the clouds and smiled.

© 2010 AngelousXenmai

Author's Note

A story about what I visualize through meditation, but only If it were a reality.

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The mind of the creative must dream dreams---it's who we are. Christopher sounds a lot like me about 45 years ago. A nice peak inside his mind.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Elizabeth, NJ

My name is Christopher Bottge and I am twenty two years old. I was born and raised in Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, where I attended Elizabeth High School and completed my academic courses in mid-spring.. more..

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