It's Menopause.....It's PMS.....No.....IT'S PAISLEYGIRL!!!!

It's Menopause.....It's PMS.....No.....IT'S PAISLEYGIRL!!!!

A Poem by Angel

Paisleygirl meets Plaidman!!!


No, I am not a hurricane

I am not a storm

I've felt rejection, just like you

I've been lonely and forlorn

I know your heart's been broken

And you think there is no glue

I am the Super Hero

Who is here to rescue you

You have a devastating power

On my side I have might

Mine is the brightness of the day

Yours the dark of night

Whether good or whether evil

We will see it through

Together we're unstoppable

There is nothing we can't do!

Here I am, with paisley flowers

And you, all dressed in plaid

Love and goodness are my powers

While you, Sir, are quite mad

With horn rimmed glasses on my nose

Frizzy hair that won't go straight

I'll be your companion

You will be my mate

Opposites attract, my dear

I've seen this to be true

That meteor changed both our lives

My destiny is you

Resistance is quite futile

You now belong to me

I'll be your little cupcake

You'll be my cup of tea

I was gazing at a shooting star

When blinding radiation

Set my very brain on fire

A glorious conflagration

Together we are laughter and giggles

Together we are frowns and tears

We bring to the people peace and love

Or we bring to them hatred and fear

Now, forget all about your jitters

For I'm here to tuck you in

Think no more about evil critters

We'll never be alone again...

Destiny has changed us both

Just why, I cannot say

What mad adventures will we have

That's a story for another day...

Plaidman + Paisleygirl

in love


© 2013 Angel

Author's Note

This is my answer to Dr. Wood's "IS IT A BIRD? IS IT A PLANE? NO... IT’S PLAIDMAN". Rita was the inspiration for this wacky story, so blame her...
My daughter, Michelle, came up with many of the ideas in this poem, plus, the title is she gets credit, too

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I freaking adore the way you write girlie, you are truly 100% amazeballs!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Wonderful to read and superbly written. Centering the lines, the color choice, and the drawings make it very appealing to the eye. Please do not put the paisley and plaid together--horrifying. Great poem, Angel.

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Aww...but they make such a sweet couple...don't they???
I love that a meteor "changed both their lives". Oh, what adventures await! LOL!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

You were the one who planted the idea for Paisleygirl in my little brain...and I am so happy that yo.. read more
untold pains of a restive mind. Lovely write.
Love you :)

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

It was just a fun little piece to do.
Hugz'n'Kisses back atcha!!
"I'll be your little cupcake
You'll be my cup of tea."
-I'd choose a cup of coffee over a cup of tea, though. Haha.
I enjoyed the rhymes, Angel. It was fun to read your poem aloud. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Ahh, but Blue...Plaidman is British to the core. So, for him, it is tea...
I was actually going to point out the opposites-attract feel of this piece, then I read it explicitly in the poem haha A lot of charm and perhaps innocence in this piece. Well done Angel :)

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this silliness, Hun.
Very cute my friend and a fitting invitation to our own man in plaid.

One question...why is plaid pronounced plad and glad pronounced glad, but braid pronounced brayed and brad pronounced brad. Just curious.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Dr. Wood ?

7 Years Ago

I bough to that Jack..Tough aint it?
I am absolutely in love with this from top to bottom. I just thought this tidbit was a hoot:

I'll be your little cupcake
You'll be my cup of tea

Thanks for the smile Frieda. : )

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

A lovely review, Ann...and thank you, Frieda, too!!
As the Doc would say...
I'm chuffed .. read more

7 Years Ago

Ha, I thought this was Frieda's. Good job angel.

7 Years Ago

LOL...not quite sexy enough for our gal in the black lace teddy....
Ermarhgerd, I don't know who's more flipped out, you, the doc or Rita, haha, wacky and bat shyte crazy~ !

P.S. I think you're all equally bonkers, thanks for keeping us endlessly entertained!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

I can hear Frieda's foot tapping, and my hands are on my hips.
Well, Doc??
Frieda P

7 Years Ago

Aside from making the 'worst dressed' list...ha, can't wait to hear this one!
Dr. Wood ?

7 Years Ago

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