Paisleygirl and Plaidman...and ??

Paisleygirl and Plaidman...and ??

A Poem by Angel

No, it's not what you think!!


With frizzy hair all up in curls

And her clunky shoes

That Paisleygirl had won the day

This was the front page news

No villain dared defy her rule

To do so would be mad

Only one remained unconquered

That angry man in plaid

I'll have to go and pick him up

Our Paisleygirl did sigh

And so she flew down from her cave

To go scoop up her guy

She took him up into her arms

And lifted him on high

He clung to her as they soared

He had not yet learned to fly

She said, I know that you are angry

I know that you've been hurt

You clapped your hands and sent a town

Down beneath the dirt

And now, my Plaidman it is time

To forgive and to forget

Come, we'll make a happy home

We'll adopt a little pet

He said, Girl, you have changed my life

And moved in for a snog

And now they live happily in their cave

A man, a girl,

                and a dog?

© 2013 Angel

Author's Note

This was in answer to Doc's "Plaidman Meets His Match:

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Anyone know where Angel went to?

Posted 5 Years Ago

The dog came out as a surprise for me. Haha. I was entertained, Angel. :)

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

We named him Patches
I was wondering when the dog would be added...very well done Angel. You certainly gave old plaidman a run for his money

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

You are a naughty knickers, aren't you?
Ms. Paisley isn't that type of girl....

7 Years Ago

Oh sorry, I thought you were Sally mistake.

7 Years Ago

She's out with Uncle John...
Long tall Sally, she's built for speed
She got everything t.. read more
Patchwork Dog has found a happy home at last... Angel, you and Doc are on fire with these!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

I don't know about the Doc, but I'm having a ball with these.
We're working on a collaboration.. read more
well I have to say that there is NO answer to that....My reply is blown up into the sky

Posted 7 Years Ago

Dr. Wood ?

7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

I've got an ear to ear grin here, Doc!!!!
Sarcasm exists here in the States...did you know??
Dr. Wood ?

7 Years Ago

I can see I will have to be careful..

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