That cold winter's kiss

That cold winter's kiss

A Story by FayteX

A challenge issued by my friend saying that i can't write a good straight story since ALL My stories have been Yuri so far -.- well fine. This was inspired by my friend Kaze

It was really quiet. The only sounds that could be heard in the falling white snow was the crunching of the snow beneath our boots.
Kaze and I walked in silence. Having been the last few kids in school due to clean up duty, we decided to walk home together.
Kaze and I have been friends since childhood, being neighbors and all. We would play pranks on other people, stay up late watching TV, playing video games and she would beat me every time. Being with her made me feel... happy.
I watched her small frame shiver a bit. Despite wearing her heavy black snow jacket, a pink beanie, brown wool gloves, black snow pants, and white snow boots, she was still cold... I could feel her pain. I was wearing a thick grey jacket, black leather gloves, White snow pants, and black snow boots. I also had my jacket hoodie on. 
I sighed, feeling concerned for her, so I moved in closer and wrapped my right arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. With my left hand, I undid the first layer of my red scarf and wrapped the other end gently around her neck and a bit over her mouth.
She just looked at me in surprise, and I smiled back, patting the top of her beanie a bit.
I guess Kaze must have felt more comfortable, since she leaned into my arm. I was just glad she wasn't as cold anymore. I just want to be there for her... since she was going through such a really hard time.
We haven't spoken a word at all. All we did was walk. Our houses were still a bit far off, but... I didn't want to leave her side. I just wished we could stay like this forever... surrounded by mother nature's beauty.

But... before we knew it... I was standing with her in front of her house. The sad feeling as she stood in front of me to face me. Kaze gently unwrapped my scarf from her neck and flashed me one of her signature smiles, but I could feel the sadness behind those beautiful eyes.
She turned to walk into her house, and time slowed down from me.

This is your chance... Go after her!
But... I can't...
Why not?! Do you want to lose her?
No but... She...
She's what?! You're going to let the girl you've loved for the longest time, walk away from you?!
B-but she doesn't need a boyfriend right now... she... she needs...
What does she need?

As if that was the signal, my legs moved forward, and I quickly closed the gap between us. I was shaking, not from the cold, but from the adrenaline, and the anxious feelings deep within me.
I grabbed her hand and she spun around in surprise looking at me. I wasn't looking at her... rather, I was looking down at the snow covered walkway to her front door.
My mouth wouldn't move.... I'm such a coward... say something! C'mon!
"K-Kaze! I... I love you!" I shouted.
Her eyes went wide, and a deep red blush spread across her face. I swear I could see the snow melting off her beanie.
"I... I know this is a bad time but... I... I just... I want you to know i'm always here for you! I... I want to provide you comfort... and to always be there to help light your way in the darkness... I-" I was cut off by Kaze placing a finger against my lips, and I quickly went quiet.
"That was so corny... but sweet... thank you... I... I'm glad you care so much... Thank you...." She replied, smiling softly.
I pulled her in for a hug, and despite all the cold around us... we were pretty warm... 
After what felt like eternity, I released her from my hug, and waved. I didn't say goodbye, because I know it's not our time to say bye... So all I said was... 

"I'll see you later..."

© 2014 FayteX

Author's Note

Whew... this was messy. I can't say i feel too proud of this... reviews, comments, criticism is all welcome, and thank you all for reading :3

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It lacks something that I haven't found yet,its the same as The romance things I write,Its missing something that I haven't notice what.I don't care about that "Lacking" thing because this is heart warming and of course I love that I finally found the word that the snow makes when you step on them.Is it just me or that you only named the girl not the boy? I can't find it even after reading it 2 times.Wait,Oh my god!My comment is starting to get long and its full of farce,bye

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

You're right, the I never did mention the boy's name. There's a special reason for that ^^ and lol i.. read more
Nicely done, but really needs a back story. The character's thoughts were conveyed pretty well but the descriptions on their feelings need a bit more depth. Sorry if I'm reviewing this even though I'm new.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

No, i thank you greatly for taking the time to review it! I'm glad for the advice. And welcome to Wr.. read more
LOL I just realized it's called winter's kiss but there's no kissing xD I just didn't think it felt appropriate with the backstory I was thinking of

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Hey there! Allison here :P silly lol, I live eat, sleep, breathe, and think of Negitoro. Well if u don't know me, I was better known as the Anime Masta >w< for my amazing love of Anime (And Negitoro)!.. more..