Through the Dunes

Through the Dunes

A Poem by Anima Inspired


When the first soft breath of morning
echoes through her sleep sodden world,
she wakes in the semi-darkness,
hearing the rhythmic call of rising waves,
and through the dunes, to the shore,
she walks a straight line,
following phantom footsteps
made only the day before. 
She stops when the ocean’s sweet salt-kisses
drown the last of nights dreamy stupor,
and she begins again, drawn,
head up, eyes forward,
to the edge of land and water, the place
where dreams are forged from things no larger
than the grains of sand beneath her bare feet.
Scanning the horizon, blotted with blue-gray fog,
and the occasional patch of sunlight streaking
like a flaming arrow across the sky,
she watches the constant swell as the tide inches closer
and her feet are swallowed by the surf, buried
in the cold wet sand, sinking toward the place
where all things rest in the end.
Looking back, she is quietly comforted
by the dance of washed-out grasses,
stick-like ballerinas in dresses of moss,
and the soft sound of seagulls,
mourners in shades of gray and white,
If she were to stay there, allow herself
to be ingested by the entrancing beauty of the sea,
she would be closer to herself than she ever imagined
Yet, as another frothy wave breaks, and
her body takes control, she pulls herself up,
realizing that life is its’ own diversion.

© 2008 Anima Inspired

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Beautiful writing. I really love the 4th stanza. The thought behind this poem is great but the words in general are amazing. Very well stated.

Posted 11 Years Ago

God what words what ideas ,you let your mind drift from one point to the other,you say and dream as your eyes,look forward to the edge of land and water where you feel dreams are forged from things no larger than the grains of sands under your feet,then comes the tide to bury your feet in the cold sand and water,where all thing come to rest in the very end ,our end,then come the mourners ,the seagulls,in shades of gray and white,oh dear ,such beauty in writing i rarely see,as your mind drift from one image to another as you will capture the whole scene ,not letting a single thing escape you ,for you are determined to give the full beautiful picture ,you formed beautifully in your mind

Posted 13 Years Ago

I got tired reading this. There were some high points, but for me...this poem didn't do it. The poetics are undeniable, but the sentiments didn't sit well with me. This is more of a chic poem...if there is such a thing. I feel women could be able to more identify with this work. Maybe even write it in short story form. This read like a fecundity filled self-help excerpt. Stoic for the women.
I always say may softer side can "get-with" prose of this nature, but even "she" was indifferent. I have been fasting and abstaining from sex as of late. Maybe too much testosterone will not allow me to feel this work. but this is just my little opinion Anima. :-)

Posted 13 Years Ago

This poem contains both nourishing food for thought and beautiful mind's-eye candy.

Posted 13 Years Ago

this is beautiful, my dear. speaking about the ocean, knowing it like the palm of your hand. i see I see. wonderful delight of romance, marvelously sophisticated. I loved "by the dance of washed-out grasses,stick-like ballerinas in dresses of moss,and the soft sound of seagulls, mourners in shades of gray and white," ----it has this sentimental perceiving it i love such situation. Thoroughtly suprising romantic entertaiment. love u. yes masterwork. dale is right.

Posted 13 Years Ago

This is really breathtaking work, the images you convey are of such unbridled beauty and a passion for life as you never lose site of what is important as you travel the land of the living. This is truly a masterpiece going in my library.

Posted 13 Years Ago

I don't want to keep mentioning how much I like the language that you use, so from now on, we'll just go under the understanding that it is a given.
What I like about this one the most is that it is very deep. In my mind, I can think of various themes that would fit with these words, but no one theme that I can think of is prevalent over the others. There's an ambiguity within this poem that is fascinating to contemplate, kind of like the reader gets to make up his own mind about what you are truly talking about.
I absolutely love the second to last verse. I love the imagery of that sight.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Wow! I absolutly love the imagery that you have conveyed in this work.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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