Lingering Words

Lingering Words

A Poem by AnnaMariaQQss

How often do we really pause,

to truly stop and think ahead?


Before our rusty mouth gives,

springing one more useless leak.


Do we try to take a pause,

to remember before hand?


Exactly what our own choice...

  of words will mean to them?


Near or at the very end of time!


Or how they could leave a stinger,

  That burns and lingers, slowly along.


To have been unjustly imprinted,

By another pain left...forever behind.


In the echoes someone will hear,

with-in every single day they breath.


How often must we wordlessly,

forget for yet, another meaningless time?


To zip the lips, hush and think,

If only for another slowed minute!


Before it's to late, new wounds are added


In a longing heart that never-ever,

stops dripping within it's own skin?


The leaking valves are wound delicately,

or tightly around, those held for eternally.


Some one's twice wounded and weakened heart!


That not carefully chosen...

or thought over words that,

slowly leaks a persons life away! 


As their only major blood line left...

Slowly oozes, dripping in ripples,

that runs in deep pools that will flood.


Through the hole that would've maybe...

 if only you could've stopped the last word?


Or perhaps, you would not have put

 that empty,voided spot, there yourself?


But what if you had known right then and there

What you now understand and have come to know


How you should or can, chose better next words

With much more wisdom and care then before



Or better yet, would you live by your own words


That will have to always linger, leaving a sting

That's stuck inside, of that ones, wounded heart


That your choices of words will have parted and

Spoken very poking the very last hole


In someone Else's, already bleeding heart forever


© 2011 AnnaMariaQQss

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Added on July 8, 2011
Last Updated on July 8, 2011



Maysville , KY

I wanna leave my foot prints everywhere I can and on whom ever's white carpet I can so I know I'm still kicken up dust LOL. Cooping is pretty damn hard, but harder yet is crying for my kids and a.. more..