Sinner's Ascension

Sinner's Ascension

A Poem by Austin Smith

This was an assignment for class that got favorable reviews, so I decided to post it up here. I hope you all enjoy!


Sinner’s Ascension


From an egg, I had to beg.

An egg, beginning begging

Dread at birth,

No mirth.

It’s bad to witness guns

In hands, my hands.

Money, cash in hands

To live, for life.


Guilty, bad, bonded

Not to live,

But to lose,

Not for truth,

A sham.


Bad? Not good,

Blood on





Mom lives,

Dad lives,

Siblings live,

Cousins live,

Friends, live.


To die.

For life.


Blood runs everywhere

As I stand.

Bullet in chest,

In heart.


To die.

For Life.





What what?

No hole, no cut?

Eyes shut,

Not eyes open

And no words spoken

Of good.

Yet what what with no hole and no cut,

Eye flutter and shutter, then shut tight,

To, to�"to take flight?


Burn? Soot and bruise,

Men uncouth

Twist and turn

Polluting the air?





Not bleeding, raising

Blazing with light,

The sky,

Not to ponder, or to wonder of my fate?

Not needing, proceeding high

To Life,

Breeding my life on Earth,

Raising, Placing time.


Time is nigh,

To rise high,

A place in the sky,

To despair is nigh,

Not to cry,

Not to die.

My time is nigh,

Rising high to



Good . . .






© 2010 Austin Smith

Author's Note

Austin Smith
This was an assignment dealing with how sound affects a poem. I focused mostly on short and long vowels.

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I really liked this piece. You really did a great job with the sound affects. It really was a nice read. Keep it up. (:

Posted 11 Years Ago

I don't know how to describe the feelings that went through me as I read this, but it touched me, you can definitely say that! I loved it's peculiar theme and the way you used repetition and italics, they especially caught my eye. Well done!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I am scattered today as you can see I forgot to rate this So Im going to give you a 96

Posted 11 Years Ago

I must say this is a strange poem None the less very interesting I had no trouble reading or following it .We always how different we are in these as I can see different ways of holding storing info in the brain i think we all remember in different ways I think writing brings out that difference Good job

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on November 5, 2010
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Austin Smith
Austin Smith

Grand Terrace, CA

I've decided, with the conclusion of my time at a community college, to launch myself fully into the experience of writing. I shall no longer beat around the bush, methinks. more..


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