January 1st

January 1st

A Chapter by Austin Smith

1/1/11. Word goal: 274. Words written: 275. Total words written: 275


January 1st, 2011


           “Whaddaya mean, ‘Why aren’t we in class’?”

            Columbus could only stare at them, trying to register what they had just asked. “Um, exactly what I asked. Why aren’t you in class?”

            The taller one stepped towards him with a glare in his eyes. “Man, you ain’t a security guard! Why you wanna know?”

            Columbus sighed. With a gentle flick to remove the hair from his face, he replied: “Because, man, I’m writing an article for my newspaper article.”

            The shorter man stomped forward, his hoodie bouncing on him like a basketball. “Who you writin’ for? ‘nd what you be writing about?”

            Columbus stepped back, allowing him some room to breathe. “It’s called The Civil Eyes, and this particular article is about truancy, and its causes.”

            They both chuckled. “Truancy, huh?” The taller boy put one of his lanky arms around Columbus’ shoulders. “Well, let me tell you what, man: we heard of a possible invasion from, say, Germany-“

            “Yeah, man. The Nazis are coming!”

            “-And we’re staying out here to see when they come out.” He patted Columbus on the shoulder. “You should report that to your paper. It’ll be gold.”

            “I’ll make sure to do that,” Columbus said, sticking his black pen behind his head and sliding his notepad back in his pocket. “Thanks for the info.”

            They both bowed. “Our pleasure.”

            Buncha nutjobs, he thought to himself as he overheard them say, “What a douchebag.” The security guard awaited him at the entrance, blue cap, hanging gut and all.

            “Did everything work out,” he greeted nonchalantly.

            Columbus pushed his blonde hair out again, stuffing it behind his ears. “It worked out pretty well.”


© 2011 Austin Smith

Author's Note

Austin Smith
Not all of chapter 1; probably not even close.

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Austin Smith
Austin Smith

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