War With Demons

War With Demons

A Poem by Austin Smith

This was an assignment I did for Creative Writing class. I was playing with accents, specifically using the amphimacer and spondee accentual styles. It's definitely not perfect.


War with Demons


Overgrown raging men swing their swords mightily

At the vile enemies wrathfully pressing on;

Back and forth, swords do swing at their heads recklessly

Entering skin and bone, killing off devil spawn.


Many dark figures rise from the deep forests now

And approach all the men gathered there, waiting for

Every one of the beasts after their flesh and souls,

Swords and spears wanting blood, ready for death and gore.


Cries ring, screech sing,

blades swing, wounds sting.

Wounds bleed, beasts breed

dark deed, fangs feed.


Fangs rip, bloods drip,

tails whip, claws grip.

Claws slash, shields bash,

Men brash beasts clash.


Victory lies without claims from those men or beasts

Thrashing round, staining this battlefield with their blood,

Raging on does this great battle last, neither side

Letting up, so much blood mixed with earth, making mud.


No fatigue entering either side as they try

Everything just to claim that vast land for themselves;

Soldiers die fighting for families and their king,

Demons die reaching for tangible land for Hell.


Days fade, blades slayed

men prayed, hearts stayed.

Hearts pound, beasts sound

light found, next round.


Next morn, death born,

skin torn, none mourn.

None blessed, none rest,

Next test, Bloodfest!



© 2012 Austin Smith

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Added on May 15, 2012
Last Updated on May 15, 2012


Austin Smith
Austin Smith

Grand Terrace, CA

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