Entry 7: Police interview transcript - Felix Turner

Entry 7: Police interview transcript - Felix Turner

A Chapter by AnonymousLad

Sanguine County Police Department 
Interview Transcript - 04/28/13 

This document is evidence in a legal investigation of a major felony. Distribution, copying or unauthorized access may result in a fine or other legal action as approved by Federal law.

Questioning officer: Detective Inspector Laurence E. Philips
Subject: Felix Turner
Related Case: Homicide - Anna Ross
Time: 10:29 - 10:43

Q: Thanks for coming in, mister Turner

A: No problem. 

Q: Mind if I record this? Saves me having to jot down notes.

A: Sure, go ahead.

Q: Great. (clears throat) So I understand you were friends with miss Annabelle Ross.

A: Yeah. Yeah, I knew Anna.

Q: Do you mind if I ask what the nature of your relationship was?

A: No, I... My sister and her sister were friends. Are friends.

Q: That's Jessica Turner?

A: That's right. And Anna's sister Sophie. They grew up together.

Q: Both aged 7, correct?

A: Yeah.

Q: Okay. So you and miss Ross were not involved sexually at all?

A: I...

Q: Annabelle Ross, I mean. Not Sophie.

A: No, I get you. No, me and Anna weren't... We never...

Q: It's alright son, you don't have to answer. 

A: (Inaudible)

Q: So you two were just friends. When was the last time you saw miss Ross?

A: I... last week. At school.

Q: Did she seem nervous? Was she acting strangely like something was wrong?

A: No.

Q: You were very quick to answer that.

A: Okay, officer, here's the thing...

Q: That's Detective Inspector.

A: Sorry.

Q: It's alright. Continue.

A: Anna'd been acting weird for about the past year.

Q: Weird how?

A: Like, not wanting to leave the house, acting all paranoid and s**t.

Q: What happened a year ago? What started it.

A: When she moved into her new house.

Q: So something about her new home was troubling her? Like a new neighbor or something?

A: (Inaudible)

Q: What was that?

A: I said yes. There's this creep who lives across the street. I reckon he's some sort of pedophile. 

Q: Mr Harry Cook, is that right? We spoke to him when we canvassed the neighborhood. 

A: That's him.

Q: Mr Cook has an airtight alibi for the night miss Ross was killed. 

A: Bull. I've seen the way he looked at Anna. Sophie too. He was up to something. 

Q: Do you have any specific reason to suspect Mr Cook's involvement in this case, Mr Turner?

A: What more do you need? He's the only guy in this town who could have done it.

Note: Interviewee becomes noticeably agitated at this point

Q: Okay, son. Let's move on. Where were you on the night of miss Ross's death?

A: What? You're not suggesting... 

Q: Simmer down, son.

A: Stop calling me son, copper. I would never hurt Anna. Got that? 

Q: Answer the question please, Mr Turner.

A: Fine. I was at my friend Dave's 18th birthday. Dave Bardem. He can vouch for me. 

Q: It's okay. We've already spoken with Mr Bardem. He and several others can confirm your whereabouts.

A: Then why the f**k did you ask?

Q: Procedure.

A: Right.

Q: But you were in contact with miss Ross that night. Mr Bardem and at least two more party-goers will testify that you sent multiple text messages to miss Ross while at the party.

A: Yeah. She told me she was sick, so I was checking to see if she was okay.

Q: And was she?

A: She never texted me back. I thought her phone must be broken or some s**t.

Q: Or maybe she couldn't text you back because she was busy being murdered.

A: Yeah, I am highly f*****g aware of that. Thank you very much, Mr Bigshot Detective-Inspector.

Q: Do you know anything else that may be of use, Mr Turner?

A: I... no. 

Q: Then I think we'll end it there. Thank you again for coming in.

A: Yeah, whatever. I just (Inaudible)

Q: (laughter) We'll be in touch, Mr Turner.

© 2013 AnonymousLad

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felix really misses anna and the cops something haven't nice ways to ask questions..anna's neighbor is surely a monster..

Posted 8 Years Ago

Really liked this chapter~

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

Cool, thanks :)

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