A Random World

A Random World

A Poem by AAmell

More of a musing than a Poem.


I look at how random life is, how unpredictable every second can be,

How no one, the young nor the old, is guaranteed time,

How at any moment everything we know and love could change.

How the probability of running into a loved one at a store that neither of you have visited before,

But you both decided to visit it on that day,

At that exact time,

And you were entering as they were leaving,

And you wouldn’t have even seen the store if not for a sequence of events leading for your attention to be diverted,

Yet it was.

And you saw the store

And decided to walk to it just as they were leaving.

The absolutely astonishing probability of this happening is so insane, yet it happens quite often.

And life goes on.

You’re born and have this thing we call a soul;

This thing that makes you, you.

You can live to be twenty years old,

Somehow dodging all the dangers of the world wanting to end your existence,

You can wind up at a party you never intended to attend,

You can be on the edge of leaving that party,

Only to be stopped by another guest arriving.

Another guest who also had no intention of attending the party.

Series of events led to both of you being there. The same party, in the same small town, on the same night, within the same time frame.

Mere minutes could have changed it all.

How random life is. How improbable life is.

And yet, a sense of fate arises through the randomness.

A fate of souls.

As if two souls are magnetically drawn to one another.

And it is only a matter of time before the pull becomes too strong for probability to stand idly by.

Events happen in friends lives that cause a cancellation of plans, schedules open up, a spurt of fire lights the bellies of two people who never typically attend parties, two separate friends get the urge to call and encourage their attendance, neither of which knows about the other’s invite.

The stage is set, the souls are destined to meet once again.

The probability of two souls meeting in this life, through all the danger, the infinite circumstances, and all the death and tragedy is truly improbable.

The probability of two souls, destined to be together no matter what lifetime, meeting at a backwoods party due to a series of perfectly unforeseen circumstances, is truly improbable.

The probability of me meeting the soul that I was looking for all along, the souls that I am bound to through lifetimes, is truly improbable. And yet, here I am. Here we are.



© 2017 AAmell

Author's Note

I met my wife at a Halloween Party that neither of us panned on attending. It just so happened that life had other plans, and two souls were destined to connect again on that night.

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Added on August 14, 2017
Last Updated on August 14, 2017
Tags: life, improbable, love, souls, fate, random, randomness




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