Being ambitious

Being ambitious

A Story by Anurag

What does being ambitious actually mean?


There were two friends X and Y. X used to call himself ambitious; he used to day dream about how he wanted things to be. “I want to earn a package of 10 lacs; I want to live in a Villa; I want a luxurious life”.  He hardly used to admit that he was wrong or he was not living upto his dreams because of himself. He used to accuse every person around him for him not achieving what he wanted. He was not concerned about learning. In free time he would indulge in activities that would entertain him rather than enhance his skills.

Then there was Y. Y never used to blabber about what he wanted. He failed too like X, but somehow admitted that it was his fault also that decisions he took didnt take him where he wanted to. He was taunted as unambitious by X, because he would silently work on his skills day in and day out.  He didnt talk of big cars or big house, although he wanted it too but he used to learn from his mistakes and improve daily.  This is the only way he thought he could achieve the big car or house.

Now, who is being ambitious?

Is being ambitious about dreaming? Is it about telling what you want rather than working for it? Is it about swaying away from the things which would take you to your dreams and just accusing everyone for the failures?

We all see setbacks and most of the times we are not the only ones responsible for our plight; there are people or situations who are also responsible for it, but we are also the reason for the life we are living or the condition we are in.

We became careless at a particular point of time, so we met with an accident and lying on the bed. Although it was the other person who rammed into us, but our quick reflexes would have avoided it.

We may trust a wrong person and will be punished. Yes, that person was wrong, but we were wrong in trusting the wrong person. So, our decisions are also part of the condition we are in.

Accepting our mistakes; staring into the eyes of those who question your decisions and saying, “Yes, I admit I was wrong and I will be careful next time”. This solves almost half of our problems.

Accepting our mistakes is the first part of being ambitious. In our story, Y had the audacity to accept his mistakes, unlike X who was cursing situations and people for it.

Everyone has some dreams. But the problem is that only dreaming wont take you anywhere. You will have to work on your dreams to make them the reality.

Your dream might be to loose weight, but what are you doing to achieve it? Are you doing your exercises daily?

Your dream might be to become a successful businessman, but what are you doing to achieve it? Are you enhancing your skills to achieve it?

What have you learnt today to make you different from others?

Being ambitious is not like being X. You cant blame your circumstances for your misery. Yes, there will be conditions which will be out of your control, but then there will be conditions which could have been avoided if you had been careful. What are you doing to learn from your mistakes?

You want to succeed in exam, but are you preparing for it?

You want to become a successful writer, but are you learning new ideas or words? Are you writing a page daily?

You may have an amazing brain, but it will be of no use if you are not using it.

You may have dreams too big, but are you taking steps to achieve it?

You may have a dream to be with your partner, but what are you doing for him/her to build the trust each day?

Each day is an opportunity to learn something.

You can learn and improve in everything you do; it may be cooking, writing or whatever you have to do or you love to do. The good thing is you can always improve and can be better than yesterday.

Being ambitious is about what new you are learning each day. Its not about talking big or dreaming big, its about converting those talks into the actions.

© 2019 Anurag

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Oh �™ it's my story 😂 but improving. Rightly ambitions is doing, climbing mountain not just looking up n dreaming.

Posted 6 Months Ago

"Only dreaming wont take you any wherhere... You will have to work on it"
Such a soft motivational quotes"
Personally I want to thank you 💓

Posted 10 Months Ago

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