That night when I saw you

That night when I saw you

A Story by Anushka joshi

This is a fanfiction of Harry styles . Hope you all like it

That night when I saw you

You were always a bright child and were quite good in studies. You also helped your best friend Airry with her homework and you both manage to qualify with good grades. You and Airry were in different schools but one thing that joined you both was your favorite boy band of all time one direction. You both were directioners . You both gave university entrance exam for the same college and both of you were qualified and moved in together as roommates. After your first semester you had a nice and long vacation and you both planned it really well and fortunately one direction was on its tour, so it was a great opportunity for both of you to go and watch your babies live in front of you. You both got the ticket but your friend Airry got to know that she had an emergency in her house , so she cancelled her ticket , you decided not to go either but she insisted you on it and said that she would feel miserable about herself if you don’t go there . Airry left saying “Enjoy on my behalf too”.

The concert was after 2 days. You had your preparations done. A funky sign board especially for Harry, A One-D T-shirt and you got your hair and nails perfectly done. The day came and you were there breathing the same air as one direction and you found yourself the happiest ever.
The concert started with fireproof and after 4 songs they took a break for interaction. Harry finally got a look at your sign but actually he was looking at you and you also caught harry kinda watching you during the concert. This time when harry was looking at you niall saw it and shouted “looks like we’ve got a sign for harry and it says … woah tell us some knock knock jokes harry” … you were super happy and everyone including other members shouted “joke, joke, joke,” Harry silenced everyone and said “Alright” and told 2 or 3 jokes right after some fun they sang songs again. It was No control your favorite song and you really got out of control and did some crazy moves, you were doing a shimmy shimmy step when harry caught you again and started imitating you . You saw harry imitating everything you were doing and copying every action whether you laughed on him doing so or just did a little move and even your shy expressions and everyone else in the audience was noticing you and harry having a great moment. You both after that danced to each other in a while and harry always smiled at you .

You were just enjoying your moment when you felt a little push, you ignored but it just got harder this time and the second you turned back 2 girls started pulling your hair and trying to make you fall, they were jealous. The security noticed and rushed to save you but you were quite surrounded by the crowd as everyone was looking at you and those 2 girls. You circled up you hands around you head and squinted your eyes hard in terror and felt a hard and warm toned chest against you taking you somewhere, you sighed thinking it was the security but IT WAS HARRY . You looked up at him, he seemed to be pissed off and had a clenched jaw and curled up lips. He took you to the VIP section while other members carried on the concert. In between the song Louis also said to the audience to behave themselves and security to have a look over them all. You were still under harry’s cover. You both reached up at the VIP and his mom was there too. Harry looked at you releasing you off his grip and asked in a soft but raspy voice “are you okay babe” You nodded yes and Anne welcomed you with a smile harry left waving at you saying “enjoy babe”. Harry went up on the stage and Anne told you to forget all that and focus on the concert. You were again at your joy. Soon the concert was over and you had a lot of fun you also face timed Airry and Anne and you also had a great laugh together, no wonder Harry was so kind, he got all of that from his mother. You left the stadium and quickly went to the fan signing. You went to Louis but harry saw you and his face lit up. Louis had a chat with you and also mentioned the incident saying “we gonna get into a little trouble for that but we know it was worth love”. You went to harry to and had you CD signed, he stumbled at his words while talking and you were nervous too and he told you that you were great during concert and he loved your dance just in excitement you gave him your Instagram and he just smiled at your innocence. You got home and were tired so you went straight to your bed. Next day you called Airry and told her everything about the concert. It was 1 in the noon and you went to a nearby bakery to buy some bread, it was your usual one. You saw 2 boys beside you buying some mozzarella cheese one of them was tall not very tall and the other seemed quite small and he was wearing shorts, you didn’t pay much attention but he recognized you and removed his ask a bit and said “Hey! Concert girl” You smiled saying hello the other one was zayn. He smiled too. You walked them out and saw harry. You had a huge crush on him and this was the first time you saw him right in the eye clearly as it was noisy and unclear in the concert only you felt his warm touch there. You both had a spark in your eyes and can’t take them off. Liam interrupted you both saying “you guys seem to have a deep chemistry” Harry laughed denying it when you just came out of your DAYDREAM and felt stupid of thinking that harry could be into you. They insisted on walking you to your room and asked you out for a dinner tonight. You went inside your room and within no second called your friend to pick you an outfit and get you ready for tonight. You didn’t tell her much and swept it off saying it was just a date. You had a classy hot red dress on and soft makeup with highlighted eyes nd curled hair with medium heels. You reached the hotel and saw the boys waiting for you. They all complemented you on your appearance and specially harry adored you a lot you can tell. He swapped his seat with niall to sit with you and all you did was blushing red. You had a decent dinner with the boys. It was time to send you off. You went home with liam in his car. On the way home liam asked you “Did you notice something strange in harry’s behavior with you, because I do. He kind of gives you a hint of having a crush on you.” You denied even though you did. Next morning boys have to leave for their tour and it was still 2 months left for the tour to end. Harry had your id and used to write you sometimes when he gets time but it was so rare and it was only Hii or Hello from both sides. Just.

To be honest you missed him a lot. Harry’s smirks and jokes, OMG you were going crazy. Today you had a super boring class and were off to your room now when you saw someone waving at you from a distance and he had a mask on. He didn’t show his face and just made a peace sign and in your heart you somehow knew who he was and without even thinking you ran up to him and hugged him by his neck and he hugged you back and whispered in your ear “missed me babe”. He took his mask off and stared at your lips. You were about to kiss when your friend shouted your name and you both separated. Before she can come up to you he quickly said Liam will pick you up at 6 we have a sleepover, I have to go hope you’ll be there. You were home and had some leftover food and quickly started to pack up your things and got dressed for liam to pick you up. Liam picked you up and you went in there to see all the girls were there too. You all prepared a barbeque and had a great time together and you quickly became friends with the boys’ girlfriends also. You saw a lot of horror movies and all that times harry was by your side to hold you when you got scared. It was time to sleep now. Everyone went to their rooms and only harry was alone in his room so he nervously asked you to sleep with him and said that he was okay on the couch so you agreed and you went to sleep. Next morning you already left for your classes. You can’t stop thinking about that crazy sleepover and over it, it was your first ever sleepover. Now you were friends with the boys. You finished your classes and went back to your place just to see all your stuff was taken out and Louis was waiting for you. He saw you and you ran up to him and he is already to take you somewhere you jumped right in his car with him and He kept on saying “you are gonna love this”. We stopped in front of a nice and decent house where everyone else were waiting for us. And to your surprise your Friend Airry was back and already there. You hugged her and she showed tantrums about you not telling her that you got that close with the boys, and the boys were so cool with her. You apologized and told that you were waiting for her to come back. It was a nice house, you asked the boys who planned this all and they said “all credit goes to harry, he told us that your rent was quite unreasonably expensive so he arranged this house for you” You were blushing red. Harry came closer and hugged you lightly and whispered in you ear “Do you love it babygirl” and you replied yes Hazza✨
You all were tired so you all agreed on eating together and ordered some food. Harry said let’s eat at my place and everyone was okay with it and it was okay with you until you got to know that his house was just next to your door. Harry blushed when you made that face realizing what he was doing. You were having dinner and drank some beer so you were kinda drunk and in between the talks you confessed that you had a date with some guy in your class. You actually had a crush on him from long ago and he asked you out when the boys were on a tour and as soon as you told everything about him harry got a bit uncomfortable and stood up saying he was don and off to sleep now. You thought he was upset because of you but you remembered him denying back when liam asked him about his feelings for you.
Next day you took a leave from your classes as james(Your date) arranged a brunch for you. You got ready and was off for the brunch date while harry watched you from his terrace. It was 5 in the evening and you still didn’t come back so harry was now quite worried. He thought a lot about coming to pick you but it was 10 to 7 now and it was getting real late when he said f**k it I am just going to find her. He went to the place you had your brunch but didn't find you there. He asked about james and where he lived and reached his place, he was so so worried for you. He went up to james, he said “oh I thought she went home” Harry held his collar and clenched his jaw and asked james “what did you do, what did you say to her, she is still not home” James casually replied I didn’t do anything, she seemed to be okay here, I just asked her about should I ask sarah out and about her likes and dislikes and…… Harry yelled and what, “and that she needs to get her hair done” Harry closed his eyes for a sec and unwillingly asked “weren’t you on a date with her” He replied who said it was a date, I would never date her. Harry immediately pushed him away and started his car and went off to search you. It was 10 in the night and you were still not home. He got off his car by the bridge in a last hope to find you here and luckily he found you standing by the bridge and you were drunk. He ran towards you and held you by your arms and asked “where were you y/n, don’t ever do this to me again, you know that I”. He was about to say something when you close your eyes and pulled him closer by neck and crashed your lips on his. It was soft but a long and deep and your official first kiss. You started crying. He walked you to his car and drove you back to home. You fell asleep in his car and he got you a blanket tucked perfectly around you. When you reached home he carried you in his arms and knocked at your door but Airry was sleeping so she didn’t open the door and harry tried to wake you up to have your permission but you were so drunk that you couldn’t wake up. So he ended up taking you to his house.

You woke up and it was 9 in the morning and you could hardly remember anything. You still had a hangover. Then you saw a glass of juice and a sandwich on the table you slipped out of blanket to get it and realized your clothes were changed and that kiss suddenly clicked your mind. You got worried about who changed your clothes that’s when you heard Anne calling. She came to your room and said “honey you are up” Oh I changed your clothes and you sighed I relief. Harry is not a creep trust me he called me over at midnight for you. She laughed a bit and helped you with your breakfast. She looked at you affectionately and said “I’ve never seen harry to be this serious and worried for a girl before.”
Her phone started ringing and she went out of room to get it. You were going to take a bath when she came and told you that it was your hazza calling for you, you blushed red. You’d already missed one class but you still managed to take a bath and headed to your university for your rest of the classes. You met Airry there where she was sitting at your usual place and scolded you right away and told you that she called you 100 times, you were drunk and broken because of that b*****d, dare you do this again. You checked your phone and you had a lot of missed calls even from the boys. The classes went off and you were going towards your home when you saw james approaching you, you tried to ignore him and Airry stood in front of you but he caught you and started asking why the hell do you left me there, what were you thinking, please don’t tell me you thought we were on a date. He was about to push you away when harry came and held you.
He gave james a deathstare and asked him to stay away from you. He said, “Say her name one more time and I’ll will beat the hell out of you, just stay away from my girl. As he was in a mask so james didn’t recognize him and also the last night it was dark so he didn’t see him.
James left from there. Harry hugged you and you three had lunch together in a café. You thanked him and invited him to your place for dinner. Tonight you wore a decent dress and pined up hair with natural makeup and harry had his denims on. You had dinner and went out for some air. Harry followed you. Yu turned towards him and mumbled under your breath “Thanks”. You looked up on his soft red lips which were perfectly curled and the next second he kissed you. It was rough at the start but got smoother he whispered in between the kiss “I love you”. You could feel his warm breath and the moment you said “Love you too” He pushed you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist you continued kissing. He took you against the wall and kissed your neck and in no time found your sweet spot. You both moaned under the kiss just when airry came in searching for and startled you both. You quickly got off embarrassed and shy and Airry smirked at you as she knew this was gonna happen. You went to sleep. After a while you heard a knock on your door. You went to open it thinking it was Airry but it was harry. He said’ “umm …. Can I, I mean, umm…. With… can…”. You pulled him in. You both paused for a second and the laughed foolishly. You both went to sleep and cuddled together the whole night.

Everyday harry used to come to your college to pick you up and you often had romantic date nights. After 1 month you moved in together. Now it was 7 months you were in the university away from your parents. You and harry were sitting on the couch watching videos on his phone when you got a call from your parents and they told you that they were at your door. You had no choice left but to tell them that you moved in with a boy. They came inside harry’s house and your parents didn’t seem to be happy as it was hard for them to trust a celebrity. Your mom was quite happy but angry and she agreed on cooking dinner for you both. Your dad asked a lot of questions to harry and they both followed you to everywhere. But harry was calm and told you let them be. You were even more impressed with his patience.
Later you were working on your assignment and harry was writing a song. You both were on a single bed and next to your bed were your parents on other bed. You forgot it for a moment and it was your habit to sit with both of your legs over harry’s and leaning your back towards him. Your mom and dad saw you for a moment they were quite pleased but then they remembered and your mom made a throat clearing sound and you got up and sat properly. Your parents were talking normally and you were chewing a gum as it was your habit. Your parenst weren’t paying much attention so harry came up with a devilish idea. He came closer and kissed you and took your gum to his mouth with his tongue. You both giggled at each other and you mom nd dad turned towards you kind off laughing too. Your mom saw your mouth as harry was chewing it quite loud and she got it. She said, “Airry… you had a gum in your mouth, where is it” You started fake chewing and she stared at you saying harry took it from your mouth, didn’t he. You both denied it and your mom turned away when harry came closer to you and and slipped that gum again to your mouth. You smiled and stared at him in anger and your mom hiding her giggle said, “And he gave it to you again”. You couldn’t control and all of you burst into laughing and your mom teased you both saying, “yuck, these kids”. You all slept and next morning you had a test so you left early. Today Harry didn’t come to pick you up; you thought he must be recording so you went home alone. Your mom cooked you all of your favorite dishes. She told you to quickly get changed. You went inside and found a lovely dress on your bed. You were sure that you all were going out so you took shower and got dressed and went downstairs. Your dad told you to come to the backyard. You went there and you were already in tears you saw Harry wearing a suit and tie and all the boys with their girls and Airry and Anne were there too. You walked towards harry. He held your hands and said, “I’ve been waiting to say this all my life”. He kneeled and said, “I am deeply in love with you and I want you to be mine forever.That night when I saw I knew you were the one.” He took out a blue velvet ring box, “Will you be my Mrs.Styles” You said yes and he slipped the ring in your finger and kissed you softly. Everyone was so happy and tossed the champagne and everyone had lunch.
After 1 month Harry had to leave for his shoots and tour for new album. You both decided to get marry once you finish your graduation and then carry your studies on to start a new business with harry which will be your family business later.
Harry always called after getting free and you were also busy lately but always take out time for each other and you went on romantic dates whenever he used to come.
Thank you Luvs ✨🌻✨

© 2022 Anushka joshi

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Anushka joshi
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Anushka joshi


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