Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Anthony

The Mortal pair started moving towards me, slowly at first, working up speed. They are not built like average Mortal men. These two were too muscular for their size, making them seem clumsy, yet they moved with trained precision. I sheathed my Katana, I felt like playing. They moved to flank me, leaving their leader in front. I remembered this exact thing happened to me before... Only then... I had no choice. Now i fight for the lives of two Human girls. While most would have ignored these three, some would have joined them in their torturous ways. I was not like most, I was unique. The pair, now on opposite sides of me, nodded at each other. Then glanced at their leader, she nodded. They began circling me, trying to make me lose focus. They tried quick hits and feints. One hit me hard when i glanced to make sure the girls were ok. Why am I doing this? I asked myself. I faltered. One of the pair restrained my arms pinning me to the ground. The other walked around us, kicking me at random intervals. He stopped, bent down, and took my Katana, Sheath and all. He unsheathed it and, tossing the sheath aside, started testing it. My eyes turned hard at this. I was pinned to the ground and an imbecile was touching my Katana. He placed a reversed grip on it, readying himself for a killing blow. As he raised it above his head, he smirked as his leader giggled. She was beautiful in her human form. She had long blond hair, cute face, and perfect curves. She had an athletic form. She looked like she was slightly younger than me, maybe 14. Yet she had power over the two that followed her.

He brought the blade down, laughing gazes following it along its path. Just as it nicked my clothes, something happened that none of us expected. The Mortal took a sharp breath as he was knocked off balance. My Katana cut through cloth and flesh. Then the one one that had me pinned lost his hold as he was knocked off me. One of the girls landing on top of him, fear and determination in her eyes. I got up quickly and looked at my savior. It was the girl they had when I followed them. She had long red hair, a nice face, and to be about 5 feet tall. Yet she had knocked the underling off balance and saved my life in the process. She had pure determination in her eyes. I retrieved my Katana by kicking the underling to the ground and snapping his neck. As I did so I told the girls to get out of the way. The second underling had started getting up. I made my way over quickly, & decapitated him while he was on one knee.

The leader had a horrified look of surprise and anger. She had just witnessed her captive humans help kill her Mortal pair. Her skin bubbled slightly, bones creaked, ligaments and tendons popped. Oh... S**t. I ran over to where the two girls were. I cut the ropes binding their arms, and helped remove their gags.

"You two need to go hide." I said in a hurry, shaking as I did.
I sensed them move to another room in the building, close to where I had came in. All while listening to this werewolf change.
I held my Katana firmly, I would need its comforting presence. I turned to look at the werewolf. She has almost fully changed... time for a plan.

I turned and ran behind the shelves, crouching and watching. She had finally changed fully... twas time to fight. As she looked around the room, searching for me. I tapped the ground with the tip of my Katana. Just as I wanted, she looked at where the noise originated, and started towards it. I backed up slightly, as a plan formed in my mind. I quickly moved boxes around on the bottom shelf, and climbed in replacing the boxes to hide me. This would hide me for only a minimal time, but would allow me a chance to kill her. I heard her round the corner and walk slowly toward the door. As she started to pass me, I attacked. The Katana swung and hit, but didn't kill her. She had jumped slightly aside when I attacked. She had a gash on the side of her chest. I lashed out again, cutting her back and left arm. She turned towards me and swiftly hit me... hard enough to send me flying into the wall. I was rattled and in pain. The gash in my gut, and the cuts on my side resounding in pain. I opened my eyes to see the werewolf coming toward me. My Katana lay just within my grasp. I looked at the werewolf, willing false terror to fill my eyes. She kept coming, she had determination in her eyes.

She now hovered over me, an arm pulled back to register the final blow. As she swung, I achingly grabbed my Katana and swung. I connected with her torso giving a nearly fatal blow. She stammered backwards, her wounds finally taking their toll on her body. As she regained her footing slightly, she growled a pained growl. She looked at me with hate-filled eyes and then turned toward the door. She ran out of the room, ripping the door off its hinges. A few seconds later I heard a pained howl some miles away as I fought against the blanket of darkness in my mind. I didn't want to give in, but as the darkness covered me the pain numbed. I slowly succumbed to the darkness, letting it numb me.

I hear crying. All I can see is darkness. Who is crying? I say "Hello?", but only a small groan leaves me. I hear the crying stop for a moment. I will myself to move, and get a sharp pain rippling through my body in response. I groan again, slightly louder this time. I heard muffled gasps. Now I hear footsteps. "Are you alive?" someone asks while nudging my shoulder. That gentle motion still sent streaks of pain through me. I groaned, hearing happy, yet worried, gasps and whispers. I tried to open my eyes and they fluttered in response. More excited whispers. I slowly and grudgingly tested each part of my body in turn. Each test painfully awakening me. I tested my again, they fluttered open.

Dots of light played before my eyes, yet as my vision cleared I saw two figures before me. One was a red-head the other a blond. They struck me as familiar. Then the details of what had just occurred rushed back to me as I recognized the girls before me. They are my saviors. I turned my head slightly to the left. I was rewarded with a burst of pain and the sight of two dead men. One was crumpled limply and the other lay in a pool of blood. I grudgingly sat up, rewarded with more pain. The girls came over and helped me up. I re-sheathed my Katana, now more alert as my senses returned to me. I look around, everything has been trashed because of the fight. Boxes and papers are strewn everywhere. My saviors stand by me, looking at me with worried glances. I gazed into each pair of eyes in turn giving them thank-filled glances. My mind now wanders to the past, and I wonder which memory it is now.

© 2011 Anthony

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Veryyy interesting. I noticed only minimal errors,and saw a few choices of words I disliked,but that aside this was good.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

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