The Flower Song (UTAU Original Lyrics)

The Flower Song (UTAU Original Lyrics)

A Poem by Aoharu_Kale

A song about flowers. ENG first, then JPN. An UTAU original song with Kasane Teto, Utane Uta (Defoko) and Kyuri.

Title: The Flower Song (花の歌 - Hana no Uta) 
UTAU Original (UTAU オリジナル)
Vocals: 重音テト/キュリ/"音ウタ (デフォ子) 
(Kasane Teto & Kyuri & Utane Uta (Defoko))
Language: Japanese (-本語 - Nihongo)
Lyrics by: Aoharu (アオハル)


It's time.
Little Flowers

In the springtime,
please bloom.
Quickly, quickly
Lots of pretty flowers
I like you.

Dandelion and Camellia
A lot
In Japan
One Flower, Two Flowers
Wisteria, Plum, Orchid
Morning Glory, Violet
Cherry Blossom, Peony
Iris, Iris
Daffodil, Lily
Lily of the Valley, Lily
Round, Round
Rose, Peach
Sparkling and happy
Sunflowers, Daises

Springtime's fantasy
In Spring,
Love does not die.
Spring is here.
In full bloom


ああっ。。。 (Aa...)
時"ですよ。 (Jikan desu yo.)
小さい花 (Chiisai Hana)

春に, (Haru ni,)
'™いてください。 (Saitekudasai.)
はやく、はやく (Hayaku, Hayaku)
たくさ"きれい花 (Takusan kirei Hana)
あじさい (Ajisai)
私はあなたが好きです。 (Watashiwa anataga 


た"ぽぽ と つばき (Tanpopo to tsubaki)
たくさ" (Takusan)
きく (Kiku)
-本には (Nihon niwa)
™とつの花、ふたつの花 (Hitotsu no Hana, Futatsu 

no Hana)
ふじ、ら" と うめ (Fuji, Ran to, Ume)
むらさき (Murasaki)
あさがお、すみれ (Asagao, Sumire)
ももいろ (Momoiro)
さくら、ぼた" (Sakura, Botan)
™とみ (Hitomi)
-ょうぶ、あやめ (Shoubu, Ayame)
水 (Mizu)
すいせ"、すいれ" (Suisen, Suiren)
すずら"、ゆり (Suzuran, Yuri)
まる、まる (Maru, Maru)
ばら、もも (Bara, Momo)
うれ-くてキラキラ (Ureshikute kirakira)
™まわり、™なぎく (Himawari, Hinagiku)

春の空想 (Haru no Kuusou)
春に、 (Haru ni)
愛は死にませ"。(Ai wa shinimasen.)
春は""です。(Haru wa koko desu.)
満開で (Mankai de)

© 2013 Aoharu_Kale

Author's Note

Found out that some of the kanji isn't showing up properly.
The lyrics are not correct Japanese at some parts. I did that on purpose, so the lyrics would seem more like things that pop into your head. For that effect.
The lyrics are supposed to be wacky, cutesy, and childish.

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Excellent, enjoyed it immensely. It made me feel a deep and happy calm...which is probably the child like quality you refer to. I might add that I love flowers and the grounding peacefulness I receive when I work with the earth. Your piece brought all this out for me as well as an enjoyable smile to my lips. Thank you Aoharu_Kale.

Posted 9 Years Ago


9 Years Ago

I'm working on it. I'll put up/send you a link when I'm done (It's Japanese, I hope you don't mind).

9 Years Ago

*I meant It's IN Japanese, whoops.
Singing Bird

9 Years Ago

You can whoops all you like and thank you that would be lovely.

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